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Cavachon – Cute, Fluffy, And Adorable Dog Breed

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The Cavachon is a brilliant mix of a Bichon Frise and a Cavalier Charles King Spaniel. These dogs are astoundingly family companions and social dogs.

Whether they are sitting on your lap or seeing the world, they are one hundred percent lively and enjoy every moment of life with utmost zeal.

Not a pure breed like its parents, Cavachons are wonderful designer dogs. The output- A cute sweet tempered white ball of fluff that will turn any sober surrounding into something cheerful.

Cavachon Breed Characteristics Sheet

  • Origin: United States
  • Size: Small
  • Dog Breed Group: Small dogs, designer dogs, American dogs
  • Purebred: No
  • Lifespan: 10-15 years
  • Height: 10-13 inches
  • Weight: 10-18 lbs
  • Coat Appearance: Wavy, straight, curly
  • Coat Colors: Brown, red, tricolored, white, apricot
  • Temperament: Social, kid-friendly, easy to train, intelligent, affectionate,
  • Good With Children: Yes
  • Intelligence Level: Moderate
  • Good With Pets: Yes
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Grooming: Low- moderate
  • Shedding: Low
  • Suitable For Apartments: High
  • Need For Exercise: Moderate
  • Easy To Train: Yes with early socialization
  • Good For First Time Owners: High
  • Health Issues: Mitral valve disease (MDV), cataracts or eye issues, episodic falling dry eye, curly coat
  • Litter Size: 2-6 puppies
  • Average Price: $1500 – $6300 USD (US), £375-£ 1000 (UK)

Cavachon History

Being a hybrid mix between a Cavalier Charles King Spaniel and a Bichon Frise, they have a peculiar history. One of its parents, the Bichon Frise is from the Mediterranean region.

They were believed to be descendants of water spaniels or barbets who were bred with white lap dogs small in size.

Four varieties of Barbichons were created

  • Teneriffe
  • Maltaise
  • Havanese
  • Bolognese bichons

It is widely believed that a bunch of Spanish soldiers and Italian sailors brought them home to a rousing welcome. The famous artist Francisco de Goya painted it in many of his creations.

The Bichon Frise then entered America in the 1950s and were popular enough to be a part of AKC’s Miscellaneous Class.

Entry of Cavachon in the United States

The Cavachon dog breed originated in America in 1966. Central Farm Supplies, Iowa is thought to be the one who created this breed.

They are not recognized by the AKC but the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)

Cavachon Infographic


Cavachon Appearance

Cavachon Dog Colors

  • Black and Tan
  • White or white combined with black
  • Apricot
  • White
  • Tricolored
  • Red
  • Brown

The hybrid breed can also have a mix of white along with patches of any these colors.

Coat texture

They are cute small dogs with amazingly silky, soft coats. The presence of a wavy coat texture is a natural occurrence in this breed.

The coat can be curled, wavy, and straight. Individual dogs will remain different depending on which ancestral dog breed is predominant.

Cavachons, in general, shed less compared to many other small dog breeds and they are safe for people suffering from allergies.

These dogs are filled with intelligent expressions and they have a broad skull with a curly tail.

Cavachon Face Appearance

Little cute noses and big mega-size button eyes, they have a ribcage and broad back inherited from their Bichon Frise parent.

With well-boned strong limbs, the Cavachon has a different face and head. The muzzle should remain at am the optimum length. Ears hang at the side and are of medium size only.

Cavachon Size And Lifespan


  • Height – Male-12-13 inches, Female-12-13 inches
  • Weight – Male- 16-20 lbs, Female-15-20 lbs


The average life-span is about 10-15 years. To make sure, feed them with well-balanced, vet approved diet.

Cavachon Temperament

  • Cavachons are absolutely friendly, gentle dogs who make solid family companions. These dogs have a cheerful personality and move well with kids.
  • They are not snappy or irritating like some small dogs.
  • Adult supervision is necessary so that kids do not rough it up with these small beauties.
  • They are excellent with dogs and cats if early socialization is provided.
  • This cute dogs like attention and they enjoy during playtime. They bark at strangers and hence they are deemed unfit as guard dogs.
  • Being intelligent by nature, they are simple and easy to train.
  • Your dog will love going for brisk walks and ball games in a safe and secured area.
  • Above everything else, they are happy cheerful dogs.
  • Known to get along well with pets and dogs, these dogs retain their “Joie de vivre” right into old age.
  • A Cavachon dog can try to position or assert themselves as the pack leader. The owner should assert himself as the leader and do not give room for any such thought.

Cavachon Grooming And Shedding

  • Cavachons are considered hypoallergenic by dog experts.
  • Some dogs are prone to tear staining. It is, therefore, very important to maintain their eyes clean and nice by wiping them regularly with a soft, moist cloth.
  • These fluffy dogs seldom shed much but they require frequent grooming to prevent dirt and matted
  • Bathing is not necessary and if it’s required, use a good quality dog shampoo that can prevent skin allergies.
  • Brush their teeth daily and check their nail on a regular basis.
  • Check the ears for burrs and dirt to prevent from ear infections. Use a clean damp cotton ball to clean their ears.
  • Professional grooming is required every 4-8 weeks.
  • These puppies are likely to shed more compared to older dogs. This is the right time to having their paws, ears, and other parts touched.



Cavachon Care

General Care Tips

A Cavachon puppy does not eat heavily. Two small meals a day would be mostly sufficient. Overfeeding the dogs can lead to health issues. Consult your vet before changing their diet.

These dogs seldom require heavy food due to their size. When training your puppy, ensure that all your family members use the exact set of commands and nothing else. Learn and teach him simple commands.

Allow your puppy to take rest after eating meals. Never force him to do an activity immediately after taking food.

Give potty training at the earliest so that your puppy does not soil in the wrong place.

Take your puppy outside and allow him to interact and communicate with other beings. Ensure that these sessions are fun and short.

Cavachon puppies are active and alert dogs. They love exercising and playing. Moderate exercise and daily walking are recommended for burning off the extra energy.

Care Tips – In Detail

In the early days after arriving, a Cavachon puppy can stay a little bit reserved. The entire surroundings are new and you should understand that they have just moved away from their littermates and their mothers

No good breeder will permit any buyer to separate the litter mates from their mothers until they are big enough to leave. This happens when the puppy is somewhere between 8-15 weeks.

Puppy-proof the entire place, including the garden and home before the puppy arrives.

Puppy proofing includes

  • Getting rid of all garden tools
  • No sign of any toxic plants in the vicinity
  • All electrical fittings and wires are secure so that they will not bite on them
  • Setting up a private area

Vaccination Schedule

Puppy Age Schedule
6 monthsFirst deworming session
8 monthsSecond deworming session
10 months Third deworming session
12 months Fourth deworming session

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Things that are necessary to care for a Cavachon puppy

  • Good quality baby or puppy gates
  • A large playpen for a puppy to play around
  • Excellent chew toys for Cavachon puppies to chew on
  • Best quality water bowls and feed
  • A solid grooming glove
  • A good quality slicker brush
  • The vet recommended toothbrush and paste
  • Scissors having rounded ends
  • Sturdy nail clippers
  • A dog collar and leash
  • A cozy dog bed
  • Baby blankets
  • A nice dog crate
  • A good dog shampoo

Keep the noise level down

It’s the responsibility of the puppy owner to restrict the use of music systems and TVs. Do not smoke around the pet as it would have an effect on your pet’s health to lower the lifespan.

Never miss any vet appointment

The puppies would receive full protection after the second schedule.

Cavachon Food

Reputable breeders would maintain a feeding chart to help buyers known what foods are safe for the puppies. Sticking to the same feeding schedule, you can avoid digestion problems.

The feeding chart will include these details

  • Type of food
  • Frequency of feeding
  • New diet changes should be introduced slowly, say in 4 weeks

Take a look at the Cavachon puppy feeding schedule

Age Of The Cavachon Puppy Quantity Of Food Required
2 months 150g – 208g
3 months 176g – 246g
4 months 187g – 264g
6 months 189g – 270g
7 months 171g – 250g
8 months 153g – 233g
10 months 136g – 194g
11 months 134g – 192g

Adult puppies are fed adult food. Puppies are fed 3 or 4 times a day until they are between 14-18 months. After that, these dogs are fed twice daily.

Adult Cavachon Feeding Schedule

An adult dog needs well-balanced food to ensure their continued good health. Average feeding amount- 130g-180g of food based on your dog’s activity and size.

Cavachon Training

These puppies are genetically bright and quick learners. If you are not consistent or strong during training, they may consider themselves as the pack leader.

They learn best when early socialization training is started from a very young age. The sooner the pet starts learning socialization and obedience training, the faster and stronger the results are.

Cavachon Health Problems

They tend to carry the same health issue mostly seen in other small dogs. These dogs are susceptible to some of the common hereditary health problems faced by their parents.

Some of the common health conditions include

  • Heart murmurs
  • Mitral valve disease (MDV) – Spaniels are more prone to MDV
  • Cataracts or eye issues – Cavaliers and Bichons are susceptible to this condition
  • Episodic falling – both the parents are susceptible
  • Dry eye – both the parents are susceptible
  • Curly coat – both the parents are susceptible
  • Hip dysplasia – both the parents are susceptible
  • Biting parasites, ticks, and fleas
  • Skin issues
  • Ear infections or problems
  • Excessive tear production

Mitral Valve Disease (MVD)

Called polygenetic disorder, MVD affects nearly 50% of Charles Spaniels before they are 5 years old.  By the time, Cavaliers are 10 years old, almost all the dogs are affected by this disorder.

As the disease progresses, it can cause congestive heart failure. All the parent dogs should be completely tested before the breeding program.


Some dogs are susceptible to congenital cataracts. This disorder is identified as simple crystal-like structures and can be treated surgically.

Atopic Dermatitis

Skin diseases are common in this dog breed in the form of skin itchiness and reddening. The bottom, paws, lips, and ears are most affected.


Cystic deformity causes compulsive itching and pain in the neck. Difficult to detect.

Portosystemic Shunt

The liver failure that occurs due to trouble caused by the accessory blood vessel.

Patent Ductus Arteriosus

The condition wherein the embryonic blood vessel remains after birth. This cause circulatory problem.

Cavachon Interesting Facts

  • Some dogs are believed to cutely move their heads to one side while socializing.
  • This dog originated in America in 1996.
  • One of Cavachon’s parent, the Bichon Frise was created by the French Royalty. It’s called Curly Lapdog.
  • The Charles King Spaniel originated in Great Britain from breeding the Spaniels during the rule of King Charles II.

Cavachon Dog Names

Male Cavachon Dog NamesFemale Cavachon Dog Names

Cavachon Price And Breeders

If you are keen to purchase a Cavachon puppy, you should be willing to pay nothing less than  £375 – £1000. On an average, the monthly cost can run between £50 to £80.

In the United States, these puppies are sold anywhere between $1500-$6300 USD solely based on breeding lines.




Cavachon Breeders

While buying and visiting any Cavachon dog or puppy, there are important things you should consider.

Cavachons are widely popular both in the United States and in the UK. Never fall prey to an online scam and buy Cavachon puppies only from reputable breeders.

Cavachon Puppies for Sale

  • Silver Paw, California
  • Foxglove Farm, Ohio
  • Cavachon Puppies, Florida
  • Greenfield Puppies, Pennsylvania

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