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How To Select The Right Pet Camera? – Useful Tips

How To Select The Right Pet Camera?
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Are you searching for a pet camera to check on your dog while you are away? Ease your stress with a top-notch pet camera? See, interact, and talk with your cat or dog when you are not present.

Our pets can, at times, be out of sight but not out of your mind. A pet camera will help you maintain a watch on your pets. The main purpose of using a pet camera is to reduce the separation anxiety present on both sides.

Let’s discuss the essential features that you will be looking at a pet cam.

Important Pet Camera Features

Viewing angle and resolution

The resolution and viewing angle vary between one company to another. This aspect tells you how much or wide can your camera actually cover.

If you have a senior pet or a disabled dog that does not move around quite frequently, a pet camera with a narrow vision will suffice.

An active kitten might require a much wider angle to cover their entire field of activity.

Most pet cams provide HD or high-definition video. A full 1080p HD camera will reveal more details such as how much food your dog actually eats.

There are pet cameras that offer both maintain a close watch on your home as well as on your pets.

 Two-way communication system

Watching your White German Shepherd sleep and eat might look fun but what if you want to hear your dog’s voice?

The solution is using a two-way communication talk.

These cameras have both a speaker and a microphone.  You can say sweet things such as “What my dear is up to?”

This ability to communicate with your pet enhances your special bond with them even when you are caught in the traffic.

There are cameras that can show your cute face to the pet while you are simply talking. “Call” button feature is present in some cameras and pets can call their owners and communicate when they feel lonely.

Check your pet using night vision

If you work at night shifts,  buy a night vision camera. Night vision camera will allow the user to see even when lights are absent or low.

Motion and sound alerts or notifications

These days, many cameras offer motion and sound alerts wherein the user receives a video alert whenever there is an intrusion.

Memory storage for pet cams

Some days can be really packed, and you will not be free to check in the video recordings as regularly as possible.

Three popular storage options-

  • Cloud-based service stocks all your video and images on a server and most manufacturers will collect fees for storage.
  • An SD memory slot provides the option to select the quantity of storage. When the old SD card is full, you can swap in a different card.
  • Internal flash memory means you cannot expand your storage. It can easily be paired with other kinds of storage.

Control or monitoring app is very important

  • The app interface plays a vital role in your experience of using this pet cam. The app is the actual communication link between your smartphone and camera at home.
  • Most of the apps are offered at free of cost. Download and see the app.
  • You can check out all the settings menus. Motion and sounds alerts are an important feature.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Many pet cams connect with your smartphone through Wi-Fi.

Contact your internet service provider to confirm whether you are living in areas with good internet coverage. For solid speed and reliability over WiFi, kindly upgrade your router

Rest of the people can use the camera with Bluetooth facility although the range is limited.

Latest Pet Camera Features

Remote-controlled cat and dog games

The latest fad is a remote-controlled laser pointer. Cat owners, especially, know that this feature can hook their cat in a jiffy.

Other pet cams also offer a veritable choice of toys and games which you can use in your free time.

One interactive toy tests your cat’s or dog’s smartness by cajoling her to touch light pads to get some food to eat.

Chunky lying around, right?

How about tilt, rotate, pan, and zoom?

Some companies offer pet cameras that point straight that looks okay if you can place it in the right location.

If you think your pet is highly unpredictable, you can buy a pet cam that has a 36-degree swivel or rotation.

Even exciting, some pet cameras move sidewards, tilt up or down or both, and rotate smoothly on a central point.

How To Pick The Right Wireless Pet Camera?

There are several wireless pet cameras that are flooding the market.  You will be spoilt for choice.

  • Choose the camera with the maximum resolution. 1080p HD video is a good choice to start with.
  • Two-way audio is really important because pets, in general, love hearing their master’s voice. Picking a camera with a monitor so that you can communicate with her is a welcome move.
  • A pet camera with a pet-specific function such as a pet monitor will be useful for both the pet and the owner.

The Bottomline

A pet camera allows the pet lover to communicate with her pet effortlessly from the comfort of their office.

The appetite for pet cams are a never-ending techno saga, and you can also buy water fountains or automatic pet feeders at an additional cost.

Buy the latest, suitable pet camera and help your pet to stay calm and fearless.

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