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Tackle Maltipoo Allergies For Good

Maltipoo Allergies
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The happy news is that you can successfully prevent Maltipoo allergies and find long-lasting results. You should follow every possible step and prevent allergies at earliest.

Never forget that many of the dog allergens appear too small, and the signs that your dear Maltipoo is showing may appear negligible. Let’s dwell deep into what things you should be aware of to tackle allergies for good.

Maltipoo Allergies - Signs To Look Out For

Your hypoallergenic Maltipoo can display one or all of these signs. Take a closer look.

Popular Allergic Signs

Stomach Distress

These allergies can be grouped with food allergies-

Respiratory Problems

  • Exercise troubles
  • A runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Nose congestion
  • Wheezing

Coat Issues

Skin Issues

  • Excessive dryness
  • Skin rashness
  • Irritated, moist, red-colored skin

Itchy Skin

  • Rubbing against hard surfaces
  • Continuous scratching
  • Chewing or licking

Maltipoo Allergies - Diagnosis And Treatment

You can see your local vet when your Maltipoo puppy displays any of the above mentioned allergic signs.

How to diagnose Maltipoo Allergies?

There are certain health issues that can mimic allergies. This also includes skin infections or infestations. Intestinal upset can also occur due to partial blockage or parasites.

Vets perform two types of test to diagnose allergies

  • Skin testing
  • Blood testing
    • Blood testing- Performing a blood test using an ELISA helps the vet to identify the problem more accurately.
    • Skin testing- The vet shaves a small portion of the dog’s coat and injects some allergens. Depending on the reaction, the vet will decide about the next course of action.

Ways to treat Maltipoo Allergies

  • If your Maltipoo needs treatment, then the vet prescribes steroids or antihistamines.
  • Immunotherapy (allergy vaccine shots) is definitely action for better treatment.
  • To enhance your Maltipoo’s immune system and alleviate allergies, you can consider incorporating probiotic chews for dogs into their diet. Additionally, maintaining a clean home and minimizing exposure to potential allergens can help reduce symptoms. If necessary, consult a veterinarian for personalized recommendations and treatment options for your Maltipoo’s allergies.

There are some known side-effects for immunotherapy and it includes-

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Blood pressure changes

Preventing Maltipoo Allergies

The most important step is to remove or eliminate all the triggers at the earliest.

1. Stop Allergens

A shocking level of outdoor allergens attaches itself to a dog’s paws and coat.

Try these steps to stop allergens

2. Remove allergens from your house

  • Replace all the old beds with new ones
  • Vacuum your house top to bottom
  • Use HEPA filters if the need arises

3. Concentrate on healthy snacks or foods

4. Simple remedies for itching

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