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Top 10 Popular House Pets To Own And Cuddle

Popular House Pets
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Who wouldn’t wish to own a pet to cuddle with or a best friend to confide in? House pets are more than just animals these days, and trust me they are far better than human friends (I know we may have some rarities!).

Now that you are here, it is obvious that you have been hunting all day long for the best information on the types of pets to bring home and the ways to choose one based on your interest.

The very first question you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to share space with a pet and most importantly if you are ready to spend time taking caring of it.

You should proceed with reading this article only if your answer to the above queries was in the affirmative.

So now that you have decided for yourself, let’s delve into finding a House Pet that would suit you best. Here are the top 10 House Pets that we have selected based on the extent of cuteness, the amount of care required and affordability.


It is a self-evident fact that dogs are the most preferred pet these days, and it is not just for their cuteness and friendliness but also for their loyalty.

It is needless to say that they are protective and at times, even possessive towards their masters.

If you have any older adults staying with you, then bringing a dog home would be the best choice because dogs also serve as therapy pets these days. They are trainable and highly sociable; they would carry out all your commands just in order to get your attention.

Tip – Consult a reputed breeder to guide you while choosing a dog breed.


Definitely, cats deserve the second place in this list, for being the most popular and highly demanded house pet. If you are more of a calm person who wishes to bring home a pet that requires low maintenance, then a cat is the best choice.

These clever pets can pretty much take care of themselves and do not require your time to bathe or clean them regularly. A cat ensures to keep your house rodent-free, so you need not worry about paying huge amounts to a pest control service (Just Kidding!)

Tip – You should drop the idea of buying a cat if you are allergic to its hair or dander.


This is the best choice for those people who do not have much time or money to take care of their pet. Taking care of a fish doesn’t involve rocket science; you just need to know the basics to start feeding and cleaning.

Presence of an aquarium in a room just brightens up the entire space and soothe the atmosphere. They are aesthetically pleasing and most important of all, they do not take up too much space.

Tip – Never buy a fish from the tank that has a sick or dead fish floating around. A good store will always remove the sick ones immediately.


They are loving birds that crave for their master’s attention.

Owing to their size, they can also easily fit into a small cage; they are loud at times but are best suited for people living in apartments or closed communities.

Tip – Buy a Parakeet while they are very young so that you will have more time (years) to spend with your pet





They are so fluffy and cuddly that homes with little children would mostly love owning a rabbit. They get attached to their owners quite easily and can be easily trained.

In order to keep them away from stress, regular exercise is also mandatory. Rabbits usually require daily care so buy one only if you are willing to spend time with the pet on a regular basis.

Tip – It is always safe to buy them from a rabbit adoption agency.


This furry little pet is known for its speed, intelligence, and inquisitiveness. Their sociable nature makes them the most preferred small pet to have around.

They expect a great deal of attention; so you can own one if you are ready to spend time and take care of it.

Tip – They are prone to getting infections from external or internal parasites. A regular medical check-up is must to help it live long.

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are cute and are really great with children.

They can turn out be slightly messy when they start nibbling at everything that comes their way, but you will gradually start loving them for their unintended destructiveness.

You need a considerable amount of space to accommodate them and should be willing to spend ample time taking care of them.




Tip – They may smell at times; hence it is a big ‘No’ for people who are very particular about Hygiene


These serve as great garden pets; apart from giving you company, they also help clear off weeds from your garden. They are land creatures that are strictly vegetarian.

If you already have a dog as a pet at home; ensure your dog knows that the tortoise is your pet too. Many reports claim that dogs tend to eat small-sized tortoise. That was not to scare you off but to give you an idea about what you are dealing with.

Tip – Tortoises can grow up to 10 inches long so buy this pet only if you have that much space available.


Furry ferrets are curious, intelligent and ever-ready to learn; they can be easily trained and are, in every way, fit to be brought home as pets.

In a matter of a few weeks, you can teach them to take orders and obey you. They love exploring and are highly active during dusk and dawn.

Tip – Buy them their personal set of toys to play with; you will love watching them play tug of war with their toys.

Sugar Gliders

They are pocket-sized pets that are easy to take care of. Sugar gliders are mostly cute, sociable and playful. They can live up to 14 years with minimum maintenance and care.

Once you buy one, keep their nails trimmed; you don’t want to experience painful scratches when they land on you.

Tip – This is not an appropriate pet for children; only professionals and experienced pet lovers should consider buying a sugar glider.

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