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English Bulldog Puppies – Must Know Facts

English Bulldog Puppies
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The term bulldog was found to be mentioned in the English literature around 1500 years ago and it’s believed that the breed English Bulldog puppies were developed in the 13th century in England, UK.

The name “bull” was given because of the dog’s use in the sport of bull baiting and also for its appearance of a little bull. The breed’s appearance and characteristic features changed drastically ever since bull baiting was banned.

They are a medium-sized, muscular, hefty dogs with a short droopy wrinkled face and a distinctive flat nose. We have proffered facts about English bulldogs and English bulldog puppies here.

English Bulldog Video And Infographic


English Bulldog Infographic

English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldogs deliver only by cesarean section as the pup’s head is always too large for the mother to deliver and they have small litters in which their maximum litter is only five pups at a time.

The English Bulldog puppies are very energetic, unruly, and frisky. Managing Bulldog puppies is not an easy thing to do as they are quite stubborn to be tamed & trained.

Bulldog Types

The five types of Bulldog puppies to choose (for the buyers):

  • The dominant and rebellious puppy which is good for safeguarding.
  • An Independent and self-assured puppy which may not good with kids sometimes.
  • Docile, stable and obedient one which are good with older couples.
  • Anxious and unpredictable which is bad for those who travel or gone often.

English Bulldog Lifespan

When normal dog matures by 12 to 18 months a Bulldog matures only when they are 36 months that is when they are 3 years old.

English Bulldogs are very short-lived when compared to other dogs as their life span varies from a minimum of 8 years to a maximum of 10 years if well maintained. Their lives in those years are considered to be fun, exciting and satisfying.

English Bulldog Size

English Bulldogs never grow big in size as they are short and stout always. A fully grown mature male English Bulldog weighs about 55 pounds or 25 kg and a female mature Bulldog weighs about 50 pounds or 23 kg. Their Height ranges from 12 to 15 inches.

English Bulldog Temperament

The nature of these Bulldogs differs from what they appear to be like. Their short, muscular, droopy face with a flat nose which resembles an actual bull brings a misconception to the mind of the people that these are wild dogs which are not for domestic purposes.

Bulldogs are friendly, loyal and lovable dogs. They are said to be one of the best companion dogs. They gel well with kids and stay calm and patient when children climb on them and play.

English Bulldogs are the most amicable breed of dog and never high strung and they seldom bark. They don’t need much exercise and adapt well to apartment living. English Bulldogs make loud snores, snorts, and grunts.


Interesting Facts About English Bulldogs

English Bulldogs are the 5th most popular dog breed in America

English Bulldogs are a cross breed of mastiffs and pugs.

Famous Celebrities like Leonard DiCaprio, Pink, Adam Sandler, Joe Jonas, Brad Pitt, Chris Brown, David Beckham, Zac Efron and Ashley Olsen own English Bulldogs as pets.

England considers English Bulldogs as their National Breed

Eighty percent of English Bulldogs are born through Cesarean section because of their large head structure.

English Bulldogs don’t swim in water and can drown to death if left to swim on their own.

English Bulldog Puppies Names

English Bulldog MaleEnglish Bulldog Female

English Bulldog Training

Initially, bulldog training can appear intimidating. However, the secret to an amazingly well- mannered bulldog puppy is to begin training as early as possible. In fact, English bulldogs that are trained early responds well to socialization and much more.

 In all honesty, never get carried away with the thought that all bulldogs are adamant and stubborn. To make your job easy, try these simple positive bulldog training.

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1. Puppy Socialization

Start training your English bulldog as soon he arrives at your home. This is one of the most crucial part of the overall training. Take him to your friend’s house, pretend to clean his fur, and so on.

Overall, socialization means showing your English bulldog puppy the environment he will live and help him make positive associations with people, animals, etc.

2. English Bulldog Potty Training

Potty training needs plenty of perseverance and patience. A bulldog puppy has the capacity to control his bladder for one hour for every month. Hence, if you have adopted a 5-month-old puppy, take him every 2 to 3 hours for potty training.

In addition, you can adopt crate training and give him treats everytime he is done.

3. Teach English Bulldog to bite moderately

Two crucial things you should teach your bulldog

  • To bite only his toys
  • To control his biting without hurting anyone

Never encourage your dog and avoid enticing him when he tries biting your body. Always treat and click for good behaviour.

4. Crate Training

Use toys and blankets inside, and even try feeding your English Bulldog in the crate. Also, make sure that the crate your dog is using is large enough. Crate train your pet using simple commands and immediately give him a treat for obeying you.

5. Train him for “Leave It” or “Drop It” commands

For “leave it” commands, place your pet on a leash. Now, make him sit and put his favourite toy near him.  Then utter the command, “leave it.” Use the leash and pull him back if he goes in search of the toy.

On the other hand, for “drop it” give him his favourite toy and place a treat near him. If he drops the toy, allow him to eat the treat.

6. Always use positive reinforcements and keep the sessions short

Never train your dog for long and always stick to a short five to ten-minute training session per day. Furthermore, avoid using negative methods and give him a treat as and when he shows positive behaviour.

English Bulldog Food

So, what should your English Bulldog eat?

  • Adult English Bulldogs need 1358 calories on a daily basis.
  • Puppy English Bulldogs and adult English Bulldogs need 22% and 18% protein.
  • On the fat front, adults need 5% while puppies need 8%.
  • Your dog’s diet should include 65 to 75% of carbohydrates

Therefore, give the best dog food for your English Bulldog puppy for a healthy, happy life.

English Bulldog Shedding

Are English bulldogs prone to shedding?

Yes, English Bulldogs shed.

However, English Bulldogs shed less hair and they are labelled as “average” shedders. They have a smooth, fine, and short coat. In addition, the coat of the English Bulldog matures with age. As they turn mature, Bulldog shedding slows down.

Causes of Excessive Shedding

As per ASPCA reports, excessive shedding occurs due to

  • Unbalanced diet
  • Contact with caustic materials
  • Sunburn
  • Immune disease
  • Cancer
  • Lactation or pregnancy
  • Cushing’s or other disorders
  • Food allergies
  • Fungal or parasites

English Bulldog Health Problems

Bulldogs suffer from dozens of health-related issues. Some of them are:

  • Major respiratory problems –  Bulldogs suffer from Brachycephalic Upper-Airway Syndrome which leads to decreased tolerance to exercise which is caused due to compressed or narrowed air passages.
  • Hip Dysplasia – It is a common orthopedic problem where the hip joint doesn’t stay in the socket which makes the dog limp using the support of his hind legs.
  • Eye Diseases – There are a number of eye diseases English bulldogs suffer from. That includes cataract, cherry eyes, a congenital defect, keratoconjunctivitis sicca also known as dry eyes, eyelid prolapsed, Corneal ulcer and retinal dysplasia. These may cause partial blindness and eventually lead to complete blindness if not treated.
  • Other problems include overheating due to their thick skin with folds, skin allergies like eczema, acne or dry skin and vomiting or indigestion are common in these breeds.

English Bulldog Price

English Bulldogs are quite expensive as they cost around $1500-$4000 according to the breed.

It is important to have full knowledge of English bulldogs and their characteristics before buying them as hundreds of Bulldogs are abandoned every year because of those families which buy them for their popularity and cuteness without knowing the amount of work it takes to maintain a Bulldog.

English Bulldog Breeders

English Bulldogs For Sale In New York

1) The Buddy Fund Inc.
980 Broadway, Suite 621
Thornwood, NY 10594
Tel: 917-302-9193

2) Little Shelter
33 Warner Road
Huntington, NY 11743
Tel: (631) 368-8770

English Bulldogs For Sale In Texas

1) English Bulldogs of Royse
1200 Cyprus Dr
Royse City, TX 75189, USA
Tel: +1 972-273-0282

 2) English Bulldog Stud
17111 Hafer Rd
Houston, TX 77090, USA

3) Leander Adoption Center
10930 E. Crystal Falls Parkway
Leander, Texas 78641
Tel: (512) 260-3602

4) Killeen Adoption Center
5501 Clear Creek Rd
Killeen, Texas 76549
Tel: (512) 260-3602

 5) Dogs Matter
4347 W. Northwest Hwy
Ste 130 #118
Dallas, TX 75220
Tel: 214-714-8460

English Bulldog For Sale In Ohio

 1) Stone Quarry Bulldogs
Garrettsville, OH, USA
Tel: +1 844-340-6934

 2) Crawford Bulldogs
15532 OH-12, Findlay,
OH 45840, USA
Tel: +1 419-348-9078

Maximum Bull English Bulldog, French Bulldog, and Cane Corso

1) Porter Rd, Atwater
OH 44201, USA
Phone: +1 330-947-6060

2) Evans Bullies
4367 OH-124, Lynchburg
OH 45142, USA
Phone: +1 937-205-6358

3) Sattelmaier’s Ohio Bulldogs
11136 Friendsville Rd, Creston
OH 44217, USA
Phone: +1 440-281-5801

English Bulldog For Sale In California 

1) Fog City Bulldogs
San Francisco, CA, USA
Tel: +1 415-322-9663

2) One of a Kind Bulldogs
San Marcos, CA, USA
Tel: +1 760-580-2293

3) Left Coast Bulldogs
1305 Empire St
Fairfield, CA 94533, USA
Tel: +1 707-689-7685

4) Left Coast Bulldogs
5162 Maple Rd, Vacaville
CA 95687, USA
Tel: +1 707-689-7685

5) Hearts of Paradise English Bulldogs
23368 Canyon Lake Dr. N, Canyon Lake
CA 92587, USA
Tel: +1 951-733-9800

English Bulldogs For Sale In Michigan 

1) Precise Pure Bulldogs
11035 45 Rd, Cadillac
MI 49601, USA
Tel: +1 231-884-1300

2) Up lord Estates Bulldogs
6401 Parsons Rd, Concord
MI 49237, USA
Tel: +1 517-524-8693

3) Puppy find
Kalamazoo, MI, United States
Tel: 419 298 2714


Are English bulldogs good in apartments?


Yes. Generally, the opinion based on observations that English bulldogs do not seek more space to move around like other breeds. It can live in all styles of houses.

What are the differences between English bulldog vs boxer?


The origin of a boxer dog is Germany while England is the place of origin of an English bulldog. The English bulldog has a life expectancy of 8-10 years whilst the boxer can live for 10-12 years.

The average weight of a Boxer is 50 to 80 pounds and it stands 21 to 25 inches in height while the English bulldog weighs between 50 lbs to 54 lbs and its height is 16 to 17 inches. Boxer bulldog is a popular breed in the USA while English bulldog is largely seen, only in the United Kingdom.

Are Bulldogs aggressive?


Bulldog is that breed of dog that has an aggressive nature. It can be stated as its innate trait.

What was the old English bulldog bred for?


To state the very initial history of the reason for breeding an English bulldog, it served as an assistant to butchers to control his livestock. Then, bulldogs were utilized in the highly dangerous `bull baiting’ sport. Later, over the course of time bulldogs were bred for aggression.

Where do Bulldogs come from?


According to historical data sources, the Molossian dog is the ancestor of a bulldog. The British Isles is the place of origin of a bulldog.

Can English bulldog swim?


Bulldogs cannot swim because of the way its body structure is built.

Can English bulldog have natural birth?


No, almost all puppies in this breed are born through cesarean operation.

Can English bulldog eat cheese?


If the cheese is present in a frozen form by the owner/trainer after undertaking the required processes, the English bulldog will eat it.

Does English bulldog fight?


On an overall basis, English bulldogs are not fighters as mostly they maintain that calm and amiable behavior. This has been possible because the breeders have worked hard to eliminate the aggressive trait from this dog.

How high can English bulldog jump?


English bulldogs do not do a high jump.

Will English bulldog protect me?


Although English bulldogs are spoken as an aggressive breed, on a generalized basis it does not enjoy that big popularity in terms of being a good personal bodyguard.

How much English bulldog cost?


The average cost of an English bulldog ranges from £1,500 to £2,000.

What is the weight of an English bulldog?


The average weight of a male English bulldog is 54 lbs whilst the female bulldog is 50 lbs.

Are English bulldog puppies hyper?


Yes. Normally, English bulldog puppies are highly vibrant. However, this is controllable if they are kept in a peaceful atmosphere and not rigorously treated.

Can we see English bulldog without wrinkles?


No. Normally, every English bulldog is noted to have a wrinkled face. However, these wrinkles can only be mitigated and cleanly maintained.

What about English bulldog size?


The average height of a male English bulldog is 17 inches whereas the female is 16 inches. The average weight of a male English bulldog is 54 lbs and the female dog is 50 lbs.

English bulldog lifespan?


According to the UK Bulldog Breed Council, the average life of an English bulldog is 8 to 10 years. However, other different views exist.

What kind of dog food is best for English bulldogs?


A set of foods are recommended for the English bulldog. Among them, the most healthy food is Taste of the Wild with canine formula. This food has a high prairie canine formula with roasted venison and bison, it is very tasty.

The grain-free formula is also present in this food containing sweet potatoes and peas. It gives high digestive power for the dog.

What are bulldogs not allowed to eat?


Vet professionals assert that bulldogs will suffer various side effects leading to many diseases if being given wrong foods, especially protein-rich.

So, bulldogs are not allowed to consume it and even foods like chocolate, ingested raw bread, hops, raisins and grapes are not given.

How many times a day should I feed my bulldog?


It is recommended as a best practice to give 1 ½ to 2 cups of healthy dog food for your bulldog on a daily basis. This meal can be divided and given two times a day.

How do you train a bulldog puppy?


A bulldog puppy must be initially trained to sit. So, you must place the puppy at your side and hold a treat in your fingers to do it. The treat must be raised over the puppy’s head while asking it to sit.

Once the puppy has placed its bottom on the ground, you need to give it a bit of the treat. Then, the laydown activity must be taught by asking it to sit and you need to hold a treat near its nose.

How long does it take to potty train a bulldog?


Pre-preparedness and consistency are the watchwords when it comes to potty training a bulldog. If you have these qualities, it will not take a long time to properly train your bulldog puppy.

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