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125+ Fantastic French Dog Names With Meanings

French Dog Names
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Have you ever wished to name your canine in foreign languages? French will be one of the best choices!

France is well known for its world wonder “Eiffel tower,” great leaders such as Napoleon and Joan of Arc, food, culture, and history.

A popular tourist destination, France has more influence on literature, art, and fashion as well.

The French language is also a unique and interesting one! And, it is officially the second major language in many countries worldwide.

French words can easily roll on your tongue and give you an affectionate feel. Called as “the language of love,” the French language makes a name to sound inspiring and delicate.

Having a French name for your dog will, therefore, mean a lot to you! France is also the homeland for many dog breeds such as Bichon Frise, Poodle, French Mastiff, Papillon, Bouvier des Flandres, etc.

It doesn’t matter even if you don’t have any of these breeds to have a French name. A French name suits all dog breeds!

But, you have to keep in mind a few things before you choose a name for your little furry ball.

  1. Ensure that you are choosing names with few syllables. For example, you can easily recognize a two syllable name.
  2. Avoid names that sound similar to dog commands.
  3. You have to call your dog name in public places such as a dog park. So, it is advisable to choose the easy-to-call names.
  4. You can consider human names for your canine because such names can be inspiring!
  5. If you have accidentally chosen a long name, keep it short!

French Male Dog Names

When you search names for your boy dog, the list will go endless. Despite the umpteen number of names that you found on a lot of websites, you need to spend some time to find the best name!

If a name suits your dog’s personality and masculinity, you can say it as the best name. The size of dog breed plays a key role in finding such names.

Dog names that reflect the strength and power will better suit the large dog breeds. For example, you can choose the names “Armand” and “Guerrier” for them.

Names that denote warmth and affection can be the fantastic names for toy dog breeds. If you have a toy breed, you can go for the names “Ami” and “Felix”! Traditional and classic names will also be suitable for male dogs.

If your boy dog reminds you of something or somebody, you can have their names for your male. For example, you can name your dog “Harry” if you are an ardent fan of the Harry Potter series.

You can find a few French names romantic as well. The names “Charmant” and “Danton” can be the best fit for your handsome boy!

  1. Adde – Wise
  2. Ami – Friend
  3. Amoureux – Lover
  4. André – Manly
  5. Armand – Soldier
  6. Béni – Blessed
  7. Beau – Handsome
  8. Beldoin – Courageous friend
  9. Cadeau – Gift
  10. Charmant – Charming
  11. Chanceux – Lucky
  12. Courageux – Brave
  13. Danton – Admiration
  14. Felix – Happy
  15. Fort – Strong
  16. Garçon – Boy
  17. Guerrier – Warrior
  18. Guismo – Handsome
  19. Hardin – Brave
  20. Heureux – Happy
  21. Gentil – Kind
  22. Julien – Youthful
  23. Karel – Firm
  24. Leon – Lion
  25. Lueur – Shine
  26. Noir – Black
  27. Pascal – Mischievous
  28. Regle – Ruler
  29. Stephane – The crown of glory
  30. Vite – Fast

French Female Dog Names

French names are not only lovely but also unique and diverse. When choosing names for your girl, you have to first decide the naming category. Appearance and femininity speak well for female dogs.

Your girl may be stylish and pretty. She may look traditional or strange. Love and care can be the default characteristics of her. In such cases, names such as “Bijou” and “Jolie” can be a fantastic choice for them!

Personal preference also plays a key role in choosing names or females. If you have been inspired by the city Paris or has attracted to a lovely place, you can name your girl with the uniqueness of those places.

You can also have popular French girl names for your canine. The name “Louise” is popular in France and common in the United States.

Names such as Alice, Jade, and Emma are popular in France. You can also have these names for your pretty girl.

  1. Adele – Noble
  2. Aimeé – Beloved
  3. Alair – Cheerful
  4. Bebe – Baby
  5. Bijou – Jewel
  6. Jolie – Pretty
  7. Céline – Moon
  8. Diane – Divine
  9. Desireé – Desire
  10. Esmé – Loved
  11. Frédérique – Peaceful ruler
  12. Felicite – Lucky
  13. Fleur – Flower
  14. Gamine – Playful
  15. Hilaire – Cheerful
  16. Lilou – Lilly flower
  17. Lyonette – Small lion
  18. Mignon – Cute
  19. Ninon – Grace
  20. Sucré – Sweet

Cute French Dog Names

Choose sweet and inspiring names for your canines and get excited! You can have the cute names for all size of dog breeds.

If you think of any places, foods, inspiring characters or things as cute, you can have those names for your cutie pie! Names of the things that you love the most can also well suit your canine!

For example, you can name your dog “Bleu” and “Mirabelle.” Naming your canine with its coat color will also be the better choice! For example, if your dog’s coat color is white, name it as “Aubin.” If the coat color is brown and it is gleaming, name it as “Noisette.”

You can find a lot of names in this way!

  1. Aurelie – Golden
  2. Balon – Balloon
  3. Bleu – French cheese
  4. Bonbon – Candy
  5. Café – Coffee
  6. Canelle – Cinnamon
  7. Cassoulet – Sausage
  8. Charmant – Lovely
  9. Delphine – Dolphin
  10. Estee – Star
  11. Fougueuse – Fiery
  12. Julien – Soft haired
  13. Lamour – Love
  14. Malicieux – Mischievous
  15. Margot – Pearl
  16. Mignon – Cute
  17. Mirabelle – Plum
  18. Neige – Snow
  19. Noémie – Lovely
  20. Noisette – Hazelnut
  21. Aimeri – Home Ruler
  22. Aubin – White
  23. Coquette – Flirt
  24. Fille – Girl
  25. Lucien – Light
  26. Maxime – Greatest
  27. Perceval – Innocent
  28. Vivien – Lively
  29. Citron – Citrus
  30. Beaufort – Cheese from Savouy

Celebrity French Bulldog Names

French bulldog is a small, wonderful companion dog. Sturdy and powerful, it loves the company of humans. Mischievous, alert and adaptable, the French bulldog is a charming and affectionate dog.

Generally, celebrities and pets go together well. Getting along with everyone easily, French bulldog has been owned many celebrities.

Specifically, many renowned Hollywood celebrities right from “Lady Gaga” to “Reese Witherspoon” have Frenchie as their pet.

If you are the owner of a Frenchie, you can have the celebrity French bulldog names for it. You may feel proud and happy while having these names for your dog!

  1. Asia – French bulldog owned by the American Singer “Lady Gaga”
  2. Hobbs – The Rock (actor Dwayne Johnson’s) French Bulldog
  3. Pippa – The American model “Chrissy Teigen’s” Frenchie
  4. Hank –French bulldog owned by the American actress “Denise Richards”
  5. Steve – The American Snowboarder “Shaun White’s” Frenchie
  6. Peaches – Hilary Duff (the American actress)’s French Bulldog
  7. Sharkey – The American businesswoman Martha Stewart’s Frenchie
  8. Carmela – Jonah Hill, the American actor,’s Frenchie
  9. Thurman – Frenchie owned by the American actress “Rachel Bilson”
  10. Scooter – Frenchie owned by the American actor “Zach Braff”
  11. Dali – Hugh Jackman (the Australian actor)’s French Bulldog
  12. Pepper – Reese Witherspoon (the American actress)’s French Bulldog
  13. Scarlet – French bulldog owned by the English footballer “David Beckham”
  14. Popeye – The American actress “Eva Longoria’s French Bulldog
  15. Pistachio – French bulldog owned by the American Songwriter “Christina Perri”

Cliche French Dog Names

Cliché names are nothing but the stereotypical or conventional names. Many French names, irrespective of the gender, are the common names in several French-speaking countries.

A few common names that are spelled in English may be pronounced quite differently in French. For example, the name Michel (Michael) is pronounced as “mee-SHEL” in French.

If you want to have such names for your dog, here is a short list of them!


  1. Anton – Priceless
  2. Charly – Man
  3. Durand– Patience
  4. Frederic – Peaceful ruler
  5. Henri – Ruler
  6. Louis – Warrior
  7. Max – Great
  8. Pako – Free
  9. Romeo – Strong
  10. Theo – Gift of God


  1. Anais – Grace
  2. Belle – Beautiful
  3. Bisoux – Kiss
  4. Catan – Baby doll
  5. Fifi – Lucky
  6. Joie – Joy
  7. Margo – Pearl
  8. Mimi – Faithful
  9. Reine – Queen
  10. Zoe – Life

Famous Papillon Names

The Papillon dog is a toy breed, filled with curiosity. Happy and friendly, it is an athletic dog. Beautiful canine, it is able to thrive in both warm and cool climates.

In French, the name “Papillon” means “butterfly.” As the name indicates, their ears resemble the outspread wings of a butterfly.

Active and energetic, the Papillon dog will do wonders in agility trials. It loves to be with people and is easy to handle. You can also easily train this breed. It is a healthy breed and can live up to 16 years.

If you want to have some awesome names for Papillon, the best choice is to consider its heritage.

Yes, French names can be flamboyant for them! You can also have French foods, landmarks or even cuisines as the main theme while naming these dogs!

  1. Aloin – “Noble friend” in French
  2. Chablis – The famous French wine
  3. Elle – “She” in French
  4. Etoile – French name meaning “Star”
  5. Flocon – Meaning “snowflake” in French
  6. Ignace – “Fierry” in French
  7. Lamour – Meaning “Sweetie” in French
  8. Leroy – King in French
  9. Merlot – A kind of French wine
  10. Napoleon – Name of the French ruler “Napoleon Bonaparte”

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