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Home Remedies For Ticks In Dogs

Home Remedies For Ticks In Dogs

Possible Diseases For Ticks In Skin

Home Remedies For Ticks In Skin

Remove Ticks From The Dog Fur - The Right Way:

  • Thetick removal process starts with collecting the appropriate supplies (latex or disposable rubber gloves, Isopropyl alcohol, an antiseptic liquid or antibiotic ointment, and tick-removing tools such as dual-tipped tick tweezers, LED tick remover, tick tornado remover, etc).
  • Ticks may be of a size of an apple seed or as small as a poppy seed. Deer ticks are typically the size of a sesame seed.
  • Wear gloves and scan for ticks. Comb through and separate the hair. Check if you feel any bumps or swollen areas on the skin.
  • Slowly glide the tweezer (preferably fine-tipped ones) beneath the tick, and grip the tick nearer to the skin as possible. Pull smoothly in a straight upward motion.
  • Try to grab the top of the tick, and avoid twisting, jerking, or squeezing the body of the tick, as there is a possibility of breakage or bursting and may leave the head embedded in the fur, making the rest of the tick removal more complicated.
  • Instead of tweezers, if you use a tick removal tool, then slide the tool towards the dog’s skin in order that the tick’s head will be stuck (the smallest part). Firmly but not roughly, pull straight up from the skin until the tick gets detached.
  • If using Tick Key - drag alongside the skin sideways.
  • Tick Twister, Tick Tornado, or similar tools - grab, twist and then drag the tick away.
  • Collect the pulled-out ticks in a bottle with alcohol and dispose of them later on, if it is not required for a Vet examination.
  • Use a warm compress, gently clean the area of the tick using soap water and finally apply a small amount of antiseptic ointment.
  • Before storage, disinfect the tweezers.
  • Reward your dog for cooperating through the tick removal procedure by giving them treats.
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