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Red Nose Pitbull FAQs – All Possible Questions Answered

Red Nose Pitbull FAQs

Why is a Brindle Red Nose Pitbull so expensive?

As far as price is concerned, different systems of pricing are adopted by a different sets of breeders. Some may charge more depending on the size of the pit bull, others for solid color pit bulls, and the rest for litter’s first pick, and so on.

The most expensive ones are those bred by very respectable breeders and also those which carry champion ancestry in their genes.

Therefore, a Brindle Red Nose Pitbull may sound exorbitantly priced depending on the breeder’s reputation.

What is the temperament of a red-nose pitbull puppy?

Red-nose Pitbulls and Blue-nose Pitbulls are two varieties of APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) and the only difference between them is the nose color.

The temperament of a red-nose Pitbull puppy is similar to that of an APBT – loyal, caring, alpha dog personality, active, courageous, obedient, intelligent, clownish, etc.

However, they are not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

How big does a red nose pitbull get?

The size of a red nose pitbull puppy or dog normally depends on its parents. Since red nose pit bulls are not separate dog breeds, the characteristics of an APBT will have a definite touch in them.

A normal healthy APBT may weigh around 35.3 to 66 pounds and 31 to 60 pounds for males and females respectively.

In other words, it is not possible to guess the exact growth of a pit bull puppy because there are lots of factors at stake.

Names for Red Nose Pitbull?

  • Males – Rusty, Rufus, Rudi, Mango, Laser, Hamar, Elmo, Danger, Crimson, Brazil, Barak, etc.
  • Females – Scarlet, Ruby, Rowen, Rosy, Garnet, Coral, etc. to name a few.

What are the best ways to train a red nose Pit Bull puppy?

Some of the key points to keep in mind while training a red nose Pit Bull puppy:

Ancestry information

Well, red-nose or blue-nose pit bulls do not matter. They are originally from Europe, bred exclusively for bull baiting and also other types of blood sports.

Keep in mind the strength, agility, and overall response to training before starting training.

Remain patient

Pit bulls normally suffer from weak bladders and hence avoid rushing. Be attentive and take him outdoors every now and then, and train him to relieve himself outdoors.

They are usually well-focused dogs during training and housebreaking will happen in a fortnight’s time.

Treat them to new toys

Provide them with approved and reputed chew toys so that they can quench their desire to bite household items like sofas etc.

Train till the red-nose pitbull puppy learns

Some dogs may take time to learn new commands and unlearn old ones. Keep repeating and never hesitate to treat him well. Pit bulls are quick learners, so don’t worry too much.

Stop yelling or avoid using expletives

Use only positive reinforcement to train your puppy. Never lose your cool at any stage. APBT pit bulls are quite emotional in nature. Hence, handle with care.

Incorporate fun-filled activities into training

Pit bulls, in general, are known to be robust and active. Make them train without any stress by adopting various fun activities like fetch etc.

How does a brindle, red-nosed pit bull interact with other dogs?

It completely boils down to how the dog’s owner treats his/her brindle red-nosed pit bull or any pet for that matter.

Solid socializing training and positive, frequent reinforcements along with suitable rewards can help your brindle red-nosed pit bull to move along well with other dogs from a young age itself.

Red Nose Pitbull Vs Blue Nose Pitbull

Red Nose PitbullBlue Nose Pitbull
Red-nose pit bull belongs to the old family red nose strain of pit bulls from Ireland.These dogs have blue noses due to the dilution in black gene.
These dogs usually have red colored coat with white markings and light brown eyes.They dogs have deep blue-gray colored coat with white patches on the muzzle, legs and the chest.
These dogs cost around $2000 to $10000.Blue Nose Pitbull dogs cost around $1000 to $3000.
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