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Devon Rex Cat Names

Devon Rex Cat Names
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The Devon Rex cats may not seem to be beautiful cats but they are quite friendly when compared to the other members of the cat family.

One of the amazing traits of the Devon Rex cat is that it is a mix of the characteristics of both cat and dog which makes it lovable to everybody around them. Unlike the normal cats, the Devon Rex cats are very loyal and thrive for humans accompany everywhere.

The Devon Rex cats are identified as reciprocating based on the environment around them. When he is around humans he mimics them and tries to behave like a human and makes efforts to be a part of our daily routine work.

If he spends most of his time with the dog at home then he behaves like a dog. Surprisingly, he reacts quite emotionally if he is not considered a family member.

So when they are considered a member of a family, they definitely need to be named. So let’s check out a few interesting names under various categories for Devon Rex cats.

Male Devon Rex Cat Names

The cats need a name to be identified as a signature moniker. It could be traditional, bizarre, or completely unique, try to name your male cats with names that match their personality.

Being responsible cat owners, it is our duty to know the meaning of the name and name the cats.

  • Khalid – Means immortal and has originated from Egypt.
  • Leo – It means lion and is the nickname of a leopard.
  • Shadow – This name would be apt for darker shade tabby.
  • Cinder –  It is again the perfect match for dark color cats.
  • Earl Grey – The average color of Rexcats is similar to British tea.
  • Sable – This name stands for a ferocious carnivore amongst the weasel family.
  • Garfield – This depicts the orange comic strip cat.
  • Bullseye – Cats with a bullseye sign on the fur can be given this name.
  • Taz – This name is heard commonly in the Warner Bros Cartoon character which sounds like a play on the cat
  • Hunter – This is a human name that has fierce connotations.
  • Quintin –  This name is a play on the harlequin which is a design that many Devons have.
  • Badger – The markings on the cat resembles a woodland animal that is ferocious
  • Buckwheat – The mark on Devon’s looks like a what field which is all set to be harvested.
  • Bumblebee – The unique markings on this cat makes it similar to a bee.
  • Akil – This name means smart or clever.
  • Abasi – This name means serious in the Persian language.
  • Amun – This is an olden-day Egyptian God.
  • Aten –  The name depicts the sun or white.
  • Horus – Resembles a protector in Egypt.
  • Bacchus –  It is a Latin meaning for something that shouts.
  • Balbina – Latin meaning for someone who is strong.
  • Cara – Baby in the Italian language.
  • Cary – Stands for honesty.
  • Arctic – It is a location in a faraway place which is perfect for spending a night in our life.
  • Avalanche – Avalanche means unrest and adventure both at one time.
  • Chalky – If you are someone who is fond of classrooms then this name is quite suitable for your pet.
  • Christmas – It is an amazing time of the year and it is wonderful to name your cat Christmas.
  • Blacky – It is a perfect name for a cat that is in the black shade so pick this name if you go by the color of your Devon.
  • Cloud – A cloud is a fantastic sign of wonderful nature as a whole.
  • Lucas – It means something that illuminates in Latin.
  • Magna – It carries the meaning of large or strong.
  • Mercury – It stands for God of trade.
  • Orson – Little bear is known as Orson in Latin.
  • Xerxes – This name is a great ruler in Persia.

Female Devon Rex Cat Names

Deciding on names for cats and naming their kitten is usually not so simple. The personal choice generally has a strong role to play in naming the cats or kittens.

  1. Luna
  2. Bella
  3. Lily
  4. Esmerelda
  5. Lucy
  6. Abigail
  7. Buttercup
  8. Bridget
  9. Bellatrix
  10. Bebe
  11. Kitty
  12. Callie
  13. Nala
  14. Zoe
  15. Chloe
  16. Gracie
  17. Sophie
  18. Daisy
  19. Cinnamon
  20. Adelaide
  21. Olive
  22. Everly
  23. Sofia
  24. Sabrina
  25. Cardi
  26. Coraline
  27. Stella
  28. Cleo
  29. Lola
  30. Jellybean
  31. Josie
  32. Jolie
  33. Juniper
  34. Juliet
  35. Mia
  36. Molly
  37. Endora
  38. Susie
  39. Elora
  40. Penny

Devon Rex Cat Names From Movies

The Devon Rex has a unique look with its large eyes, big round ears, and tiny triangular heads.

Usually, known as pixie cats or alien cats because of its look, the Devon Rex is famous for its special elfin features.

The unique curl in the Devon Rex’s soft hair is because of a gene mutation that generally happens in kittens with a pair of recessive genes.

The cats with a single recessive Devon Rex gene grow up with straight hair whereas those who are born with curly hair usually come with short whiskers that curl near the face and below the upturned nose.

This breed is found in a large variety of fur shades and designs such as white, calico, silver, black, black & white, tortoiseshell, harlequin, and smoke making it one of the desired cats in movies.

So let’s see what they name this special breed of cats in movies.

  • Raja – This is one of the popular characters in the movie Aladdin.
  • Dina – This is one wonderful name of a character in the movie Alice in Wonderland.
  • Marie – This is the character’s name in the famous movie Aristocrats.
  • Lucifer – This name is given to an interesting character in the movie Cinderella.
  • Pom-Pom – Now this is from Cinderella II where a character is named PomPom
  • Am – This name is given to a character .in the movie Lady and Tramp.
  • Wi – Lady, and Tramp have again famously named a character Wi.
  • Figaro –  Pinocchio filmed a character with the name Figaro.
  • Gideon – Gideon is one other name that is popular in Pinocchio.
  • Sabor – A catchy name in Tarzan.
  • Mike – A major character in the movie God Father I

Unisex Devon Rex Cat Names

The Devon Rex has been known as various things like a pixie cat, an alien cat, a cat that resembles an elf, or a bat.

With its special look, the breed has attracted cat lovers worldwide and the love of many families with its loving, quirky, and mischievous character.

These Big Ears, Big Heart, and Great Personality can be given various names. May it be a male or female these names will suit your unique cat.

  • Ansel – A popular black and white photographer was Ansel Adams.
  • Argent – This means silver in French.
  • Bijou – It is jewelry or exquisitely wrought jewel.
  • Bling – Sparkling baubles.
  • Chrome – Glaring metal cover.
  • Doubloon – Olden days Spanish Coinage.
  • Gin – Silver in the Japanese language.
  • Gleam – Dull or subdued ray of light, a light that sparks through the dark.
  • Glimmer – Shaky, gleam, or a glint of rays.
  • Glitz – To glow or glitter.
  • Flicker – To twinkle off and on.
  • Jubilee – It is famously known as the silver anniversary.
  • Kesef – This means silver in Hebrew.
  • Plata – Silver in Spanish.
  • Scratch – Slang that stands for money or coinage.
  • Silber – Silver in Germany.
  • Sheen – Radiance or glowing attire.
  • Shimmer or Shimmy – Sparkling light or gleam, to vibrate along with heatwaves.
  • Shine – To dazzle vividly.
  • Tiara –  A crown designed for half the head with white gold and exquisite gems.
  • Sterling – Silver variety, the finest variety is categorized under sterling reputation.
  • Tinsel – Silvery Christmas decoration.
  • Wisp – Thin strip of smog.
  • Ziggy – Ziggy stardust and spiders from Marsis a famous album by English Songwriter David Bowie.


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