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Single Children And Pets – Why Every Child Should Have A Pet?

Single Children And Pets
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Trust us, Your Only Child Needs a pet!

The main entrance opened, and your dog started to bark. Trying to sneak out of the house, your daughter put her hands on her hips and hushed the barking beast.

“Bett, you know me,” she pleaded. “I’m your best gal.”

Trade “best gal” for “proxy sibling” and you’ve got the relationship between your kid and the dog. To the outsiders, you are raising a lonesome only child.

Inside your house, you are raising a kid who has everything she needs from a “sister/brother” with boundless energy, four legs, and a slobbery tongue.

Such is the relationship between a girl/boy and their constant canine companion. We assure you, it’s great for you to see your kid hopping through the beautiful yard in the spring with her pet. ‘Single children and pets’ is the most nocturnal researchable topic.

Raising an only child is scary for many parents.  Every time an outsider or relations issues a word of warning that single kids miss out on so much by not having siblings, we urgently reconsider the path that led us to the decision to stop at one.

But it’s your pet is your savior- the crazy, bubbly, bouncy dog in the above case has been teaching the kid empathy.

It looks after her and lends its shoulder to lean on and mainly the responsibility to feed her daily.

In a nuclear family with one kid, a pet often comes in handy. While they cannot replace human siblings, pets can certainly teach children some social skills that could be useful to them in their adult life.

A recent survey revealed that 62 percent of households in the United States include pets. The most popular choice is dogs, which came first at 39 percent, closely followed by cats at 33 percent.

Benefits Of Having A Pet

Several studies suggest how raising single children (or households with many kids, for that matter) around pets can promote their emotional, social, cognitive and psychological development.

The general benefits of caring for a pet are well-documented, and that includes encouraging physical health, they make sure you’re never lonely, reduce the risk of depression and promote social development.

That top the list of having a companion pet–especially a furry friend–who can often act as a guard dog to keep the family and the kid-safe as well as acting as the perfect playtime companion for active kids.

But, is there any other unknown benefits regarding single children and pets? Does having a pet help kids to develop the skills that are necessary for becoming a well-rounded, competent adult?

Pets In Emotional Development Of Kids

Repeated studies show a link between caring for a pet and emotional development of children. According to the Pet Health Council report, children with pets have higher levels of self-esteem than those without one. Children who take care of pets and are responsible for their well-being develop a sense of empathy towards others.  Who doesn’t want their child to be compassionate?

Celebrities who own/owned an Australian Labradoodle:
Joe Biden – Former US Vice President
Tiger Woods – Professional Golfer (USA)
Jennifer Aniston – American actress, Film and also a television producer

It’s indispensable for building better interpersonal relationships. Development of strong empathetic abilities in early days is also linked to emotional intelligence in adulthood.

How Pets Help In The Cognitive Development Of Kids?

Pets can actually improve children’s reading skills as they make great reading buddies at home.

Do you know Kids who read out loud to a dog exhibited an increase in their reading rate (words-per-minute) when compared with those kids who read in front of humans?

With their non-judgmental support, reading to pets can be a fun experience for kids especially if they get the nervous reading in front of other kids and this also helps in reducing children’s stress levels.

Reasons Why Pets Influence The Physical Development Of Children

We all know that kids who have pets spend more time playing, which helps to progress their motor skills.

What you need to know is, kids who have early contact with dogs and cats are less likely to be susceptible to respiratory infections and ear infections, also they respond better to antibiotics than other children.

According to a 2004 study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Dogs and cats actually reduce a child’s chance of becoming allergic and some researcher’s state that it is up to 33 percent. Also, a lot of research is happening on the topic ‘Single children and pets’.

As an additional benefit, young ‘uns could even develop stronger immune systems. So next time your kid sniffles, reach for the tissues and your trustable sidekick.

Can you imagine that a pet could save you and your kids from heart ailments?

Pets don’t just fill your heart; they actually make it stronger. It is reported that owning a pet has an incredible impact on blood pressure; decreases triglyceride levels and reduce cholesterol, which contributes to better overall cardiovascular health.

According to another small study in the journal PLoS ONE, Kids who actively cared for a pet were 2.5 times more likely to keep up healthy blood sugar levels.

So, whether you head to your local animal shelter to get an old dog or pick up a puppy from a breeder, remember that your new multi-vitamin arrives with four legs.

Top 8 Funny Reasons Behind Pets And Kids

  1. The cohort in cuddling crime is a non-issue when a furry friend is around.
  2. Pet friends in the house mean responsibility in kids, so keep handing over those poop scooping errands. Well, tell them this is for their own good.
  3. Any monsters behind the closet or under the bed is gonna find themselves outpowered by the A- pet team. (“A” stands for affectionate and audacious)
  4. When your child and your Dog disappear upstairs for an hour, you can feel free and call your friend for a chat but still, you should be totally suspicious
  5. Plenty of room on the couch, but your kid and a furry pal are going to sit directly on your lap instead. In fact, if they choose to sit next to you rather than on your lap almost breaks your heart a little.
  6. Your kid will be protective of you. This one is obvious unless your dog is a chihuahua, Newfie or a pug, in which case it’s sweet, but also awkward in front of others with pitties or staffies.
  7. Suddenly your kid won’t judge you for your cooking skills! They should be practicing the art of being non-judgmental from the dogs
  8. You feel worried when your kid is thrilled to jump in the lawn filled with leaves? they’ll never have to jump alone with a family pet! When you have Beagles or Basset Hounds by their side you don’t even have to worry about snakes and other small reptiles.

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