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10 Best Pet Cameras – Remote Pet Parenting Made So Easy, Believe Us!

Pet Cameras

Life need not be cruel just because you have left your pet alone at home and no one is there to care for. The solution is here. Pet cameras are the technology tested solutions to guide you maintain an excellent foundation of harmony and love from the comfort of your office.

Pet cameras help you reduce separation anxiety and keep a close watch on your pet while you are busy with some other work. Bear in mind, dogs are much brainier than you actually think.

What things you should check before you actually purchase a pet camera?

Cloud services – There are plenty of companies that offer home security system with cloud services. As a pet owner, do you need such features?

Well yes, the onus is on the owner to decide what he wants. If yes, then plan how much you can spend on it for an annum?

Security – It may sound ridiculous. In recent times, hackers are now regularly breaking into home security products. Check with your pet camera manufacturer for regular firmware updates.

Contact a home security specialist and keeping an open mind about security features can reduce your sleepless nights to the bare minimum.

Interaction – Most people jump on the idea of placing a pet camera just to look at their pets when they are away.

Are you worried that your furniture can be soiled? Is the feature to remotely play or having a voice chat is important? Do you prefer a pet camera wherein you are able to hear your doggie react to your assurances?


TOOGE Pet Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 2.52 x 4.33 x 3.66 in (approx.)
Weight - 1.3 lbs
Camera - 720p
Angle of view - 360 degree swivel
Internet connectivity - 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
Two way audio
Pros and Cons
360-degree swivel camera
Night vision- with 20 mt visibility
Two-way audio interface
Cheaply priced
P2P tech safety feature
TOOGE apps work only on iPhones and not on Mac systems

The TOOGE lack a treat dispenser and also notification alert option when your pet barks. It offers communication using the two-way feature and allows motion detection alerts.

Night vision combined with 360-degree swivel camera is the main highlight of this pet cam. For pet owners who just need a camera to check on their pets, then TOOGE offers value for money.

If you wish to buy an inexpensive pet camera without spending a lot of money, choose TOOGE.

100% Honest reviews

 What Amazon customers have to say?

“Fantastic product, especially for price! Love my TOOGE! Plan on buying 2 more…!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Works surprisingly well and exactly as I expected.!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Great inexpensive pet cam, no extra subscription required, simple setup and use!”- Amazon customer (verified)


Petcube Bites Pet camera

Key Specifications
Size - 7.2 x 3 x 12.9 inches
Weight - 4.4 lbs
Camera - 1080p HD video
Angle of view - 138 degree
Treat dispenser - 1-5 at a time
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz
Pros and Cons
Excellent camera angle
Voice control feature
Rich HD video
Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity
Subscription needed for recording

More than a pet camera, Petcube bites works like a savior for home alone pets. The HD 1080p camera offers both recorded and live video along with a treat dispenser and two-way audio.

Petcube Bites is more of a virtual dog sitter taking care of your pet and it comes with a price. This camera allows 1080p with 138 degrees view. You can either opt for a subscription-based 24/7 recording facility or use the app to view the live feed.

Night vision mode increases the safety of your pet where you can check on them without their knowledge. The treat dispenser can shoot around 100 round treats six feet high.

Easy camera setup combined with sound-detection alerts, the Petcube Bites is a bright choice for those with a big budget.

Petcube Bites can be considered as one of the best Wi-Fi cameras. It allows you to reward, toss treats, see and talk remotely.

100% Honest Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

Amazing product! Great for checking on the pets and doubles as a security camera with motion detection and night vision.”-  Amazon customer (verified)

“Fun and addicting”- Amazon customer (verified)


YI Dome Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 2.52 x 4.33 x 3.66 inches
Weight - 0.5 lbs
Camera - 720p HD video
The angle of diagonal view - 112 degree
Infrared night vision - 3 meters in pitch black darkness
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
Auto-cruise option - 360 degrees horizontally
Two-way audio - Yes
Pros and Cons
Total 360-degree view
Infrared LED feature
Real-time video alerts
No treat dispenser

The naughty pets cannot hide from their camera as YI Dom Camera promises 360-degree view with a promising quality. The YI Dom provides 720p video also at night and there is an option to record the footage on an SD Card.

There is this definite option to select your “favorite” spot and then check it out with just a click of a button. This camera regularly sends video alerts with a 10-second recording of the event.

The two-way audio permits easy communication with the pet. If you plan to keep your whole home under surveillance, then YI Dom Camera is a good choice.

Many pet cameras offer wide-angle views but YI Dome Camera is the one that truly offers 360-degree views.

100% Honest Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“Awesome camera!”-  Amazon customer (verified)

“ The Best of the best!”-  Amazon customer (verified)


Mood EZCam

Key Specifications
Size - 6.6 x 4 x 2.3 inches
Weight - 0.7 lbs
Camera - 720p HD video
Angle of diagonal view - 115 degree
Infrared night vision - 26ft in pitch black darkness
Weatherproof - Indoor
Power - INPUT: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz, Output: 5V DC, 1.0A
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz
Pros and Cons
Good night vision mode
Free cloud storage – 36 hours
Works fine in sub-zero conditions
Easy set-up
AES 256-bit encryption
Power cable length very limited
Zmodo app supports only 4 cameras

The Mood EZCam, in addition, to 720p real-time video, it also records videos triggered by unique motion alerts.

The recorded footage is available for 36 hours on the Cloud for free. For a subscription fee, you can buy some additional subscription to promote continuous recording.

This camera also consists of infrared night vision that permits 26 feet of vision at night. With the two-way audio in place, you can also listen to your pet’s voice or secretly hear them barking.

The speaker design eliminates the background noise and you can clearly communicate. By and large, these features make this EZCam the best product within a reasonable budget.

The Mood EZCam provides 24/7 live video that includes motion detection alerts. Using this cam, you need not have any worry about what your doggie is really up to.

100% honest reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“Great camera for international use!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Outstanding Product, Subscription not required in order to make great use of cameras!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“LOVE THESE CAMERAS!!!”- Amazon customer (verified)



Key Specifications
Size - 3.2 x 4.5 x 9.3 inches
Weight - 1.5 lbs
Camera - 720p HD video
Power - 2 AA lithium batteries(2 years); 100-200V AC
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz
Pros and Cons
Motion detector records movements
Push notification video alert
Blink app access on-demand recording
Integrates and works with Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap
Two models - Blink XT 1 and Blink Indoor 1
The motion detector cannot detect glass walls
Only Blink XT 1 contains Infrared vision and weatherproof(IPX65)
Additional camera units required for more functions
Maximum 2 hours for storage of clips

Blink is powered using 2-AA batteries and Wi-Fi connectivity is also possible. In-built motion sensor detects and records movements and WiFi cameras send you an update 2-year battery life is sufficient and data transfer takes place from IP cameras.

Pet and home monitoring with “Live View” streaming available Wire-free cloud storage with no service contract or monthly fees.

Like a good home security camera, this Blink product supports brilliant HD video experience.

100% Honest Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“Awesome!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Great Product!”- Amazon customer (verified)


PetChatz HD Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 14.6 x 5.8 x 9.5 inches
Weight - 4.6 pounds
Camera - Smart Video
Treat stock -Suitable only with PetChatz foods
Power - NA
Internet connectivity - NA
Pros and Cons
Made in the USA
Aromatherapy to deal with separation anxiety
Special games and DOGTV for engagement
The free unique smart video for safety
Two-way audio
Two-way video
PawCall feature
PawCall and PetChatz HD is expensive
DOGTV requires a fee for viewing

PetChatz consists of an excellent two-way audio-video system for a delightful experience. The “PawCall” button allows a single touch contact for your pet.

PetChatz design is simply stunning and safe as this will not allow your pet to get into any trouble. “Calming scent” feature releases a soothing and captivating smell that can calm a scared or an anxious animal.

This pet cam also has the facility to record and share pet activity on social media and also with family and friends. PetChatz customer support to guide each and every customer through the application.

If you are searching for a premium pet cam product, then this is it. PetChatz HD cam consists of a “greet and treats”  feature that facilitates two-way audio and video experience.

100% Honest Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“Incredible! Works with cats, too!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Really is worth the price!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“We received excellent support from the petchatz team and their engineer was …”- Amazon customer (verified)


Petcube Smart

Key Specifications
Size - 3 x 3 x 3 inches
Weight - 2 lbs
Camera - 1080p HD with 138 degrees wide-angle vision
Power - NA
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Pros and Cons
Smart and sleek
Blends naturally with décor
128-bit encryption for data protection
Compatible with iOS 9.3
Petcube subscriptions for 24/7 video history
View close to 6 cameras
Bluetooth connectivity available
No treat dispenser
Quite expensive

With this Pet cam, you check your dog night and day with solid 1080p HD video along with 138-degrees wide angle vision. Using the two-way audio system, one can easily speak with their pets from anywhere.

The pet safe laser will make your dog spend some energy.  You can easily handle the laser movement or set the convenient auto mode for more dog exercise.

Check out the last couple of hours of video footage and amuse yourself with what you have missed. Easily compatible with Alexa or Android 5.1 or higher.

Considered as one of the best pet cam available in this segment, the Petcube Camera provides the best display at 1080p resolution.

Brushed stylish design with polished curved corners, this camera looks both capable and modern.

100% Honest Customer Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“I definitely recommend this!”- Amazon customer (verified)

“Still a Great product with great improvements!”- Amazon customer (verified)


Pawbo Life Pet Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 4.4 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches
Weight - 1.2 lbs
Camera - 720p HD with 130 degrees
Treat stock - Not less than 30 pieces
Ideal treat size - 1 inch or less
Power - 100-240v AC
Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
Pros and Cons
Laser point mouse game
Customizable ringtone
Microphone communication
Versatile pet cams with 4x digital zoom
Two-way speaker
No night vision
24/7 monitoring not possible

Using the Pawbo app, toss a treat and let your dog play a simple game of catch. The camera comes with an in-built laser point.  A pet owner can easily toggle the laser point on and off.

The camera can be used by multiple persons with the maximum being eight people. Dog lovers can record video and snap photos.

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera is ideally designed with plenty of features. This camera consists of a 720p HD video camera with a two-way audio system.

100% Honest Customer Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“I cannot say enough about Pawbo – it is amazing! I did a lot of research before purchasing this product and was nervous about getting it connected to my wifi, but I got the Pawbo connected with no problems in less than 5 minutes!”

“Great pet sitter!”


Petzi Pet Treat Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 13.3 x 7.3 x 4.5 inches
Weight - 2.2 pounds
Camera - Petzi HD Cam
Treat stock - Not less than 30 pieces
Ideal treat size - 1 inch or less
Power - NA
Internet connectivity - NA
Pros and Cons
Affordable pet cam
Combines both treat dispenser and cam
Easily connects with a tab or a phone
Good night vision facility
Multiple people can access using Petzi app
Suitable for home security
Lack of screen
No microphone
Lackadaisical design
Switching to 4G stops the app
“AFK checker” in camera mode

You can simply say a quick “hi” using the latest HD-video and provide your dog the warmth they want. See your doggie roll in top-notch clarity as you shoot their favorite treat.

With easy wall-mounting facility, you can place the Petzi Pet Treat Cam anywhere using the kit that facilitates multiple mounting options.

Simply capture different wide-angle shots for saving or sharing on your social media accounts. The presence of dedicated apps makes it simple to share and manage on social media using a tablet or a smartphone.

Petzi Pet Treat Cam is definitely more than an ordinary pet treat dispenser. You can see, snap, speak, or just launch a treat! Petzi ensures that you’re away time is spent usefully and not bothering about the safety of pets at home.

100% Honest Reviews

What Amazon customers have to say?

“Godsend product for dogs who don’t like being left alone. Exciting times. Product has room for further improvements.”

“Great for spying on those naughty pups!”

“Peace of mind”

“… can watch my dog all day no stop sorta like a doggy stalker hahah”


Furbo Dog Camera

Key Specifications
Size - 5.91x4.72x8.86 inches
Weight - 2.1 lbs
Camera -1080p HD, 160 degrees wide-lens
Treat stock - 100 pieces
Ideal treat size - 1 cm
Power - 100-240V, 5V2A
Internet connectivity - Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
Night vision - Yes
Motion sensor - Yes
Two-way speaker -Yes
Treat dispenser -Yes
Pros and Cons
Small and stylish
Barking alert
Suitable for both Android and iOS
Two people can use it
Expensive dog camera
Non-tech savvy persons may find it hard to use
Limited 1-year warranty only
Excessive push notifications

The Furbo camera offers comfort and design bundled in one package.  This camera can easily dispense something close to 100 treats in a go and you can play fetch from your place.

You can shoot the treat and watch in excitement on the latest 1080 p camera that comes with 160-degree view and night vision. The two-way speaker permits both dog and parent to communicate with each other.

Using a secure WiFi connection, the Furbo can send “bark alerts” by shooting a push notifications when the dog makes noise.

The “Treat Tossing” feature works fine with almost all treats. Furbo also prescribes non-breakable treats between 0.5-1.0 inch in dimension. The pet camera consists of a light which emits blue or yellow light depending on the mode.

Sleep mode is indicated by yellow light and active mode by blue light. A dog can easily see these two colors and any pet owner can have an uninterrupted interaction 24/7.

An eye-pleasing captivating design with the most essential “treat tossing “ feature. If you are keen to have some quiet fun with your doggie, one of the best pet camera manufacturers has a solution.

100% Honest Reviews

“Furbo Dog Camera is designed to make sure your dog is always being loved!”- Jennifer Lopez

“Furbo gives dog parents peace of mind. It’s a must-have for every dog lover!”- Ellen DeGeneres

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