Can Dogs Eat Mango? Benefits & Precautions

Can Dogs Eat Mango
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Can Dogs Eat Mango? Yes, dogs can eat mangoes safely but make sure that your dogs are not allergic to mangoes before feeding them. Dogs enjoy mangoes as a treat.

Mango contains huge amounts of vitamin E, C, B6, A, and fiber as well making it a complete treat for dogs as well as for humans. Mango also tastes richly sweet making it instantly likable for your dog to consume.



How to feed your dog with mangoes?

Peel the skin and remove the center pit. The mango pit contains cyanide, which can be potentially harmful to your dog. Mango pits can also get caught in the digestive tract and can become a choking hazard.

Ripe mangoes need not be sliced into small pieces unless you are feeding a small dog. Dogs love mangoes and too much may cause diarrhoea and bellyaches in dogs because dogs are not designed to handle large fiber contents.

Be ready to call the vet if the dog had consumed the pit by mistake. Dogs can eat mangoes but not the seeds because seeds contain cyanide which is poisonous to dogs.

Even you should not feed your dog with mango skin, which is urushiol for dogs. Urushiol is an oily compound found in mango skin which causes bad rashes on your dog’s skin.

Generally, ripe mangoes are soft, tasty and safe to your dogs. Just don’t forget to remove the peels. Undoubtedly, rotten mangoes are harmful to your dogs because rotten mango contains ethanol, which is dangerous to your dogs like alcohol.


According to pet poison helpline, moldy mangoes are highly toxic to dogs and cause tremors and seizures. Feeding to much of mangoes to your dogs may cause diarrhea, eating a mango per day is safer to your dogs.

As mangoes are rich in many valuable nutrients it’s not only safe but also beneficial to your dog’s health.

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