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9 Best Dog Food For Weight Loss In 2023

Best Dog Food For Weight Loss
Brief Overview :
Hill’s Science Diet
Food designed by vets and experts
Weight loss in 10 weeks
Good flavor
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Blue Buffalo
No by-products, soy or wheat
Lifesource Bits
Weight loss in 2-3 weeks
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Purina Pro Plan
Easy digestion
Less than 25% of fat content
Good for shedding less weight
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Natural Balance
Rich in protein and fiber
Good bowel regulation
In the market since 1989
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Wellness Core
Focused on whole ingredients
Helps in weight management and weight loss
Protein rich and less fat formula
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Minimum ingredients
Complex blend- probiotics, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins
Nutrition rich and wholesome
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Diamond Naturals
Weight control recipe
K9 probiotics and 80,000 live culture blend
Filled with vitamin D, B12, and B2
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Nutro Ultra
Immunity raise formula
Money-back guarantee
14 ingredients superfood blend
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Veggie sourced carbs
Less allergy risk
Bit Expensive
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Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight For Fast Weight Loss

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 291Kcal per cup
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 24%, Fat (minimum) 9%, Fiber (Maximum) 5%, Moisture (maximum) 13%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Cracked Pearled Barley, Brown Rice, Pea Fiber, Corn Gluten Meal
Feature: Prepared to maintain a perfect weight in canine. This kibble aids in muscle maintenance. Made with natural components in addition to vitamins and minerals and amino acids.
Price: $ 14.99 per 4-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Tested good clinically for weight loss management.
2) Around 70% of adult canine shed weight in a span of 10 weeks.
3) Advised by the vet.
4) Has no additive and rich in antioxidants.
No grain or gluten.

Produced by a big crew of 220 vets, food researchers, and technicians, Hill’s Science Diet is advised by many vets than many other products in the market.

Their right weight recipe is the only weight management dog recipe which is proven by researchers where around 70% of the dogs have shed weight in a span of ten weeks.

The main component is real chicken, in addition to many other healthy choices like cracked barley, carrots, broccoli, and peas. A rich antioxidant combination with vitamin C and E mixed with Omega 3, promises a dog’s immunity to work at its best.

But, this not the cheapest dog diet sold in the market to date. Its cost may be a bit high for certain pet lovers.

However, this dog diet is good for the maintenance of lean muscle apart from keeping the dog’s weight on track. Most of the dogs love its flavor and the majority of dog owners reviewed it as palatable for their furry fellows.


Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight Reduced Calories From Fat

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3251 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 20%, Fat (minimum) 9%, Fiber (Maximum) 10%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Barley, Pea Fiber
Feature: Rich quality protein along with L-Carnitine for the development of lean muscle. Calcium, phosphorous and important vitamins for bones and teeth strengthening. Vitamins, chelated minerals, and antioxidants for the development of immunity in pets.
Price: $ 16.98 per 6-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Prepared with real meat.
2) Aids in immunity development.
3) Filled with omega 3 and 6.
Not a grain-free variety.

Blue buffalo takes pride in making sure that all their recipes are made up of real meat as the primary component. In this formula, it is deboned chicken.

The perfect weight loss dog recipe is prepared with nil by-products, soy, or wheat. Their life protection cover is of LifeSourceBits that are tiny kibbles filled completely with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals combined to help the immunity and a good oxidative level.

The healthy weight combination enhances energy level so extra calories are given through protein leading to a less fat recipe which helps the canine slim down. It is importantly a low-fat dog diet comprising of 45% fat to protein ratio.

Remember, Blue buffalo healthy weight is made specifically for control of weight. The canine may not be able to shed the excess weight just with the physical work out alone.

However, with limited exercise combined with this dog formula will begin to give noticeable weight loss within just 2-3 weeks.


Purina Pro Plan Weight Management

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3492 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 25%, Fat (minimum) 8%, Fiber (Maximum) 12%, Moisture (maximum) 5.5%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Rice Flour, Whole Grain Corn, Corn Germ Meal, Poultry By-Product Meal
Feature: It contains less fat than other pro plan recipes. Crunchy kibble with tender shred chicken combination gives amazing texture and flavor the dog drools for. Omega 6 fatty acids aid in maintaining good skin and glowing coat.
Price: $ 14.48 per 6-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Chicken is the primary ingredient.
2) 25% reduced than the usual dog diet.
3) Real Probiotics.
Packed with wheat and corn

Purina Pro Plan mixes a natural probiotic in the weight management mix to support the canine’s digestive health.

The real meat being the primary component and a blend of crispy kibble and soft shredded chicken pieces, the dog is definite to love this diet taste-wise.

While an attractive 26% protein is definite to make them feel filled for longer so their intake is for sure going to be less.

As it has fat content less than 25% it will also aid them in returning back to a healthy weight, however, there are certain reviews which state they didn’t see much change in the physique or weight of the canines by feeding this food.

The dog owners say they have seen an evident rise in gas.  Don’t forget flatulence is a usual problem in a canine when they change to a new variety of diet.

Spare minimum two weeks concluding whether it suits your dog or not unless you notice threatening symptoms of illness in the pet which may be due to allergic reaction of the food.

Purina weight management dog recipe acts best with slightly obese pets who require to shed just little weight. You may begin to notice the results with this recipe and the chicken taste of this formula is usually loved by pets.


Natural Balance Fat Dogs Low-Calorie

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3020 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 26%, Fat (minimum) 7.5%, Fiber (Maximum) 10.5%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken Meal, Salmon Meal, Garbanzo Beans, Peas, Barley
Feature: A Formula with less calories and rich in fiber. Perfectly palatable and even picky pets can’t resist. The protein mix helps the dog maintain a perfect weight.
Price: $ 33.15 per 15-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Chicken and salmon are the main components.
2) The other primary ingredients blend up to constitute good nutrition for the canine.
3) Free from artificial additives.

Natural Balance’s fat dog’s less calorie dog diet is absolutely straight with its target customers- fat dog owners.

With rich protein and fiber ingredients, this diet is prepared to support the dog feel filled for a longer time while also maintaining its bowel regulation properly.

Often stomach upsets could be a pain for owners, but the rise of fiber in the food aids in maintaining a good weight in both pets and humans.

Natural balance is not the very famous dog formula brand but they are in the market since 1989.

Their fat dog mix is popularly sold in online and not commonly seen in the departmental stores in America. So this is the major drawback when you want to refill locally.


Wellness Core Natural Grain-Free Low Fat

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 360 Kcal per Cup
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 33%, Fat (minimum) 10%, Fiber (Maximum) 12%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Turkey, Turkey Meal, Chicken Meal, Potatoes, Peas
Feature: Grain-Free, protein-packed recipe. Prepared free from grains for canines with a sensitive tummy. Taurine in this food for heart maintenance in dogs.
Price: $ 17.39 per 4-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Grain-free, gluten-free with low-calorie content.
2) Deboned turkey is the primary component.
3) 25% less fat than usual dog food.
1) Costly
2) Gastric issues in canines.
3) Certain owners don’t like the odor.
4) Specific for adult dogs.

Wellness Core’s Natural Reduced Fat recipe is the perfect grain-free diet for loss of weight with its rich protein and less ingredients.

The formula concentrates on whole components like deboned turkey, potatoes, peas, and more formulated to help maintain lean body physique and complete healthy body mass.

It is also free from grains and gluten making it a fantastic choice for pets with sensitive tummies.

There are different serving instructions on the food pack for both weight maintenance and weight loss. If your aim is to bring down the body mass of your dog then begin with the advised serving quantity and supervise the body mass for around 2 weeks.

If your canine doesn’t begin to shed weight, discuss with the vet the feeding quantity as every dog is different.

As you have reached the target dog body mass, go on with this food for managing the weight. It is rich in protein and 25% less fat compared to the usual wellness core food. The dog wouldn’t feel empty or request for extra food.

Apart from this, you may also combine this formula with a wet dog recipe that has grains if your pet shows constipation symptoms.


CANIDAE PURE Weight Management

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3300 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 28%, Fat (minimum) 9%, Fiber (Maximum) 5%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas
Feature: It is formulated with around 9 real food items. It is a gran free recipe with no corn, wheat, or soy. Fortified after processing with CANIDAE’s health PLUS mix.
Price: $ 61.74 per 24-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Just nine primary components.
2) It is free of grains.
3) Live probiotics are blended.
4) Much cheaper than many other healthy maintaining formulas.
1) Bag quantity a bit less than the average.
2) The dogs may not like the taste in the beginning.

CANIDAE PURE concentrates on minimum ingredients in a grain-free recipe as it will have a minimum allergic risk which is except for the addition of chicken as the primary component. Many pets have no issues with chicken as such and it’s known as lean protein source apart from turkey.

The weight management lix includes nine main components like chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, sweet potatoes, peas, chickpeas, potatoes, and sun-cured alfalfa. It also has a complex blend of probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

This may end up in confusion as the pack happens to advise the food is made up just nine components but the component list is much bigger.

This limited ingredient food is perfect for senior canines who require weight control food. The formula is nutrition filled and wholesome including probiotics which helps the dog to have no issues of constipation.

A good bowl system also thereby makes sure of the healthy physique condition of the canine.


Diamond Naturals Light Dry Dog Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3035 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 18%, Fat (minimum) 6%, Fiber (Maximum) 8%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Lamb Meal, Whole Grain Brown Rice, Oatmeal, Cracked Pearled Barley, Grain Sorghum
Feature: Prepared specifically for overweight and less active pets. Natural formula with extra vitamins and string antioxidants. Nutrients filled, easily digestible formula
Price: $ 24.99 per 15 lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Lowest cost.
2) The family managed organization from 1970.
3) No corn, soy, wheat or fillers.
4) Packed with Vitamin D, B2, and B12.
5) Filled with 18% crude protein.
May lead to bad odor breath.

Diamond naturals light shows a wonderful balance of both cost and quality with pasture grown lamb as the primary ingredient in this weight control recipe.

That lamb is added with whole grain brown rice, oatmeal, cracked pearled barley, coconut, spinach, and blueberries to name some, making a fantastic superfood mix packed with antioxidants, vitamin D, B12 and B2 vitamins supporting to make sure, enough nourishment is fed for the canine.

Diamond Naturals Light is perfect for overweight or not much active adult canine. With 15% less calories than the usual Diamond Natural food and addition of glucosamine, L carnitine, and chondroitin, this formula is good to pick for pets to attain and maintain perfect body mass apart from required nutrition.

In addition to this, the recipe also has a patented blend of K9 strain probiotics with 80,000 live cultures for every pound of dry kibble.

With the cost fixed below average for particular diet issues like weight management, you may look for less quality but pet owner’s reviews don’t happen to show these.

Few of them do feel of the beginning diarrhea and gas but these can usual if there is a change in food and if it is completely.

The food transition show is slow. The only common complaint pertaining to this recipe is that it happens to show bad breath symptoms in canine immediately after consumption.


Nutro Ultra Adult Weight Management

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 2974 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 24%, Fat (minimum) 7%, Fiber (Maximum) 11%, Moisture (maximum) 12%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Brown Rice, Lentils, Rice Bran
Feature: This crispy kibble is processed with a specific mix of protein and fiber. Contains important antioxidants such as Vitamin E. This formula is made with non-GMO components. Contains no chicken by-product meal.
Price: $ 49.92 per 30lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Made with 3 lean proteins lamb, chicken, and salmon.
2) 14 items antioxidant perfect blend.
3) Aids in immunity development.
1) White gluten is one of the major ingredients so no question of grain-free.
2) Pop off can lid aren’t good quality so they often damage.

One other canned dog recipe choice is Nutro Ultra Adult Weight Management Canned Food which serves as a friendly pick to feed your pet with a small treat at mealtime.

It is prepared with lean protein sources like chicken and takes pride in the inclusion of 14 components superfood mix to make your dog’s immunity speeding at the peak of its race.

Though it does include chicken which has said can create issues for certain canines, it doesn’t include any chicken by-products such as corn, soy, and artificial additives.

Few owners of pets reviewed that the pop tops over the pack are slightly flimsy and happen to damage which ends up in the task of breaking the lid in some way.

On the other sideNutro serves a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every dog product of theirs. If you are happy with product for any reason which includes not being able to open the product easily, you can receive a complete refund.


Merrick Grain-Free Healthy Weight

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Adult
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3306 Kcal per Kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum) 34%, Fat (minimum) 8%, Fiber (Maximum) 11%, Moisture (maximum) 5%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Chicken Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes
Feature: Grain-free weight control dry dog recipe. Prepared with 55% protein and healthy fat, deboned beef being the primary ingredient. Processed with rich omega fatty acids. Stuffed with rich and premium wholefoods.
Price: $ 54.14 per 22lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Deboned beef is the main item in this food.
2) Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
3) Free from soy, wheat, and corn.
4) 32% crude protein is blended.
5) Processed completely in the US – No china imports.
1) One of the most expensive foods.
2) Many picky eating furry friends turn it down.
3) There seems to be a change in the formula after the management changed.

The primary five components of Merrick Healthy Weight are deboned beef, chicken meal, potatoes, peas, and sweet potatoes.

These create the backbone of a recipe with a macronutrient balance particularly focused at forming lean muscle and losing extra weight. It receives 55 % protein and good fat and 45% complex carbs from veggies and fruit items.

The purpose of veggie sourced carbs instead of grains brings down allergy risks at the same time boosts fiber. Each ingredient in Merrick Product is also prepared in the USA and has no problematic imports from China.

The company helps local peasants and growers and in the preparation improvises the quality of the food. Unluckily, the quality is bought with a cost. Merrick Healthy Weight is one of the highly costly weight management dog recipes in the market.

And moreover, dogs don’t love the taste as much as other foods.  As Merrick is now managed by Purina many pet owners also reviewed that the recipe for this formula has changed.


Hope, you know the perfect weight for your furry companion will be based on their breed. When you know that your pet is overweight and wish to bring them on track there are various ways to do it.

Because just like humans, an overweight physique needn’t be overweight forever, with a healthy intake and a little physical activity your companion can get back to perfect shape in no time.


Todays Deals Chewy


There are certain facts you should always take into consideration when you are choosing any dog recipe – not particularly weight management food. There is no limitations for choices in the market and not all are made equally good both quantity and quality-wise.

Apart from looking at the quality of the food, its ingredients, the source of ingredients, company reputation and price, and various other factors, make sure to check those factors which are specific to your furry companion. End of the day he must like the food and enjoy his mealtime.

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