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Beagle Mix – Facts On All Super Cute Mix Dogs Of Beagle

Beagle Mix
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Generally, Beagle Mix dog breed is known to possess a blend of characteristics that resemble its parents, who belong to different dog breeds. According to some research findings, crossbred dogs are healthier than purebred dogs (parents of the same breed).

The different genetic makeup of a crossbred dog makes its overall health and immune system quite stronger than purebred dogs.

Discover the prominent and cute beagle mix dog breeds before you select one for your family.

Beagle can be mixed with many dog breeds. The most prominent Beagle Mix breed dogs are given below

Beagle Mix Infographic

Beagle Mix Infographic

Beagle Bulldog Mix (Beabull)

The mix of beagle dog and bulldog is called as Beabull. Beabull dogs have a medium to large size body that is strong. Normally, the eyes of this dog breed are dark brown.

Beabull appears in colors like golden, brindle, white, brown, spotted and merle. The Beabull is an intelligent, playful and active dog that responds well to good training methods.





  • Size – The average height of a Beabull dog is between 12 to 16 inches. The average weight of the dog is somewhere in the range of 30 to 50 pounds.   
  • Lifespan – The normal lifespan of a Beagle Bulldog (Beabull) is between 10 to 13 years. However, this is dependent on lifestyle factors of the dog-like diet, exercises and even the home surroundings where it is raised.
  • Characteristics – The dog is calm by nature but with sudden small spells of hyperactivity. These dogs always remain affectionate to their family and have a natural liking towards children. Beabull loves to exercise.
  • Health Issues – Beabull dogs are highly prone to diseases like hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, epilepsy, eye problems, ear infections, and hypothyroidism.

Interesting Facts

  • Although the Beabull is a familiar crossbreed, the percentage of the mix of its parents is yet an unknown information
  • The Beabull dog is known for its extraordinary jumping skill.

Beagle Chihuahua Mix (Cheagle)

Cheagle dog (the mix of Beagle and Chihuahua dog breeds) is a crossbred dog with a broad head, dark brown round-shaped eyes, and long floppy ears.

However, these dogs have a curled tail that straightens up when it is in an alert or excited mood. This dog is a real entertainer and wishes to remain by the side of its owner.





  • Size – The weight of a Beagle Chihuahua mix dog at full maturity is 12 pounds. Normally, male dogs of the Cheagle breed appear a bit taller than the female dogs. When it comes to the height of the Cheagle (Beagle Chihuahua mix) dog breedthey appear a bit taller than the Chihuahua parent and smaller than its Beagle parent.
  • Lifespan – The longevity or life expectancy of a Beagle Chihuahua dog can be 10 to 14 years. A dog must be in good health to survive until this life period.
  • Characteristics – The salient qualities of a Cheagle dog are its: Playfulness, Liveliness, Socializing nature, Cautiousness, Friendliness, and Loyalty. 
  • Health Issues – Typically, the major health issues that affect a Cheagle breed dog are: hypoglycemia, patellar luxation, and heart problems.

Interesting Facts

  • Since the Cheagle dogs have a small muzzle, they get habituated to snoring while they are sleeping
  • Cheagles love to go tracking in the bush and follow all kinds of scents

Beagle Lab Mix (Beagador)

Also known as Beagador and Labeagle, Beagle Lab dogs (mix of Beagle and Lab dog breeds) resembles the Beagle parent in terms of body and build.

The Beagle Lab looks medium-sized where it is smaller than its Labrador parents and slightly bigger than its Beagle parent. The Beagle Lab is a very smart dog that is eager towards all kinds of exercises, physical and brainy.

Beagle Lab is a very good guard dog that maintains a close lookout on strangers.





  • Size – Usually, the height of a Beagador is between 16 to 25 inches. On the other hand, the weight of a Beagador (Beagle +Labrador) dog is in the range of 30 to 75 pounds.
  • Lifespan – The lifetime of a Beagle Lab mix can last from 12 to 15 years. Good health is mandatory for a dog to survive until the specified age range.
  • Characteristics – Adaptability, Gentleness, Intelligence, Emotional bonding with the family, Vigilant and loyalty are the prominent traits of a Beagle Lab Mix. 
  • Health Issues – Beagador dogs suffer from diseases that are inherited from their parents, the Beagle and Labrador. A Beagador’s parents get affected by diseases like, mainly: Bloating, Epilepsy, Eye problems, Osteochondritis Dissecans, Patellar Luxation, Invertible Disk, and Hypothyroidism.

Interesting Facts

  • Beagador dogs possess excellent hunting skills which are inherited from the parents, Beagle and Labrador. The activities that form part of its hunting skill comprise: sniffing, running and digging.
  • These dogs excel in sniffing out a game and in following the tracks of animals
  • This crossbred dog is a real genius in water sports and water game retrieval

Beagle Poodle Mix (Poogle)

Poogle dog breed, a crossbred between Beagle and Poodle dogs is a dog that looks small to medium in size.

This dog is a suitable family dog that is intelligent and fond of seeking the attention of others.

Since this is a very active dog, an adequate amount of exercises must be given to it daily.

The dog is quite responsive to training.


  • Size – The average height of a Poogle is between 9 to 16 inches.
  • Lifespan – The lifespan of a Poogle dog is 10 to 13 years.
  • Characteristics – The typical characteristics are seen in a Poogle:
    Friendliness, affectionate with its family, energy-packed, cautiousness, loyalty, entertaining, outgoing nature and publicity-seeking.
  • Health Issues  – The major health problems that Poogle dogs suffer:
    Epilepsy, Intervertebral Disk Disease, eye problems, Bloat, Patellar luxation, Addison’s, Cushing’s and Von Willebrands

Interesting Facts

  • Mostly, the parents of a Poogle are the Beagle and the Poodle. Poodle, one of the parents of Google is a famous breed due to it’s crossbred with the Beagle, the other parent of the Poogle.
  • The American Kennel Club has allowed for registration of the Poogle dog breed in the AKC Canine Partners Program. However, the AKC has not recognized the Poogle as a pure breed dog in its purebred registry.
  • Poogle dogs which have inherited the characteristics of the Poodle parent like to spend their time within the house.
  • The date of development of the Poogle dog and the breeder who created it remains to be an unanswered question

Beagle Husky Mix (Beaski)

This is a dog born from the crossbred mix of Beagle and Siberian Husky dogs. The dog appears medium in size and has a dark nose with almond-shaped eyes. These dogs will immediately bark if it finds something suspicious happening around.

Beagle dogs were bred first for hunting purposes while the Siberian husky dogs are ferocious cat killers. This makes Beagle Huskies to spontaneously involve in chasing.


  • Size – The average height of a male Beaski (Beagle +Siberian Husky) dog is 20 inches at full maturity. Likewise, the average height of a female Beaski is 18 inches. The weight of a male Beaski is 45 lbs while the female dog weighs 40 lbs.
    On the other hand, the average weight of a female Beaski dog is 40 lbs while its average height is 18 inches.
  • Life Span  – Dogs of sound health will be able to lead a life of between 10 and 14 years.
  • Characteristics –  The qualities of a Beaski dog that are highlightable:  Affection, Activeness, Smartness, Loves children, Vigilant and Sociable.
  • Health Issues  – The major health issues that a Beaski dog suffers from are: Epilepsy, Pulmonary Stenosis, Intervertebral Disc Disease, and Congenital Heart disease.

Interesting Facts

  • Dog Registry of America Inc is the only organization to have recognized the crossbred dog, Beaski (Beagle + Huski))
  • It is not possible to predict the appearance of a Beaski, the crossbred dog from the mix of two pure breed dogs, the Beagle and Siberian Husky. The reason is that the Beaski can have the appearance and characteristics in combined form.

Beagle Dachshund Mix (Doxle)

Normally, a Beagle Dachshund mix dog appears with a Beagle’s face and the body that is like that of a Dachshund. It is a sturdy dog with a long body and short legs.

These dogs are a good companion by the owners who grow them. It is necessary to give the needful training right from a young age because of its fierce attitude. This dog is also called as Doxle.





  • Size – The normal height of a Beagle Dachshund mix dog (Doxle) is 12 to 14 years. A full-grown male and the female dog belonging to this crossbreed dogs category have a bodyweight of between 20 to 30 pounds.
  • Life Span – The average lifespan of a Doxle (Beagle+Dachshund mix) dog is between 12 to 14 years.
  • Characteristics – The Doxles are great companions, Lovable, Protective, Loyal, Dynamic and Outgoing.
  • Health Issues – Doxle suffers majorly due to diseases like Epilepsy, Bloat, Eye problems, Intervertebral disc disease, Hypothyroidism, Patellar Luxation, Cushing’s, Deafness

Interesting Facts

The DBR (Designer Breed Registry) is the sole canine registry where the Doxle has been registered in the names of ‘Beaschund’ or ‘Doxie’.

Beagle Mix Characteristics

Generally, Beagle Mix dogs inherit the quality of affection from their parents.

They show a close bonding with their family members.

They like to be in touch with the people in a social setting and enjoys to go out with its owner for walks.

The Beagle mix dogs move in a friendly manner with other dogs and cats.

  • Calm – Mostly, hybrid dogs have a calm character.
  • Happy – A Beagle mix dog can be mentioned as a happy puppy.
  • Friendly – Normally, this category of crossbreed dogs are friendly with all.
  • Intelligent – Intelligence is another great character that it acquires from its parents. The dog is sharp enough to understand how to act in accordance with situations and also in line with the expectations of its owner.
  • Playful – Active dogs by nature, they are keen to spend a good amount of time playing activity.
  • Likes children – Naturally, these dogs are too fond of children and love to play with them.
  • Trainable – Although stubborn in the initial stages, an intelligent trainer can easily make the dog adapt to training.

Other Cross Breeds Of Beagle

  • Meagle – Miniature Pinscher Beagle Mix
  • Coagle – Beagle Cocker Spaniel Mix
  • Malteagle – Maltese Beagle Mix
  • Beaglematin – Dalmatian Beagle Mix
  • Australian Sheagle – Beagle Australian Shepherd Mix
  • Beango – Beagle Golden Retriever Mix
  • Raggle – Rat Terrier Beagle Mix
  • Pomeagle – Pomeranian Beagle Mix
  • Bagel – Beagle Basset Hound Mix
  • Puggie – Beagle Pug Mix
  • Teagle – Beagle Boston Terrier Mix
  • Sheagle – Beagle Sheltie Mix
  • Bea-Tzu – Beagle Shih-Tzu Mix



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