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Top 10 Strongest Dogs In The World That’ll Steal Your Soul

Strongest Dogs In The World
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You are fascinated about a gentle giant – a dog that can turn into a cuddle partner on the sofa at a second’s notice. Looking to pick one from the strongest dogs in the world?

Overlook their enormous strength, these dogs are incredibly smart, lovable, and insanely loyal.

Generally, strongest dog breeds are those having the physical ability to do intricate tasks such as weight pulling etc, irrespective of the size.

But, is this the only trait only that makes a dog stronger? Never! People categorize stronger dog breeds based on several traits.

Are you eager to know about the traits as well as the strongest dog breeds?

If you are burning with desire to bring home a brawny stalwart, take a look at these strongest dogs in the world.

We have listed out the top 10 strongest dog breeds based on the height, weight and the mind-blowing tasks they do.

German Shepherd

Height – Male: 24 to 26 inches; female: 22 to 24 inches

Weight – Male: 65 to 90 pounds; female: 50 to 70 pounds

Life Span – 7 to 10 years

Group – Herding

Undoubtedly, the German shepherd is the most popular, working dog breed due to its strong body and athletic abilities.

It is also the second most popular breed in the United States of America. This dog was bred initially for herding sheep.

Loyal and courageous, it is a well-known police dog because of its intelligence and stamina. A fast learner, this breed is easy to train.

This dog obeys commands within a fraction of seconds and it is well suitable for military roles. Sometimes, it serves for anti-terrorist organizations as well.

Strong and powerful, German shepherd does best as a guard dog and serves as sentinels as well. This dog also plays a role in search and rescue operations and detecting weapons.

Besides, this breed is a great watchdog, farm hand dog, and guide dog.

Energetic, German Shepherd can be an excellent family pet, providing regular exercise and activities for its physical and mental strength. It is a kid-friendly dog too.

Is barking associated with strong dogs? Actually, a barking dog never bites… True to any extent.

You have to provide early socialization training to this breed as it may be aggressive and overprotective to its territory. But, this dog will be calm and obedient if it is well trained.


Height – 26 to 31 inches

Weight – Male: 110 to 138 pounds; female: 90 to 119 pounds

Life span – 12 to 15 years

Group – Guarding

Kangal is the oldest dog breed, developed for guarding livestock such as sheep, people, and property.

Having origin as Turkey, it is a tall dog known for its strength to fight against large, dangerous animals such as wolf, bear, and Jackal. But, it is not too large like Great Dane and St. Bernard.

Having the natural protective and guarding abilities, Kangal is a strong and powerful dog. It has a biting strength of 743 PSI due to his big head and jaws. This dog is also known as a Turkish shepherd dog.

But, this fierce, rare breed is calm, gentle and loyal toward his master. Also, it protects the little children and be calm with them. So, it is an intelligent, well-socialized dog breed.

It also loves family. So, Kangal will be an ideal family pet with proper training from the puppyhood.

A minor drawback is that this dog will mature at a slower rate. Also, it won’t respond to traditional training methods as it is a livestock guardian. This breed also wants to be engaged with work. So, it does not suit for inexperienced owners.

Siberian Husky

Height – Male: 21 to 23.5 inches; female: 20 to 22 inches

Weight – Male: 45 to 60 pounds; female: 35 to 50 pounds

Life Span – 12 to 14 years

Group – Working

Siberian husky is a medium-sized dog, having a muscular body with broad shoulders and strong legs. It is a well-known sled dog. This dog is able to pull sleds with supplies and sometimes people.

Strong and powerful, this breed can go for long distances, especially in the terrains. It is also able to survive in too cold conditions with its dense, double coat.

Brave and intelligent, this affectionate breed is gentle and patient toward kids.

Having athletic abilities, this breed also served as search and rescue dogs at the time of World War II. Also, this dog led a team of dogs in the “the 1925 Serum Run to Nome”.

An energetic breed, Siberian husky needs regular exercise. It will be having less aggression and calm if provided proper training. Socialization training is also essential for this dog to behave well with other pets and strangers.

English Bulldog

Height – 14-15 inches

Weight – Male: 50 pounds; female: 40 pounds

Life Span – 8 to 10 years

Working – Non-Sporting

English bulldog is the most popular dog breed in England and it looks short in size with the muscle-packed body. As the name implies, it chased the bulls and fought with them in the early days.




Although it looks heavier, this dog is more powerful than it looks. Courageous, this dog is calm, loyal and gentle with children. This dog also develops a strong bond with children and that’s why it is a family dog.

It is a good watchdog as well because of its protective nature. You can easily train this breed due to its pleasing nature. But, early socialization is essential for this breed to avoid undesirable behaviors.


Height – Male: 24 to 27 inches; female: 22 to 25 inches

Weight – Male: 95 to 135 pounds; female: 80 to 100 pounds

Life Span – 9 to 10 years

Group – Working

A large, powerful breed with full of stamina, Rottweiler was bred for herding livestock and to pull wagons in order to transport supplies.

Loyal, confident and courageous, Rottweiler has become a police dog in the 20th century. This breed is strong and has an in-built characteristic to be protective.

So, he is the great guard dog, guide dog and it does best in search and rescue operations as well.

This fearless breed is a great household companion dog too. It protects its masters and can be aggressive toward strangers. So, training from an early age is essential to keep its temper under control.

This intelligent, energetic dog also needs daily workouts for its physical and mental health. It will be calm and awesome with proper training.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Height – 17 to 22 inches

Weight – 30 to 60 pounds

Life Span – 12 to 16 years

American pit bull terrier is a crossbreed between pitbull and terrier dogs. This breed is a medium-sized dog, having the body of an athlete with good muscles. It was created for “bull baiting” sport and is a fast and strong dog as well.

A natural fighter, courageous and determined, this dog is popular in agility and weight pulling sports. Being alert, it is a good watchdog as well.

Although they are aggressive, they are loyal and gentle toward kids and other dogs. This dog will be a loving companion with proper training and socialization.

Dogo Argentino

Height – Male: 24 to 27 inches; female: 23.5 to 26 inches

Weight – 80 to 100 pounds

Life span – 9 to 15 years

Group – Working

This breed is a well-muscled, large, natural hunter. In the early days, it was bred for hunting dangerous animals such as wild boars.

Besides, the Araucarians or Mapuche group of people in South America used this breed as a fighting dog. With its inbuilt hunting skills, this lean, powerful dog was also used in hunting big game in Africa.




Later, people used this dog in a few unlawful activities such as dogfighting. So, this breed has been banned in various countries.

But, Dogo Argentino is an athletic dog with its strength and intelligence. Being loyal and alert, he is a watchdog as well. This powerful breed is also a great family pet.

This fearless, hunting dog will also be gentle and protects the children and family members as well. Loyal to its master, this dog has the ability to transit over from a hunting dog to a companion dog.

This dog also well suits for active and experienced owners. But, some dogs of this breed won’t even allow other dogs to enter their territory.

This breed needs more exercise such as walking more times a day, playing in the fenced backyard and indoor games such as hide and seek, etc. this dog also likes hiking, swimming, ball retrieving and agility trials.

Saint Bernard

Height – Male: 28 to 30 inches; female: 26 to 28 inches

Weight – Male: 140 to 180 pounds; female: 120 to 140 pounds

Life span – 8 to 10 years

Group – Working

It is a powerful, strong dog. People used this dog to search for missing tourists in avalanches from the 17th century.

This dog was able to dig the heavy snow and able to locate and pull out the missing tourists and drag them to a safe place in avalanches.

A working breed, it looks massive because of its size and weight. It has broad shoulders and a muscular body as well.

So, this dog well suits for search and rescue operations with its strength and sense of smell. It also adapts well to cold climates.

Having protective instincts, it is a guard dog too. This dog is a great, lovable household pet as well. Besides, Saint Bernards are famous “nanny dogs” for children. This breed loves to pull young children in carts.

Loyal, affectionate, intelligent and gentle, this breed requires only moderate exercise. It is enough for this dog to have a long walk or play for half an hour to keep him happy and healthy.

Alaskan Malamute

Height – Male: 25 inches; female: 23 inches

Weight – Male: 85 pounds; female: 75 pounds

Life Span – 10 to 14 years

Group – Working

This breed looks big and has great strength compared with Siberian husky. It has a strong, muscular body with heavy bones as well. This dog was bred for hunting seals and polar bears in the early days.

The tribes in Western Alaska used this dog for hunting and carrying goods in the heavy snow. Due to that, this breed got its name.

Besides a hunting dog, it is a powerful, sled dog. The largest Arctic breed, this dog carries and pulls weights for long distances in terrains. A double-coated dog, this breed is able to bear hot and cold climates.

It is a famous mountain dog as well. This dog is affectionate and friendly with children and is happy with family. But, this breed is reserved with strangers. So, it needs early socialization training from a young age.

As an active breed, this dog requires daily exercise. It loves to romp. So, ensure that it is playing in a fenced yard. It also loves running, hiking and swimming.

This breed can also take part in obedience and agility trials, backpacking and weight-pulling.

Carpathian Shepherd

Height – 23 to 26 inches

Weight – 70 to 90 pounds

Life span – 12 to 14 years

Group – Working

It is a tall, wolf-like mountain dog, having muscular and strong legs and shoulders. Its jaws are so powerful to make him involved in an encountering of large animals such as bears, wolves, and lions in order to protect the sheep.

Independent and intelligent, this dog is still in use as a working dog in Rome. Being polite, it is loyal and devoted to family and will prevent the threat by even losing its life.

But, if this dog is interacting with other dogs and children, close supervision is advisable. But, if provided proper socialization, this breed keeps patience with children and mingles well with them.

This large breed has athletic skills and so requires a minimum of half an hour exercise such as a long walk. It will feel happy to play in a large yard.

Strongest Dog Bite

Apart from the discussed strongest dog breeds, we have also listed a few dog breeds here based on the biting strength.

Biting strength differs among the dog breeds. It is measured by its pound per square inch (PSI). The below mentioned dog breeds have high PSI.

  1. Kangal – 743 psi
  2. Mastiff – 556 psi
  3. Rottweiler – 328 psi
  4. German Shepherd – 238 psi
  5. Doberman – 600 psi
  6. Dutch Shepherd – 224 psi
  7. American Pitbull – 235 psi
  8. Chow chow – 220 psi
  9. Malinois – 195 psi
  10. American Bulldog – 305 psi

Bottom line

Dogs are awesome and the strongest creatures than humans, never minding to lose their lives to protect us!

Be brave by having this beautiful breed!

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