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18 Easy-To-Follow New Year Resolutions For Pet Lovers

New Year Resolutions For Pet Lovers
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Goals aren’t only for us, humans.

New Year goals or resolutions are not limited to humans. Pets also need a healthy way of life.

With New Year knocking around the corner, the start of a fresh New Year can mark a new change in your pet’s life.

Are you aware that more than 50% of pets in America is categorized as obese, did you realize this is the right time to stick to a new exercise or diet schedule for your pets? Ideophobia or lack of ideas?

Take a look at these 18 interesting and healthy New Year resolutions for pet lovers that can make the pet’s life more colorful, delightful, and meaningful.

Is Your Pet ID Updated?

A year, 365 days, is a lot of time and plenty of things can change. People change houses, acquire new mobile numbers, and fail to update these details.

Many pet owners remember to update only when they lose their pets.

If any of your personal details have changed in 2018, stop waiting- update their microchip information and tags today!

A pet owner who has lost his pet would vouch for this New Year resolution at any cost.

Walk Your Vet

Annual examinations by the vet remain the vital step in maintaining your pet’s health.

Several medical conditions including obesity, arthritis, and diabetes are widely known in aging pets. These health issues are quite simple to handle when detected in the initial stage itself.

Vet visits are important to discuss any behavioral problems, food updates, or anything that could be damaging your closeness with your pet.

Allocate More Time To Play Into Your Daily Routine

Dogs love the idea of chasing a ball but ensure that they don’t see that as a mere exercise.

Interactive or smart toys that increase a dog’s natural instinct are a brilliant way to make them take part in a little exercise schedule.

Try something different to check what really stimulates your dog other than walkable bridges, crinkly balls, dog chew toys, lasers are canine’s favorites.

A simple wooden kennel can turn your dog’s mundane day into something exciting.

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Never Choose A Catchy Or New-Inappropriate Diet

Growing pets always need certain nutrients to make sure that their bodies grow strong and healthy. Some older dogs may suffer from lower energy levels along with the degenerative joint disease.

Choosing a diet appropriately customized to your dog’s life stage is very crucial for their overall health.

Prepare A Homemade Food

You can give your dog some break by preparing homemade food. Homemade foods increase the warmth between you and your dog for better because of love that is served along with the food.

Doggie’s Family - New Year, New Friends!

If you find your puppy playing with other dogs or pets in your neighborhood,  allow him to socialize.

Take him to a dog park.

When a pet starts bonding with another pet,  it will strengthen positive relationships and reduce its destructive behavior.

Unsocialized dogs can turn defensive around other animals.

Never Underestimate Grooming

Daily grooming your pet has a lot of benefits.

Brushing reduces a large amount of fur present on your furniture and clothes and prevents excess hair from the coat.

The oil present in the skin gets evenly distributed to the fur, making the coat healthy and shiny.

Grooming also demonstrates your love and they will know how much you actually care for them.

Opt For A New Task

From mountaineering to scuba diving, paragliding to kayaking, it’s fun to include your pet into a new exercise schedule.

More than physical and mental stimulation your dog can get, the combo-activity boosts the warmth and bonding between the two of you.

Meet-up groups provide an opportunity to mingle with fresh like-minded pet lovers.

Fostering, The Right Way To Choose Your Soul Pet

You wish to own a pet, but something is preventing you from getting one!

Fostering is the solution.

Many rescues and animal shelters need loving parents to provide temporary and safe living homes for pets.

Fostering can help you test the waters without investing too much time or money.

Who knows? Only time can tell.

Dropping a few dollars at your local pet store or volunteering to walk homeless and disabled pets, give them as much love as possible.

The Tooth Is The Index Of The Stomach

Daily brushing means keeping the plaque and tartar at bay. Never use toothpaste made for human and buy only branded pet toothpaste from the reputed stores.

Treats, dental diets, and water additives designed for this purpose can be quite useful.

Regular cleanings carried out by a registered vet are a must in keeping those canine whites in prime health.

What About New Pet Experts On Social Media?

Following or admiring new pet experts on social media on a daily basis can act as therapy on dogs.

This will help you learn more about the latest dog nutrition or diet and what your dog is actually trying to tell.

Some of the interesting things you can learn on the internet include what dangers you should avoid, new training tips, and food recalls.

A few of the exciting Facebook pages you could trust include Petmoo, Truth About Pet Food, and Planet Paws etc.

New Foods For Your Dogs

Never offer any new foods to your dog without knowing whether they are toxic or not.  You can try feeding your dog with kale, lettuce, salmon, sardines, sweet potatoes, carrots, or something new.

There are no dogs that avoid a rich, nutritious diet that fulfills their appetite.

Measure your pet’s food using an 8-ounce bowl to avoid obesity. Neutered or senior pets usually consume less food compared to active, adult dogs.

Always contact your vet before feeding human foods to your dog.

Mental Stimulation Is Cool

As per reports, studies state that mental stimulation can definitely postpone cognitive problems in senior or older pets.

It means more activity your dog does; the healthier it will remain. Trying out new tricks or practicing old tricks is a simple way to keep your dog active and alert.

Puzzle treats, which push a canine or a pet to think, are an easy way to keep a dog’s mind healthy.

Rain or shine, your dog deserves his daily quota of exercise. This will help both of you to lose some calories.

Am I right?

Try Treating Ticks And Fleas Naturally

Make your own homemade tick or flea spray at home. Using items present in your home at the moment, you can prepare a natural flea spray.

Give your dog some break from the same old tick treatment and treat your dog in a natural way.

Are You Game For Tellington Touch?

The Tellington Touch refers to a relaxing and caressing method primarily based on movements of hands and the fingers all over the pet’s body.

The main purpose of this method is to promote positivity and awaken cellular intelligence.

If your dog has been undergoing any treatment or trauma, the Tellington Touch can reduce the impact of the ongoing trauma.

Learn these touches on your own or contact your nearest dog therapist and reward your doggie with a comfortable, gentle bonding session.

Pet Insurance Is The Right Way Forward

Pet owners should always be prepared to face the unexpected.

There are plenty of insurance plans that fit and meets every budget. If you are unsure, you can contact your vet for more information.

Click Your Way Into Your Pet’s Heart

Clicking pet photo shoots might sound like a pricey affair but there are lots of budget-friendly photographers out there.

Most pet photographers offer discounts for you as well.

Mark these words, you will definitely cherish and treasure the pictures for a lifetime.

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