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Best Dog Food Brands For Your Pet’s Needs

Best Dog Food Brands
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The dog food brands are so huge and diverse, at present, there are plenty of great vet recommended products that can meet your pet’s needs.

The basic nutrition your dog needs depend on several factors. It includes coat and skin condition, weight, age, skin, and breed.

Your vet understands your dog very well. This means they are in a better position to give a list of top dog food brands.

The inclusion of chondroitin and glucosamine in the senior and active dog foods is an important step in any pet food process.

Let us now discuss the top dog food brands.

Orijen Original Recipe

Orijen creates foods that enhance your dog’s health as nature planned. It includes the best regional ingredients catered to dogs of all ages, from puppy to adult.

This company follows a distinct and unique “biologically appropriate” process to address pet nutrition.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $82.99


  • Mainly meat-based
  • Contains 38% crude protein
  • Not more than 20% carbohydrates
  • Only grain-free formulas


  • Biologically suitable diet
  • Low-glycemic
  • Limited carbohydrates
  • High- protein formulas
  • Traditional freeze-dried and kibble options


  • No wet foods available
  • Some ingredients may trigger allergies
  • May contain dried alfalfa and peas

Blue Buffalo Home Style Recipe

Blue Buffalo consists of popular recipes for all dry dog and wet food. Its products are filled with natural ingredients. This is not only a premium product; wet dog food is a little bit more expensive than dry food.

Blue Buffalo believes in using best-quality natural sources in all its recipes. Note- Blue Buffalo brand has been part of different product recalls.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $25.99


  • Different range of choices
  • Every recipe contains high- quality
  • Only natural ingredients
  • Life Source Bits in all recipes


Canidae - All Life Stages

Canidae uses high-quality digestible carbohydrates and proteins in all of its products to suit dogs present in different life stages.

This company offers traditional life stages products as well as limited–ingredient and grain-free recipes.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $61.74


  • A us-based family-owned independent company
  • Fresh regional ingredients
  • Different kinds of top-quality recipes
  • Life stages formulas – for both puppies and adult dogs
  • Limited-ingredient and grain-free formulas for dogs
  • Separate product for dog lovers on a small budget
  • Local recipes for small dog breeds


  • Has been part of a single product recall
  • Presence of common ingredients can cause allergies

Primal Pet Products

Primal pet products rule the chart for best quality with the purest 100% human-grade materials.

Traditional dog foods cooked at high temperatures may remove the vital original content of raw ingredients. Raw dog food offers all the nutrients.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $30.99


  • Combination of freeze-dried and frozen products
  • Retains the natural nutritional integrity
  • Made using 100% ingredients (human-grade)


Taste Of The Wild

This company manufactures excellent grain-free dog foods with different dense-formulas. A typical grain-free diet should consist of vegetables, fruits, and legumes to start with.

Taste of the Wild brand offers grain-free and protein-rich dog foods. Each of its recipes is centered around real meats like lamb, bison, and venison.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $ 42.39 USD


  • All products- naturally grain-free
  • Each recipe contains roasted meat
  • Highly healthy grain-free carbohydrates
  • Multiple proteins in all recipes
  • Contains antioxidants for better immunity
  • Probiotics for healthy digestion
  • Chelated minerals


  • A limited selection of items
  • Special formulas for large dog breeds missing
  • More percentage of calories in dog food not ruled out

Merrick Lil Plates Grain-Free Food

Merrick offers some great products for small and toy breeds. It comes in a wide variety of grain-free formulas made using healthy supplements, digestible carbohydrates, and high-rated proteins.

Small-breed dogs require very swift metabolism and they need a higher amount of calories per lb of bodyweight.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $ 17.98 USD


  • Sold in seven different flavors
  • High-quality proteins (animal)
  • Grain-free carbohydrates
  • Contains probiotics and chelated minerals
  • Small-sized kibble
  • Crunchy enough to clean teeth


  • Digestive upset is seen in some dogs
  • Not suitable for canines with kidney or liver disease
  • Very expensive

Wellness Complete Health

Filled with the best quality animal proteins, joint-supporting nutrients, and digestible whole grains, Wellness offers everything a senior dog requires.

Adult dogs require fewer amounts of calories compared to younger dogs. These dogs still require a good mix of healthy fats and protein in their diet.

Chondroitin and glucosamine become very important for canines as they get old.

The presence of increased fiber levels supports gastrointestinal health.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $ 56.99 USD


  • Contains chicken meal and fresh chicken
  • Provision of whole grains improves digestibility
  • Fresh veggies and fruits for better sources of minerals and vitamins
  • Supplemented with probiotics and chelated minerals
  • Supports a healthy coat and skin


  • Gas or stomach upset common in some dogs
  • Chicken can cause allergy
  • Grain sensitive dogs should give this product a skip

Taste Of The Wild (Puppy Recipe)

Taste of the Wild puppy food contains rich animal proteins. It’s free from artificial additives, grains, and gluten.

Puppies, in general, require higher levels of protein compared to adult dogs.

Any puppy food should be easily digestible and it should come in biteable sizes. Fish proteins keep your dog’s coat shiny.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $ 49.99 USD


  • Consists of meat meals and fresh meat
  • Fresh veggies and fruits for natural nutrients
  • Grain-free carbohydrates
  • Dried fermentation products
  • Contains DHA for quick brain development
  • Chelated minerals for better digestion


Whole Earth Farms

Foods from Whole Earth Farms are incredibly nutritious foods because it is prepared in the most affordable manner.

This brand offers quality nutrition than most products. Whole Earth Farms are manufactured in the United States with top ingredients which supports dog’s digestion much effectively.

Whole Earth Farms offer different and various grain-free products including specific foods created for various stages of growth.

Manufactured in – the United States of America

Price – $39.98 USD


  • The perfect combination of affordability and quality
  • No artificial additives
  • Made using top quality animal formulas
  • A wide range of wet foods and dry foods


Animal protein content a bit more

Steps Involved In Selecting The Best Dog Food Brand

1. What Is AAFCO (American Association Of Feed Control Officials)?

AAFCO is a voluntary yet widely recognized quality standard group. They do the primary task of setting the nutritional standard for different stage mainly in a pet’s growth.

Search and find the AFFCO label on the dog food and the presence of AAFCO represents quality. Freshly prepared diets and commercial raw diets should adhere to NRC or AAFCO standards.

2. The popularity of the dog food brand

In the time of Salmonella attack and 2007 melamine contamination, it is a challenge the select the best dog food brand.

Note- All product prices are subject to change.

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