Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Benefits & Ways To Feed

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers
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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Yes, cucumbers are super safe for your dog to eat, and they act as crunchy, low-calorie food.

Health Benefits Of Cucumbers To Dogs

They are low in fat and sodium. A Milk-Bone biscuit contains 40 calories whereas 1.5 cups of cucumber slices contain only 8 calories.

With water content more than 95 percent, cucumber makes for an ideal summer treat. Weight-loss plan and exercise combined with other safe fruits and cucumber pave the way for a healthy life for your dog.

Precautions While Feeding Cucumbers To Dogs

Choking and overeating issues must be avoided because too much cucumber can create unnecessary gastrointestinal problems. To prevent choking, always cut the big chunks into small pieces.

It is also important to ensure that no more than 10% of the total diet consists of cucumber. Overall, they are healthy, an excellent treat for dogs. For dogs requiring weight management, cucumbers are the right choice to start with.

Try to avoid pickles and always stay with plain cucumbers because pickled cucumber contains a large amount of salt which is harmful to dogs.

According to ASPCA, it is not proved that cucumbers are toxic to dogs but feeding cucumber with human foods may cause stomach upset and diarrhoea. The vitamin present in cucumber is useful to improve the dog’s coat and dogs skin.

Cucumber contains alcohol acid, which inhibits carbohydrates into fat which results in weight loss. Feed your dogs, with washed cucumber to remove residues of pesticides and cut cucumbers into small pieces so, it will digest easily.

If you are feeding your dog with cucumber for the first time, then observe dog’s reaction, if there is any bad reaction then stop feeding cucumbers. You should not feed your dogs with, slicing cucumber and pickling cucumber which is harmful to your dogs.



How To Serve Cucumbers To Dogs?

  • Slices
  • Treat substitutes
  • Filling garnishes
  • Stuff cucumbers into your dog’s food puzzle toy or chew toy
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