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Top 10 Best Puppy Food [2023] – Wet And Dry

Top 10 Puppy Food
Brief Overview :
Dry Grain-Free Formula
Real Chicken Primary ingredient
DHA blended
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Taste Of The Wild
Balanced Formulation of kibble
Bison and venison and Pacific stream
Antioxidants from real fruit and vegetables
Dried chicory root is blended
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Purina Pro Plan
High standard at reasonable price
Live probiotics
Real chicken – high standard protein
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Nutro Wholesome Essentials
High standard pup recipe
Farm grown chicken and nutrients filled fruits & veggies
Crunchy kibble
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Blue Wilderness
Mimic natural food of the canine’s ancestors - Wild
Filled with tasty proteins and nutrients
Includes DHA a major fatty acid
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Canidae Limited Ingredient Diet
No unwanted ingredients
Good for dogs with digestive issues or food allergies
Delectable texture
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Royal Canin
Perfect for growing pups
Easily digestible proteins
Fortified with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants
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Nourishes pup to a full-grown dog
Includes chicken, duck and brown rice
Blended with colostrum
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High-quality natural ingredients
No corn, wheat, and soy
Good flavor
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Blue Wilderness
Yummy flavor
Protein from grilled turkey and chicken
A good meal for muscle development
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Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Recipe Dry Dog Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3675kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)30%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum) 4.5%, Moisture (maximum) 11%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Peas, Sweet Potatoes, Dried Egg Product
Feature: High standard USDA verified deboned chicken is one of the main ingredients. It is prepared from the locally acquired farm-fresh content. No Chinese components are included in this food.
Price: $ 19.99 per 4-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Even the picky eaters love to eat this food.
2) The DHA content in this food helps in the brain development of the pup as it grows.
3) It is made specially to help in easy digestion.
It is reviewed as too small kibble size for the puppies to take a bite.

Merrick grain-free puppy formula is a dry dog diet that is filled with chicken protein and has a high amount of Chondroitin and Glucosamine.

The pups tend to love its every bite of Merrick Grain-free puppy chicken & sweet potato formula dry dog diet.

The grain-free recipe is made up of real chicken as the primary component along with sweet potatoes, peas, and potatoes which offers the young dog a cup full of comfort in the most taste filled and nutrition-packed way.

The DHA combined in this food helps in the healthy brain growth apart from the vitamins and minerals to blend as a complete nutrition pack.

Every pack of food comes in small bundles manufactured in Merrick’s own unit and then it passes the test for quality and safety and it gives us an assurance that the food is good for our precious pup.


Taste Of The Wild Grain-Free Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breed, Medium Breed, and Large Breed
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3719 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)28%, Fat (minimum)17%, Fiber (Maximum) 5%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Buffalo, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Egg product, Pea Protein
Feature: Real meat is the major component of this food. It consists of small kibble which is rich in protein. It is filled with super-foods and specially formulated for growing pups.
Price: $ 14.99 per 5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) Pups served this food have high energy levels.
2) The coats of the pups eating this food are shinier.
3) This food digests well in small tummies.
Though this food is liked by many pups this food has complaints of flavor by many picky pups who don’t like the blend of venison and bison taste.

Taste of the wild grain-free puppy food is a balanced formulation of kibble which is nutrition filled and sold in two tastes. High prairie is filled with bison and venison and the Pacific stream is made with a kind of fish species.

Nourish the puppy friend with balanced food which is natural. This taste of the wild high prairie is made with novel proteins that contain buffalo and bison.

It is a grain-free formula that is filled with peas and sweet potatoes which serves the easily digestible energy required by the pups when growing.

The food is also packed with natural antioxidants extracted from real fruits and veggies and dried chicory root which contributes to the prebiotic support and faster healthy digestion.

Necessary minerals are chelated along with amino acids to increase their intake and to make sure the utmost advantage for full and balanced nutrition with a flavor of the wild which the canines thrive for constantly.


Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Large Breed and Giant Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3761 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)26%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum) 2%, Moisture (maximum) 12%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Ground Rice, Whole Grain, Wheat, Poultry By product
Feature: It is filled with DHA and fish oils which help in vision and brain development. This food is fortified with vitamins and minerals to give perfect nutrition. It is packed with shredded chicken and hard kibble which adds flavor to the food.
Price: $ 47.98 per 34-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) It is one of the foods which has the taste the pups drool for.
2) This food has kibbles that digest easily.
3) The chicken and kibbles in the are food give dental benefits for the pups.
1) This food has reviews stating it tends to turn stale even before the bag is finished.
2) The ingredient label states poultry by-product but doesn’t clarify on the bird being used.

Purina Pro Plan shredded blend puppy food is a high standard puppy diet which is sold in a quite reasonable cost. This food is made in the various different recipe which is known as platforms by the producer like Savor, Sport, and Focus.

This food is fortified with promising live probiotics that help in the digestive and immune health. Prepared with high standard protein which includes real chicken as the major component.

The hardened kibble blended with tender meaty shreds makes a special texture and taste. It is packed with the DHA and fish oils required by the pup at the early growing stage.

Especially the omegas help the pup in their sight and brain development. Being fortified with vitamins and minerals essential for the pup’s early-stage development this food promises good flavor and nutrition which is necessary for the little champ.

The taste and texture of this food are tailor-made for the specific requirement of puppies making it the best choice of puppy food.


Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: All Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3697 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)29%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum) 3%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Whole Brown Rice, Whole Grain oatmeal
Feature: Prepared particularly to meet the requirements of the pup. This formula is prepared with non-GMO ingredients and it has nil chicken meal by-product. It has calcium which helps in building strong bones and joints.
Price: $ 14.96 per 4-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) This recipe has a flavor that most dogs love.
2) This food helps in maintaining a healthy coat.
3) It helps in getting high energy levels in dogs.
The inclusion of probiotics will be a good suggestion.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials is a high standard puppy diet that is prepared from a quite amazing bunch of ingredients which includes farm-grown chicken and many nutrition filled fruits and veggies.

This formula is prepared for small and medium-size breed dogs. Nutro also formulated food specifically for large breed pups.

You may want to serve the tiny pup the best beginning food so pick Nutro Wholesome Essentials Puppy Natural Dry Dog Food which is blended with farm-grown chicken, brown rice, and Sweet potato.

This mixture helps in nourishing the pup. This formula is made keeping in mind the growing doggies. The crunchy kibble is packed with omega 3 fatty acids to aid the healthy development and calcium to support the strengthening of bones and helps in the growth of joints.

Farm grown chicken is the primary component in this growing canines for a high standard and good flavor of protein which the dog gobbles with all love.


Blue Wilderness Dry Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: All Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 3662 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)36%, Fat (minimum)16%, Fiber (Maximum) 5%, Moisture (maximum) 10%
Variety: Dry
Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Pea Protein, Peas, Tapioca Starch
Feature: This food is filled with many omega 3 fatty acids which help in keeping the pup brain healthy. This food is packed with antioxidant-filled fruits and veggies to aid in perfect immune system functioning.
3) Deboned chicken is the main component.
Price: $ 16.14 per 4.5-lb bag
Pros and Cons
1) The flavor of this food is loved by most of the pups.
2) The nutrients in this food are mostly what the owners expect which includes omega fatty acids and probiotics.
1) Being a premium food this puppy food is a bit pricey.
2) Generally, pups find it difficult to digest this food at the first go so it is better to change foods gradually.

Blue Wilderness Pup food is made to mimic the natural food of the pup’s ancestors who were wild. It is packed with mouth-watering proteins and nutrition filled fruits and veggies which aid in keeping the pet healthy and joyful.

Inspired by the prey of wolves, which is a perfect carnivore that has an endurance that is legendary, Blue wilderness puppy is a diet free from grain and filled with protein.

The food is packed with yummy chicken which the pups like. It is a formula designed specifically for the growing pups.

DHA a major fatty acid in this foundation is usually seen in mother’s milk which aids in cognitive development and functioning of retinal.

The premium protein extracted from tasty deboned chicken and chicken meal, turkey meal, and egg aids in building strengthened muscles. An optimal mix of calcium, phosphorous, and necessary vitamins support in maintaining healthy bone development.

The special small bite kibble is the apt size for small jaws and is designed to show tartar removal.

The perfect balance of omegas 3 and 6 fatty acids helps in promoting a glowing coat and healthy skin and important vitamins and chelated minerals and necessary antioxidants aid in supporting the immunity in pups.


Canidae Limited Ingredient Diet Puppy Chicken Formula

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: All Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1207 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)9%, Fat (minimum)6.5%, Fiber (Maximum) 1%, Moisture (maximum) 78%
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Broth, Dried Egg, Peas, Salmon Oil
Feature: Chicken is one of the primary ingredients. This pup food has salmon oil to bring in the omega 3 fatty acid. This recipe is a protein-rich one with various protein sources.
Price: $ 41.14 per 13 oz Case of 12
Pros and Cons
1) Generally, the pups have a liking towards the taste and texture of the Canidae puppy chicken formula.
2) It is one of the easily digestible foods for pups.
The food is reviewed with comments on the odor of the food which is tolerable with many benefits packed.

Canidae limited ingredient diet puppy recipe is prepared to serve the pup with all the nutrition the dog requires without depending on any unwanted components which may result in any digestive issues or cause food allergies.

As it is a limited content formula this is a perfect pup food for sensitive tummies. The CANIDAE limited ingredient food is a yummy simple chicken formula based canned dog food.

With the limited components for easy digestion along with the chicken for the premium protein, this formula is perfect for sensitive pups. With a delectable texture that is slowly processed in broth, its premium nutrition comes with a great flavor.

It is a meal which most of the dog-like mixed with nutrients the dog requires and feels healthy when consumed.


Royal Canin Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1007 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)8%, Fat (minimum)4.5%, Fiber (Maximum) 2%, Moisture (maximum) 79%
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Pork by-products, Pork Liver, Rice Flour, Wheat Gluten
Feature: Antioxidant filled recipe. It is formulated to aid in healthy intestinal flora which improves the capacity to digest food easily. It is prepared with a variety of protein sources such as chicken and pork.
Price: $ 42.98 per 5.8oz Case of 24
Pros and Cons
1) This puppy food serves the complete nutrition required by the pup.
2) This food also contributes to the shiny and healthy coat in pups.
1) This diet is considered nonpalatable by many pups.
2) There complaints of this food not digesting easily for pups.

Royal canine puppy food is sold fortified with various vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants to make sure the growing puppy is served with complete nutrition required by the pup.

Little dog big requirements!! Tiny pups have small deep phases of growth that require complete nutrition and Royal Canine serves!! Royal Canine puppy canned dog diet is particularly prepared to support in stimulating the stomach of small breed pups.

It has complete nutrition your tiny dog requires to raise as a happy, healthy canine. Royal Canine wet recipes are the best compliment to Royal Canine X Small and Mini dry recipes.

But maybe fed as an addition to kibble or as a perfect meal these wet recipes support in keeping the small pups healthy entirely maximum of 22 pounds and age of 10 months.

This food serves nutrition to aid pup’s growth and development and its huge amount of energy. For the development of the immune system the Vitamins C, E, Lutein, and Taurine also play a major role and the Royal canine has a sufficient amount of them.

The easily digestible proteins, beet pulp, and fish oil function in tandem to help the growing digestive tract. Produced USA this food is a balanced and complete food by itself or perfect kibble supplement.


Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Wet Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1335 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)9.5%, Fat (minimum)8%, Fiber (Maximum) 1.5%, Moisture (maximum) 78%
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Chicken Liver, Duck, Salmon
Feature: It is filled with bovine colostrum which helps in ensuring healthy immunity in dogs. It is prepared to serve the pup’s growing muscle requirement. It is a gluten-free food with DHA and EPA added.
Price: $ 20.11 per 6oz Case of 12
Pros and Cons
1) Most of the dog owners reviewed this product as the most liked product by pups for the taste of the food.
2) Pet owners consider this food as a supplement to pup’s dry food which raises the palatability of the dry kibbles.
Just as other wet foods storing is a bit complicated. So buying smaller cans is a good choice to avoid storage problems.

Natural Balance Original Ultra whole body health wet diet is a gluten-free diet that is prepared to nourish the puppy into a full-grown dog.

Original Ultra Whole Body Health Puppy recipe is prepared to nourish the pup’s full well-being by controlling the complete body approach.

This gluten-free food which is prepared with standard chicken, duck, and brown rice is an adequate balance of standard proteins and necessary nutrients enlisted by expert nutritionists.

It is complemented with colostrum which is believed to aid a healthy immune system in dogs. This recipe fulfills all the requirements in the growing pup which helps in leading a healthy balanced life.

The premium quality gluten-free food is prepared particularly for pups with different animal protein sources. Yucca Schidigera extracts helps in gastrointestinal systems and lessens the smell in the stool.

This special mix of food is perfectly digestible letting the nutrient absorption to the maximum extent. Additional vitamins such as Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 aid in supporting a healthy immunity in the pups. This food helps in brain growth in pups with the antioxidants and minerals present in it.


Merrick Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Wet Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, and Large Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1212 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)9.5%, Fat (minimum)8%, Fiber (Maximum) 1.5%, Moisture (maximum) 78%
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Salmon
Feature: Formulated with various protein sources. It is a mix of delicious and antioxidant-filled foods like blueberries. This food is flavored for the dog’s joy with rosemary, sage, and thyme.
Price: $ 29.88 per 12.7oz Case of 12
Pros and Cons
1) The canines love the taste of this food.
2) The nutrition served is the best will all-natural components in the food.
1) This food has complaints about upsetting the pup’s tummies.
2) This can be avoided by a gradual change to this food from the old food.

Merrick whole earth farms grain-free wet puppy diet is made with chicken, turkey, and salmon along with fortified vitamins and minerals to serve complete balanced nutrition.

Pet owners usually take the utmost pride in serving their canines Whole earth Farms a wholesome bunch of naturally nutrition dilled dog diet which serves the goodness from nature at a perfect value.

Most of the whole earth Farms kibble and canned formulas are prepared in the USA with premium quality natural components that serve complete and balanced nutrients.

Presently with its good amount, premium quality protein whole earth farms is a great pick for pet owners who are keen on exploring the natural pet food for pups.

The perfect healthy components from nature are blended as mouth-watering daily food. Protein filled chicken, blueberries, tasty rosemary, sage, and thyme are a few nutrition filled components.

Processed in America with the earth’s perfect ingredients. It is a recipe with no corn, wheat, and soy and it is filled with yummy flavor from healthy components your furry friend is sure to like.


Blue Wilderness Turkey & Chicken Grill Wet Puppy Food

Key Specifications
Lifestage: Puppy
Suitable for: Small Breeds, Medium Breeds, and Large Breeds
Caloric Content (Per Kg): 1200 kcal per kg
Analysis: Protein (minimum)10.5%, Fat (minimum)9%, Fiber (Maximum) 1.5%, Moisture (maximum) 78%
Variety: Wet
Top 5 Ingredients: Chicken Broth, Chicken, Turkey, Chicken Liver, Potatoes
Feature: Different protein sources contribute to this protein-rich food. In order to avoid inflammation and increase brain development the omegas in the food play a vital role. This pup food has no artificial additives, corn, or soy.
Price: $ 23.88 per 12.5oz Case of 12
Pros and Cons
1) The tiny pups drool for the food’s taste.
2) Owners compliment the food for its benefit of shiny and healthy coats it gives the pups.
3) The reasonable price is appreciable.
Not many major problems in this food except that few dogs don’t seem to digest the food easily.

Blue wilderness turkey and chicken grill is nutrition filled and meaty pup diet which is prepared to pretend the food of wild ancestor of the pups. Serve a yummy dinner for the furry friend with blue buffalo wilderness high protein grain-free natural puppy wet dog diet.

Perfect for the growing tiny fur boy this unavoidable flavored wet diet is prepared with the best natural grain and gluten-free components.

It begins with the premium quality proteins extracted from the grilled bits of turkey and chicken and filled with fruits and vegetables which increases the vitamins and minerals.

Prepared with DHA to aid brain, eye, and cognitive growth this rich protein diet for pups is prepared with wholesome components that are free from any kind of by-products, wheat, corn, soy, or additives.

It is sold in 12.5-ounce cans in 12 packs which are prepared with DHA. This special treat is mixed with dry food or serves just as it is to pups to give complete nutrition.

The muscle development in pups in the early stage very important and these foods contribute to the major development progress in the tiny canines.


Many new owners raise their brows when they come to know that the puppies need a separate variety of food which is different from the food served for the adult pets.

Most of them tend to wonder. Do puppies really want a different kind of food or is it just a marketing strategy.!!!

Do understand that puppies have a definite nutritional requirement which is different entirely from adult food.

It is obvious that dogs tend to grow fast when they are young. In fact, the major growth in a canine happens during the first year after its birth. This growth needs lots of nutrition which is why they need a special variety of food to feed the growth.

So to make sure the pup grows to her complete potential and develops a perfect bone structure it is necessary to feed them with a diet that is formulated for the little ones- the growing dogs.

Serving a bowl of adult food to the pup may also cause scaring health issues. The adult foods may cause severe tummy upsets in pups which isn’t good for them in their early life stage.

Adopted a puppy??? Serve them the food they need and they like – Here are few top foods for the pups.


Todays Deals Chewy


Pretty, furry, and hungry. The new furry boy is ready for puppy treat and you are at your toes to serve him paw-fect food.

Puppies grow quickly, serving them the perfect nutrition is necessary for the growing bones and teeth and strengthening of muscles and giving the energy required for being active and learning.

Having said why he needs pup food – What to feed is a big confusion with numerous puppy food in the different varieties available in the market.

Hope we have introduced you to many best puppy foods from which you pick the best he likes and the best you think fits him for a good and healthy life.

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