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Sheepadoodle FAQs – Question Answers On Sheepdog Poodle Mix

sheepadoodle FAQs

What is a Sheepadoodle?

It is a crossbreed of Old English Sheepdog and Standard Poodle. English Sheepdogs are large-sized herding dogs with an adoptive and waterproof double coat. Poodles are easily trainable, agile, and intelligent dog breeds.

Sheepadoodle is a pretty, intelligent, and lovable dog breed. These dogs are friendly, active, and are great pets for families. They are good watchdogs too.

How much are Sheepadoodle puppies?

Puppies of this dog breed cost between $900 and $2800 depending on the breeder and the location. But, standard Sheepadoo puppies cost $1500 on average. The cost of puppies also varies for coat color.

  • Standard SheepapooTri Color puppies cost $1800.00
  • Small Standard puppies cost $1500.00
  • Micro Sheepapoo puppies cost $2200.00
  • Mini puppies cost $1900.00
  • Mini tri Color puppies cost $2200.00
  • Silver puppies cost $1800.00

Sheepadoodle vs Goldendoodle

ParentsOld English Sheepdog + Standard PoodleGolden Retriever + Poodle
SizeLarge and taller compared to goldendoodle (24 inches height; 60–80 lbs weight)Medium compared to sheepadoodle (23 inches height; 50–65 lbs weight)
GroomingMinimal brushing (i.e. three times a week)Needs regular brushing (i.e. four times a week)
Energy levelsMediumHigh
WatchdogMore of a watchdogMore of a family dog

Which is better Sheepadoodle vs Bernedoodle

ParentsOld English Sheepdog + Standard PoodleBernese Mountain Dog + Poodle
CoatCurly, hard and denseCurly, soft and long
HeightMedium compared to Bernedoodle (13–24 inches)Tall (i.e. 22–27 inches)
Life SpanLong (i.e. 12–15 years)Short compared to Sheepapoo (i.e. 10–12 years)
TemperamentVery activeNot too active

Sheepadoodle vs Labradoodle

Sheepadoodle and Labradoodle differ in certain traits.

ParentsOld English Sheepdog + Standard PoodleLabrador Retriever + Poodle
Coat ColorsLess compared to labradoodle (black, white or gray)More (14 colors including golden apricot, chocolate, caramel, etc.)
GroomingNeeds regular brushing (i.e. three times a week)Minimal brushing (i.e. brushing once a week)
Energy levelsMediumHigh
Watchdog AbilityMore of a watchdogMore of a family dog
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