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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Benefits, Risks & Ways To Feed

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers
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Cucumbers are super safe for your dog to eat, and they act as a crunchy, low-calorie food.

Cucumber has a lot of vitamins and nutrients which can improve your dog’s coat and skin. For dogs requiring weight management, cucumbers are the right choice to start with.

Antioxidants in cucumber also fight against cancer in dogs. It also promotes hydration in canines and is a low-carb treat for dogs having diabetes.

Overall, cucumber is an excellent treat for dogs. Does this mean can you serve cucumber as regular food for your dog? No!

Feeding too much of anything can cause harm to your dog and cucumber is not an exception to it. So, it is essential for the dog owners to know whether cucumber is really good for their dogs and the risks involved in feeding it in large quantities.

It is also helpful for them to know the ways they can serve cucumber to their dogs. In this article, dog owners will also get an idea of whether all the types of cucumbers are safe for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

Yes, they are an excellent food for dogs, in fact. Cucumbers are also a healthy treat for canines. Especially, they are good for overweight dogs.

A low-calorie food, cucumbers are a perfect diet for canines. 1.5 cups of cucumber slices contain only 8 calories. Fatty or overweight dogs get benefit from the low-calorie content in the form of weight reduction.

Cucumber also has high water content (96% water), which makes it an ideal summer treat for dogs after a vigorous walk. So, a weight-loss plan and exercise combined with other safe fruits and cucumber pave the way for a healthy life for your dog.

They are also a healthy alternative to more traditional dog treats that have additives and artificial flavoring. Cucumbers also contain some nutrients that are not only essential for dogs but also beneficial for them.

Cucumber Nutrition Facts

Cucumbers are packed with potassium and vitamins K and C. According to the nutrition information provided by the USDA, half a cup of cucumber contains the following nutrients.

  • Potassium: 76.4mg
  • Sodium: 1mg
  • Magnesium: 6.8mg
  • Vitamin K: 8.5mcg
  • Vitamin C: 1.5mg
  • Vitamin B5: 0.1mg
  • Carbohydrates: 1.9g
  • Protein: 0.3g​
  • Fat: 0.1g
  • Sugars: 0.9g
  • Fiber: 0.3g
  • Calories: 8

Half a cup of cut cucumber slices (weighs approximately 52g), offers 2g of carbohydrates, 0.29g of protein, approximately 8.5 calories, and a negligible amount of fat.

Health Benefits Of Cucumber For Dogs

The nutrients in cucumbers provide various health benefits to your pooch.

Generally, dogs require a healthy, balanced diet, which should consist of more protein, a moderate amount of fats, and fewer carbohydrates.

Cucumber also has high levels of vitamin c and as it is a low-fat food, it will definitely be a healthy, hydrating, and tasty treat for dogs.

Are Cucumbers Safe For Dogs?

Yes, it is absolutely safe food for dogs. Cucumbers are a low-calorie crunchy snack that contains less sodium.

It is better to feed cucumber to your dog instead of a medium milk bone biscuit that has 40 calories.

But, dogs need fat and protein as the main components in their diet to meet their nutritional needs. Canines usually get those nutrients from their dog food.

So, it is advisable to feed cucumbers as an occasional treat even though it is beneficial for dogs. And, keep in mind that cucumber shouldn’t be fed as a replacement for your dog’s regular food.

In addition, there are a couple of potential risks in feeding cucumbers to dogs.

  • Overeating
  • Choking

Although feeding too many cucumbers to your dog won’t cause serious damage, too much of any food item can cause stomach upset and sometimes watery stools in dogs, especially if it is a new food.

So, cucumbers are safe for your dog as long as they are fed in moderation.

To prevent your dog from choking, feeding a whole cucumber is not advisable always. It is essential to cut down cucumbers to a manageable size, specifically for tiny dogs.

As canines are very eager while they eat, it’s important to not let them have big chunks of food at a time.

Therefore, dog owners should be aware of the amount and the serving methods of cucumber to their dogs.

How Much Cucumber Can My Dog Eat?

The best rule of thumb to determine how much cucumber to feed your dog is the 10 percent rule. According to veterinarians, cucumbers are fine for dogs provided that they make only less than 10 percent of the dog’s regular diet.

This means that the amount of cucumber you feed to dogs will vary based on the dog breed. So, always feed cucumber in moderation.

But, always consult your veterinarian before feeding your dog any new food.

How To Prepare Cucumber For Your Dog?

It is advisable to feed just a small amount of cucumber to your dog if you’re trying to give it for the first time. This is applicable even for any new food.

Then, observe your dog’s reaction in the next 24 hours before feeding some more cucumbers. If your dog won’t show any adverse reaction, introduce cucumber slowly into your dog’s diet and keep an eye on your pooch.

You can also make your dog love this healthy treat in the following ways.

  • Give it in small, bite-sized pieces as a positive reinforcement
  • Mix it into foods that your dog love
  • Peel the skin and feed it

But, if there is any bad reaction, then stop feeding cucumbers.

Serving Ideas of Cucumbers to Dogs

If your pooch loves cucumber, you can serve it in the following ways. These ideas will also help dog owners to make cucumbers a lovable treat for their dogs.


Dogs are not the best chewers always. So, there are possibilities for choking in dogs while eating cucumbers.  So, to prevent choking and overeating issues in dogs, always cut the big chunks into small pieces.

Cut the cucumber into slices and replace the usual cookies or dog treats with a few fresh slices. You can also chop up a cucumber and add a handful of pieces to the dog’s food bowl. And, slices are also the easiest way of serving cucumbers to your dog.

Treat substitutes

You may love to give little rewards to your dog throughout the day. In such cases, you can try to feed cucumber as a treat to your dog. It is not only a healthy choice but also a beneficial, low-calorie substitute for dog treats.

Experts generally recommend providing cucumber as a snack or filler to your dog if your pooch is on a low-calorie diet. Cucumbers can also make a great substitute for high-calorie dog treats. So, you can feed it as a treat to overweight dogs.

Filling garnishes

Including cucumber in your dog’s dinner is a great idea if it is on a diet. Add cucumbers to your dog by filling it with garnishes. This will help your dog to feel less hungry.

Stuff cucumbers into your dog’s food puzzle toy or chew toy

You can also include cucumber in your dog’s chew toy or food puzzle. One of the best serving ideas is to wedge cucumber spears into a food puzzle toy.

You can either add raw cucumber to other foods such as cooked chicken or rice. Steam the cucumber for a few minutes and then add the cooked slices to your dog’s dinner diet.

Precautions While Feeding Cucumbers To Dogs

  1. Cucumber is a wonderful fruit for your dog. But, you should be precautious while feeding it to your pooch because overfeeding cucumber may cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs.
  2. Following are a couple of precautionary measures while feeding cucumbers to dogs.
  3. Cucumber contains alcohol acid, which inhibits carbohydrates into fat which results in weight loss. So, feed your dogs with washed cucumber to remove residues of pesticides.
  4. Try to avoid pickles and always stay with plain cucumbers because pickled cucumber contains a large amount of salt and sodium which is harmful to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Skin?

No. Cucumber’s skin has several vitamins and nutrients similar to most vegetables and fruits. But, dogs usually find it difficult to digest the cucumber’s skin as it is slightly harder.

The skin of cucumber can also have a high amount of pesticides that are harmful to dogs to consume. So, it is advisable to wash it thoroughly before feeding it to your dog.

In addition, the wax is typically applied on commercially sold cucumbers. So, it is recommended to go for organic products. But, on the safer side, it is better always to peel the skin of the cucumber and be sure to make it as thin slices.

Are Raw Cucumbers Safe For Dogs?

Yes, they are completely safe for dogs because they love the crunchiness. And, raw cucumber has all the nutrients in it.

Also, serving cucumber raw is the best way of feeding it to your dog. Raw cucumbers can be beneficial for dogs because they are able to assist dogs with weight loss and strengthen their bones, joints, and connective tissues.

They also help in hydration and promote better breath in dogs.

Icy Cucumber And Watermelon Home Dog Treat

You can make a tasty, mouthwatering recipe for your dog using cucumber. Here’re the ingredients and procedure to prepare a wonderful recipe for your pooch.



First, peel the cucumber skin and cut it into halves lengthwise. Then, remove the seeds using a spoon and blend the cucumber in the blender and puree.

Pour some amount (quarter portion) of the mixture in the silicon molds and freeze overnight. Now, cut the watermelon into slices and remove the rind. Using the blender and puree, toss the watermelon.

After refrigeration of cucumber mixture overnight, pour watermelon juice over it, which that is already in the molds. Now, let eh cucumber and watermelon mixture for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Finally, remove the treat from the mold and serve it to your dog! It will be a superb, tasty treat for your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? - FAQs

1. Are cucumbers toxic to dogs?

According to ASPCA, cucumbers are not toxic to dogs. But, feeding cucumber with human foods sometimes may cause stomach upset and diarrhea in canines.

So, you should be aware of the foods safe for dogs and then add cucumber to them. It is also advisable to provide cucumbers in moderation as too much may also affect your dog.

2. Are slicing cucumbers good for dogs?

Yes, they are good for dogs to eat. Slicing cucumbers are usually 6 to 9 inches long with glossy skin that is usually dark green in color with their ends tapered.

You can see such types of cucumbers in supermarkets. They can be eaten fresh and you can serve your dog. But, it is better to peel off the skin before serving it your pooch.

3. Can dogs eat pickling cucumbers?

No. Pickling cucumbers are generally squatter and smaller. As the name implies, they are a form of fermented cucumber that contains more sodium, spices, and preservatives such as salt, vinegar, and sugar.

These preservatives will be highly harmful to your dog. So, don’t share these cucumbers with your pooch. You can also avoid feeding them to your dog.

4. Is it safe for dogs to eat cucumber seeds?

Yes, cucumber seeds are safe for dogs to eat. However, there is little evidence tackling cucumber seeds’ safety for dogs.

But, it is better to scoop out prior to serving. If you observe any negative effects after feeding cucumber seeds to your dog, remove them before serving.

5. Can puppies eat cucumber?

Yes, puppies can eat cucumber if they are already weaned and are capable of eating solid food.

As the digestive system of puppies is at the developing stage, feed cucumber only in small portions and as an occasional treat.

And, it is not recommended to provide cucumber to puppies that are still weaning by their mothers. Feeding cucumbers to those puppies will cause an upset stomach in them.

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