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Jack Russell Terrier – Dog Breed information

Jack Russell Terrier
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The heart, brain, and working structure of the Jack Russell Terrier give the terrier its versatility, athleticism, and its astounding character.

The Jack Russell Terrier represents a small terrier dog that has its origin in ancient fox hunting.

It is mainly smooth and white-bodied, broken or rough coated with any color.

Let ’s learn more about the active and agile Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack Russel Terrier Breed Characteristics Sheet

  • Origin: England
  • Size: Small
  • Dog Breed Group: Working / Herding
  • Purebred: Yes
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
  • Height: 14 inches(male), 13 inches(female)
  • Weight: 13-17 lbs(male), 13-17 lbs(female)
  • Coat Appearance: Double coat, hard, flat coat
  • Coat Colors: White with tan or black, white
  • Temperament: Alert, energetic, social, active, lively, affectionate, strong, athletic
  • Good With Children: Yes under supervision
  • Intelligence Level: Moderate
  • Good With Pets: Yes under supervision
  • HypoallergenicNo
  • Grooming:  Low
  • Shedding: High (seasonal)
  • Suitable For Apartments: Low
  • Need For Exercise: High
  • Easy To Train: Yes
  • Good For First Time Owners: High with early socialization
  • Health Issues: Patellar Luxation, Deafness, Glaucoma, Legg-Calve-Perthee Disease
  • Litter Size: 4-8 puppies, average-2
  • Average Price: $800 – $2500 USD (US)

Jack Russell Terrier History

The AKC does not feature a breed in the name of “Jack Russell Terrier.” According to experts, there is a slight difference between “Parson Russell Terrier” and “Russell Terrier.”

These dogs are different from the so-called Jack Russell Terrier dog.

The name “Jack Terrier” is regularly used to name small white terriers.

Original Fox Terrier History

The small white fox terriers we see today were first produced by the Rev. John Russell, a hunting enthusiast, and a person.

He bought a terrier named Trump and she became the main idea behind the breeding to create a terrier that has excellent stamina for chasing and hunting foxes.

The Fox Terrier Club created in 1875 with John Russell heading the top posts. Rev.John Russell died in 1883.

Jack Russell Terrier may sometimes be confused with Parson Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terrier, according to AKC is a broader type of breed group. Russell Terriers are small sized breeds under this group and Parson Russell terriers are medium-sized ones.

Jack Russell Terrier Coat Color And Appearance

Jack Russell Coat Color

White color normally predominates with brown, black, and tan markings. Brindle markings are not allowed.

Coat type

Smooth, without appearing so sparse.

Jack Russell General Appearance

The body length lies in proportion to the dog’s height, and it must present a balanced, compact image, always in hard, solid condition.

The chest appears shallow, and front legs appear not too apart. This appearance gives this dog a heavily chested and an athletic appearance.

For all healthy working dogs, the chest remains small and spanned right behind the shoulders using average sized hands.

Jack Russell Terrier Size And Lifespan

Jack Russell Terrier Size

  • Height – 10-15 inches
  • Weight – 13-17 lbs

According to JRTCA, the Jack Russell Terriers are classified or grouped into two groups. One group is between 10-12.5 inches and the other 12.5-15 inches.

Jack Russell Lifespan

The average Jack Russell Terrier life-span is about 13-15 years. A lucky few owners have Jack Russell Terriers that live healthy lives up to 17 years.

Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Jack Russell Beagle Mix

Called Jackabee, the Jack Russell Beagle Mix is a cross between the purebred Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier. A dog with natural hunting instincts, the Jackabee is an intelligent dog and performs well in a family environment.

They come in colors- White and Chestnut, Blue Belton, White with three different coat types (Broken, rough, and smooth).

Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is a cross between the purebred Chihuahua and Jack Russell Terrier.  Jack Chi was created in America in the late 80s or early The 90s.

These dogs have a dense, short coat. The different colors include tricolor, light brown, dark brown, fawn, golden, cream, chocolate, and white to name a few.

Jack Russell Lab Mix

A hybrid between a Lab and a Jack Russell Terrier, the Jack Russell Lab Mix produces the Jack Russell Lab Mix. The Jack Russell Lab mix is a smart, brilliant dog. The coat and color depend on the dominance of ancestry involved.

Most people prefer breeding an Airedale Terrier and a Labrador retriever dog.

Jack Russell Terrier Yorkie Mix

The Jack Russell terrier Yorkie Mix is produced by crossbreeding a Yorkshire Terrier with a Jack Russell terrier. Yorkies are known to have a glossy, silky coat.

The mix breed can also have the coarse hair texture of Jack Russells.

Jack Russell Terrier Collie Mix

Called Border Jack, the Jack Russell terrier Collie Mix that is created by crossbreeding a  Jack Russell Terrier and a Border Collie dog.

This dog mix is brave, energetic, and a clever breed. Filled with a heart of love, the Jack Russell terrier Collie Mix can be a bit aggressive towards other pets.

Early socialization and training can solve this problem.

Schnauzer Terrier Mix

The cross breeding of a Schnauzer and a Terrier dog results in a Schnauzer Terrier Mix. The Schnauzer Terrier Mix carries the Schnauzer’s distinct medium length coat and muzzle.

Coat color varies, and the Schnauzer Terrier Mix dog’s eye color is mostly brown.

Jack Russell Terrier Temperament

  • The Jack Russell Terrier appears a dog with a lot of energy. This dog breed is always happy when provided with companionship and a task to do.
  • Digging looks a like a normal pastime, if your dog decided to clear all the rodents from your garden.
  • The ability to hunt is actually bred into them and it is their second nature. The combination of training and hunting ability makes it a must to train this dog from a very early age.
  • Jack Russell Terriers can be quite vocal due to his baying terrier attitude. These dogs make excellent watchdogs.
  • This breed is distinctly assertive and he may not tolerate very young kids or other animals without early socialization training.
  • Some Jack Russell Terriers are known to behave aggressively with other animals or pets.
  • Bold and affectionate. Clever and alert. He is a single-minded, courageous, tenacious, and a good game hunter.



Jack Russell Terrier Care

The Jack Russell Terrier loves people and it will pretty interesting if he is offered a separate place to spend his time running around.

Make sure the fence is tall enough so that your Jack Russell Terrier dog cannot jump, dig under, or climb.

Jack Russell Terrier Training

Always walk your Jack Terrier on a leash and prevent him from running behind other pets such as hamsters or rabbits.

Provide your dog with at least 45 minutes of daily exercise and also include off-leash activity in the yard.

Faint or weak heart owners can never train a feisty Jack Russell Terrier dog. Dog lovers who own this dog should adopt a positive and consistent training.

These dogs are strong-willed terriers. They respond well to positive motivation offered in the disguise of food, play, and praise rewards.

Establish routines and rules and apply the good amount of motivation and patience and finally, you will be rewarded.

A Jack Russell Terrier dog can be trained with the right technique and method.

Begin with early socialization training and this can prevent your Jack Russell Terrier from showing aggression towards others.

Jack Russell Grooming And Shedding

The Jack Russell Terrier comes with two different coat types: broken and smooth.

Both types consist of a double coat using a coarse pattern. These dogs require regular brushing to handle loose and dead hair.

How to groom a Jack Russell Terrier dog?

Both require proper brushing, the rough coat needs a slicker or a pin brush while the smooth coat can be brushed using a hound glove.

Rough coats may require clipping pt plucking to prevent matting. A monthly bath is more than sufficient.

Shedding is constant and you should be prepared to vacuum as often as possible.

Trim the nails at least once or twice every month. The next important grooming care is his dental hygiene.

Brushing the teeth twice or thrice a week can stop periodontal disease and tartar buildup.

Start examining and grooming when your Jack Russell Terrier is a puppy. Check his paws as frequently as possible and most dogs are quite stubborn or oversensitive about their feet.

Regularly check and clean his ears for excess wax or debris as well to prevent ear infections. Make grooming a fun-filled experience with enough rewards and praise.

Jack Russell Terrier Food

The Jack Russell Terrier should perform well on best-quality dog food. The food can be home-prepared and manufactured with your vet’s approval and supervision.

Any diet should remain as suitable as possible to your dog’s age. Some Jack Russell Terriers are easily prone to obesity.

Keep your dog in best shape by feeding him around a twice daily instead of leaving the food outside.

Foods you can feed your Jack Russell Terrier

Some of the popular food you can feed your Jack Russell Terrier include-

A premium food using human grade ingredients and no grains and added or chemical preservatives. Jack Russell Terriers do well on meat based foods and it’s better they stay away from a grain-based diet.

You can also feed a BARF diet that includes “ Bones and Raw Food.”

The food you should avoid feeding your Jack Russell Terrier

Avoid feeding your dog with cooked bones. They can cause splinter and lead to serious damage.

Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems

The JRTCA  seldom registers any dog having hereditary health issues and these dogs are required to pass an all the vet examination.

Lene Luxation – Lene Luxation is condition wherein the eye lens becomes totally displaced. It is medically possible to treat this condition with surgery.

Glaucoma – The pressure in the eyes of the dog can be abnormally high. Eyes constantly produce a fluid known as aqueous humor.

The eye pressure causes further trouble and leads to blindness or vision loss.

There are primarily two types of glaucoma

  • Primary glaucoma
  • Secondary glaucoma

Primary glaucoma occurs due problem causes in the fluid discharge. Secondary glaucoma occurs due to other problems including injury, tumor, or inflammation.

Glaucoma, in general, affects one eye and later spreads to the other eye.

Patellar Luxation –  Also called “Slipped Stifles,” this disorder causes lameness and is mostly present at the time of birth itself.

Grade 1 patellar luxation can cause temporary lameness and grade IV can lead to the patella being adversely affected.

Deafness –  This condition is mostly seen in white color Jack Russell Terriers.

Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease – The dogs undergo severe wear and tear of the ball located in the hip joint.

It can be surgically treated and rehabilitation therapy produces better results.

Jack Russell Terrier Interesting Facts

Arthur Heinemann founded the Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club as early as 1914.

Famous Jack Russell Terrier Owners

  • Uggie, a Jack Russell Terrier acted in the movie “The Artist.”
  • The Duchess of Cornwall owns two Jack Russells named Bluebell and Beth.
  • Badminton winners Pippa Funnell and Sir Mark Todd own Jack Russell Terriers.
  • Ginny and Ranulph Fiennes’s Bothy became the first canine to visit both the South and North Poles.
  • Some of the famous Jack Russell Terriers that have shared screen space in movies include Arthur From Beginners, Baby from Clean State, and Milo from The Mask.

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Names

Male Jack Russell Terrier Dog NamesFemale Jack Russell Terrier Dog Names
The BossQueenie

What Are Girl Dog Names For Jack Russell?

  • Leia
  • Roxy
  • Bella
  • Macy
  • Coco
  • Emma
  • Dixie
  • Roxie
  • Gigi
  • Luna
  • Sandy
  • Layla


Jack Russell Terrier Price And Breeders

Jack Russell Terrier Price

A Jack Russell Terrier Puppy can be sold somewhere between $800 and $2500 USD. A well-bred properly raised Jack Russell Terrier puppy can cost around $1500 USD.

Jack Russell Terrier for sale

Puppies sold at lower prices may be bred under sub-standard conditions and are likely to carry health issues.

Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

What a reputable Jack Russell Terrier breeder can offer?

The list of factors that reputable breeders offer include

  • Lifetime support
  • Solid temperament
  • Health guarantees

The Jack Russell Terrier Club of America contains the list of all registered breeders. To access their full list of breeders, check out- Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

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