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Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Check Out The Turkey Bones For Dogs

Can Dogs Eat Turkey
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Can Dogs Eat Turkey? Are you gonna give the turkey to your dog?

Wait! You have to know plenty of information before you feed turkey to him.

Now, you may ask us “What is in that giving turkey to my dog”? Giving turkey to your dog is no way harmful to your dog.

But, you must know that you have to carefully feed any meat to your dog. So, you should know whether plain or cooked turkey meat is suitable for him.

It is also essential to know which part of the turkey is suitable for your dog and how to serve turkey to him.

Benefits Of Feeding Turkey

Turkey is a high protein source for your dog as it has a lot of benefits. Normally, dog owners feed their pooch Turkey as a Thanksgiving day treat.

  • Turkey has a high amount of protein, riboflavin and phosphorous.
  • It contains less fat. So, turkey meat will be a healthy treat for your dog.
  • Proteins in Turkey provide essential amino acids that help for the maintenance of dog muscle.
  • It helps the immune system to be strong.
  • Turkey meat is easily digestible food for your dog.
  • It is also a good source of iron, zinc, potassium, selenium, vitamin B6 and niacin.
  • Turkey meat is an alternative food for dogs that may allergic reactions to beef or chicken.

Can Dogs Eat Ground Turkey?

Of course, your dog will eat ground turkey. But, you must know how to serve it.

Serving Ground Turkey

You can serve ground turkey as:

  • A special meal: chop the turkey meat with basil and parsley and avoid onions or garlic
  • An ingredient in canned or dry dog food
  • A topping: mix a half cup of ground turkey (with no seasonings) with the next meal of your dog

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

Yes! But, you should feed only the raw turkey bones and not the cooked one.

Cooked bones will become dry and break easily into small pieces. If you feed these bones to your dog, these pieces may stick into the dog’s throat or in the digestive tract.

A last, your dog will get bleeding and pain. Also, sharp bone pieces will lead the contents in the digestive tract spill into the abdomen and cause bacterial infection.

But, if you feed raw bones to your dog, your dog is able to crunch and swallow the bones. No harm will occur.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Skin?

No! It’s not advisable for your dog to eat the skin of Turkey. Turkey’s skin contains high fat and this will lead to pancreatitis in dogs.

So, it is better to feed the turkey to your pet without skin. Also, turkey skin prepared with spices such as onions and garlic will cause stomach upset and sometimes toxic reaction in dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Breast?

Yes! But, you must serve it with no onions and garlic. Feeding roasted turkey breast without skin will provide more proteins and calories and less fat.

The USDA’s database states that if you roast 3 ounces of turkey breast and feed your dog without skin, your pet will get 25.61 grams protein, 1.77 grams fat and 125 calories.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bacon?

Yes! Your dog will have Turkey bacon because it is not toxic to your dog. But, you should feed turkey bacon in a limited amount as it may lead to side-effects in your dog.

Turkey bacon is prepared from light and dark turkey meat and also it is a seasoned food. So, this food contains more saturated fat and sodium.

Too much fat will cause pancreatitis and feeding too much bacon will make your dog obese. So, you should not feed turkey bacon on a regular basis.

You should not also feed raw turkey bacon as high fat in raw bacon will lead to salmonella.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks?

Of course! Your dog can definitely have Turkey necks as it is a crunchy and tasty food. It will be adding extra nutrition to your dog’s diet as well.

Feeding ground turkey necks will help your dog’s teeth to be clean. Also, turkey necks have only 10 percent of bone that will be fine to your dog.

But, you have to check whether your dog swallows the turkey meat as a whole. In such cases, train your dog to chew it.

Overall, turkey neck is a great food to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Deli Turkey?

No! Eating deli turkey slices will upset your dog’s stomach. Your dog will feel difficult to digest the chemicals used in deli meats.

So, it is unadvisable to feed the deli meats to your dog. Also, processed meat is not recommended for dogs as well.

Can Dogs Eat White Turkey Meat?

Ya! Your dog can have white turkey meat. White Turkey meat is safer and healthier meat for your dog.

Also, white meat is thin and contains low calories compared with dark meat. Your dog will also get more proteins from white meat.

How To Feed Turkey Safely?




Irrespective of any food, you must know how to safely feed it to your dog. Specifically, about feeding meat, you must be more careful.

Here’re a few tips to ensure before you feed turkey to your lovely pet:

  • Do not feed turkey with skin. It is advisable to feed the skinless turkey to your dog.
  • Avoid onions and garlic in turkey meat as they are toxic to your dog. Feed him only plain turkey meat.
  • Do not add any seasoning to turkey meat as it may lead to irritation in the dog’s stomach.
  • Do not feed turkey meat with bones as they may stick in dog’s throat.
  • Always feed turkey in small quantities as too much may upset his stomach.

Finally, we hope that you are clear about feeding turkey to your dog.

Now, you will enjoy feeding Turkey to your lovely as a Thanksgiving treat!


Can Dogs Eat Turkey Sausage?


No! Seasonings in the sausage are unsafe for your dog. Besides, seasonings such as garlic or onion powder are harmful to dogs and may lead to anemia.

So, it is better to feed turkey sausage with no seasonings or flavorings. Also, ensure that your dog consumes little amount of the unseasoned sausage because regular consumption of sausage makes your dog fat.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Giblets?


Of course! Your dog has a craze on turkey giblets. These are rich in nutrients and safe for your dog as well.

Some dogs don’t like organ meat. In such cases, it is better to prepare gravy or soup and serve it to your dog. Also, you should always know how much turkey giblets you should feed your dog.

If your dog is below 20 pounds, turkey giblets are more for his one meal. Besides, always ensure that you are feeding turkey giblets in a small amount as too much may lead to diarrhea.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Slices?


Yes! Your dog will have turkey slices. But, you shouldn’t feed more to him.

Turkey slices are processed foods and may contain a high amount of spices, preservatives, and sodium, which are unhealthy for your dog.

Sometimes, excess salt in this kind of processed foods is toxic to your dog.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Cold Cuts?


Yes, dogs will eat turkey cold cuts. But, it is not a healthy food for dogs.

Deli cold cuts having turkey breast are only fine for dogs. But, cold cuts that come in packages, which you can buy from the stores, are unhealthy for dogs.

Because such foods may contain a high amount of salt and nitrates that lead to digestive and kidney problems.

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Legs?


No! Turkey legs are unhealthy for your dog as they contain more fat. Too much fat may lead to pancreatitis in dogs.

If your dog unfortunately eats turkey legs, check for symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea. Take your dog to the vet and get advice as well.

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