Aussiedoodle Puppy Rescue And Adoption Tips

Aussiedoodle Puppy Rescue And Adoption
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Finding A Suitable Aussiedoodle Puppy

The most important question you should start to ask yourself – What dog will meet my family requirements?

When you are actually looking for an exciting Mini Aussiedoodle, it means you have already decided to buy a dog of your choice.

Some may look for a puppy that is already trained by a breeder or a new untrained one so that they can train it.

Different poodle mixes are smart and cute and adopting an Aussiedoodle puppy that has been brought up in a different place is a challenge.

Before you buy a family dog, you should scrutinize its training and character.

Experts tell that it’s better to adopt a young Aussiedoodle puppy.

How To Pick A Responsible Breeder?

The American Kennel Club believes that good breeders will only raise their pets with the sole intention to breed high-quality Aussiedoodle puppies.

These breeders would make sure that all pets receive the best quality homes and socialization. One of the most important question you should ask include-

Would you love a dog who manages to live as a socialized animal in a “kennel”?

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What You Know About “Puppy Farm?”

People get the impression that puppy farms are places where dogs produce puppies in inhumane conditions. This is totally opposite to the truth.

In these farms, dogs are bred with the aim of selling puppies.  Later, they are given away to families when these dogs are no longer fit enough to bear healthy puppies.

While some breeders can have 5-6 puppies and others may have 20 puppies.

Should you always buy from a puppy farm?

You should request your farm breeder to send the latest video of their breeding facility. Most farm owners, if they are not maintaining good hygiene, would come up with crazy excuses.

Some of the excuses would be like,” we don’t have a good quality camera or we are a novice to Youtube.”

In some cases, these farm owners would ask to fill an application form. This could also be some sort of a diversion tactic.

Signs Of An Established Breeder

Take a look at the checklist before finalizing the breeder

1. The facility appears clean

The buyer should confirm whether the dog’s breeding zone is clean and safe. These dogs are provided with toys, beds, and fresh drinking water or not.

2. Puppies live inside

Family puppies should only be raised in a cordial atmosphere, and not in a barn, garage, or basement.

3. Puppies are cool and friendly

If the puppies and its parents seem comfortable, it means the puppies were properly cared for.

4. Competition or shows

The breeder is not too keen to make any cash by participating in competitions or shows. If that’s the case, he is a genuine breeder.

5. Neuter Contract

The breeder insists on signing a neuter contract for those dogs that are unlikely to produce a litter in the future.

6. Avoids trying out new varieties

Trying to produce extreme sizes or rare colors indicates that the breeder is only happy to make quick money.

7. Never tries to hide information

A reputable breeder wants you to care and love your new puppy as long he is alive. He would tell you about all the health issues or temperament trait that’s not easy for everyone to handle.

8. The breeder enquires about your family and environment

The breeder would like to know the kind of atmosphere her puppy is going to live in. Do not try to be defensive.

9. The breeder might wish to take the dog back

An established breeder would prefer to take back the dog in case if he is not satisfied with your upbringing.

10. Asks you to wait till the puppy is 7 weeks old

Spending time with other puppies teaches a puppy affection and obedience.  A good breeder will give more time for canine social skills.

Aussiedoodle Rescue - Getting One From A Rescue Center Or Shelter

Getting a dog from a rescue center or shelter helps yourself bring home a sweet companion. This also helps the dog to seek a lovely home.

Keep in mind these important factors

  1. The dog brought home from rescue shelter will shower her unconditional love more than anything else.
  2. Some rescue homes will ask the buyer to pay a nominal adoption fee.

The adoption process does not take more than a fortnight. The adoption fee ranges from $0 to $350 USD depending on the reputation of the rescue home.

  1. If you prefer to own a miniature Aussiedoodle, it could happen that you may find it extremely difficult to locate the breeder with the same color and size of your choice.
  2. Some adopted dogs may show signs of unruly character.

Quick Facts

  • A cross between – Purebred Poodle and an Australian Shepherd
  • Also Known as – Aussie Poo, Mini Aussie Poo, Miniature Aussiedoodle, Mini Aussiedoodle, Aussiedoodle
  • F1 Aussiedoodle – Poodle X Aussie
  • F1b Aussiedoodle – Poodle x F1 Aussiedoodle
  • Hypoallergenic – Yes
  • Adoption fees – $350 USD (max)
  • Price-$2500 – $12,000 USD

The Bottomline

Before getting yourself an Aussiedoodle, contact and inquire about reputable breeders.  Puppies bought from good breeders are definitely more strong to become temperamentally sound dogs.

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When you set eyes on these lovely looking smart Aussiedoodles, your senses may fool you to buy an Aussiedoodle puppy instantly.

Before you bring home an Aussiedoodle puppy, it is necessary to understand the character of this breed. No matter what, adopting a pet is a long-term commitment.

Wasting no time, let’s dive in to learn the most important things you should keep in mind before Aussiedoodle puppy rescue and adoption.

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