Can Dogs Eat Pears? Precautions & Guidelines

Can Dogs Eat Pears
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Can Dogs Eat Pears? Yes, dogs can eat pears and they enjoy the taste of pears as a treat but in a moderate amount.

Avoid feeding pear pit to your dogs, which can clog the intestinal tract. Feeding excess of pears may lead your dogs in stomach upset or diarrhoea.

  • Moderation is the watchword. Limit the feeding to not more than 10% of total food intake. Moreover, pears contain fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C and too much consumption can cause indigestion or a stomach upset.
  • Avoid feeding your dog with the core and seed portion intact as it can result in poisoning or choking. Pear seeds contain cyanide in very mild quantities.
  • Canned pears normally contain more sugar content and it is not good for your dog’s health.
  • Ripe and fresh pears are the right safe choices. However, before starting any new diet it is best adviced to contact your vet for their opinion since their experience and knowledge can help to prevent any untoward incident in the future.
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Precautions Before Feeding Pear To Your Dog




  • Wash pears thoroughly and remove all seeds and pear pit before feeding pears to your dogs.
  • Before feeding check whether the pear is ripe by giving a pressure at the neck if it is soft, it is the best choice of ripe pears to feed.
  • If you really want your dogs healthy then feed pears with skin, which is very healthy.
  • Follow these healthy tips before feeding pears to your loved dogs.

Commercial Dog Food Products Using Pears

  • Some of the dog food brands use pears antioxidant properties in their products because it is beneficial.
  • For example, Acana Duck and Bartlett Pear Dry Dog Food are one of the food products which use pear as its ingredient.
  • This product is expensive but it is one of the best high-quality food products for a dog’s diet.

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