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10 Pet Apps For Pet Parents That’ll Turn Every Day A Holiday

Pet Apps
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Stop worrying folks! Keeping our pets healthy and happy has always been trickier and thanks to trendy mobile apps. With many inventive pet apps, managing your pet’s requirement is only a touch away. Pet apps are one of the easiest ways to get your job done.

Yes, with plenty of apps available on the internet, you can easily get distracted. Therefore, to make your job damn easy, we have listed some of the best pet apps to give you a headstart.


  • Price – USD $ 0.99
  • Operating system – Android 2.2 to 4.1

This is a simple app to use tracking and pet remainder. In general, PetMinderPro employs a distinct color notification alert to inform you that your pet needs immediate attention.

Moreover, the red color means your pet requires medications or food etc. In addition, the green color suggests your pet is satisfied. With DYU technology, you can share all the information with the entire family via alerts or notifications automatically.

Features of PetMinderPro App

  • Daily feeding reminders are made available in your notification section
  • Two times feeding per day recommended
  • When managing DYU, all people must use the same pet name, password, and username.
  • Record and document how many times your puppy went number 2 or 1.
  • Instant reminders when heartworm, flea, and tick medications are due
  • Shows due date for the next shot


  • Price – USD $ 2.99
  • Operating system – iOS only

It’s not that simple to identify toxic plants for pets but this Petoxins app released by ASPCA makes your cool. In this app, ASPCA provides an alphabetical list of plants with pictures which enables you to find whether a plant is actually safe or toxic.

Features of ASPCA Animal Poison App

  • A vast database of plenty of information including but not restricted to- cold and warm weather toxins, medications, household hazards.
  • This app contains details for almost all toxic plants including its image, scientific name, and a range of symptoms.
  • Immediate notification if your pet has consumed anything toxic and single touch dialing is available for iPhone users (ASPCA APCC).
  • As a pet lover, you can use this app when shopping for new additions to your garden.
  • Unique color coding identifies toxins with ease
  • Rodenticide poison calculators or chocolate to determine toxicity level.
  • Both offline and online access to the app details
  • Access to APCC information
  • Information regarding other APCC events, speaking engagements, and podcasts
  • Download and use Petoxins today and keep all your pets poison-free and safe.

All the information provided in this list contains a common list of plants frequently encountered by pets. Overall, the list is not all-inclusive.

Pet First Aid

  • Price – Free
  • Operating system – iOS 11

One of the best apps from the stables of American Red Cross, Pet First Aid contains helpful details when an emergency happens. Also, when you seek emergency vet care, this app provides step-by-step details for a whole range of emergency requirements.

In addition, this app features useful instructions and videos, and everything related to pet first aid details.

Features of Pet First Aid

  • Excellent toggle between dog and cat content
  • Simple easy step-by-step guidelines to help you through daily emergencies
  • Very early sign checker
  • Pre-stored vet contact details will be available
  • Learn around 25 common pet emergencies through a series of images, video, text
  • Identify your pet-friend hotels and the nearest emergency
  • Relieve pet emergencies with simple, user-friendly “ How to” videos.
  • Customize vet appointments and multiple pet profiles
  • Furthermore, interactive quizzes help you to gain badges

Game For Cats

  • Price –  Free
  • Operating System- iOS

Created by the talented Little Hiccup company, this Game for Cats apps will definitely ensure that your cat friend will be kept busy.

In this app, virtual mice will move across your iPad. It also contains a laser feature.

Features of Game for Cats

  • Control the mouse and laser pointer with your iPhone using the paid version
  • Free laser pointer
  • Contains multitasking gestures

Game Pause

To “paws” this games, you should hold down the paw. Then shake-shake-shake and hold the iPad.

Disable Multitasking

  • First press the Home button
  • Choose “Settings”
  • Choose “General”
  • Disable “Multitasking Gestures”

Latest Version

  • Can you catch cheese mouse?
  • The purple one because they are big
  • Capture the red mouse
  • Chase a black mouse


  • Price – Free
  • Operating System – iOS 8.0 and above

PetCoach is another interesting app that allows you to connect with verified vets and trainers. With this app, you can get answers related to behavior, nutrition, and training.

Features of PetCoach

  • Your good source – In general, PetCoach features hundreds of articles verified by vets and the article ranges from care, nutrition, behavior, and pet health.
  • You can also learn which foods are toxic, what your pet’s meowing suggests, and why your pet eats grass.
  • One source for all dog breeds – PetCoach experts are ready to answer queries on all types of pets ranging from the pony, a guinea pig, an American Shorthair cat, a pug, or a Labrador Retriever
  • Clear everything about pets – With this app, you can learn how to stop ticks and fleas, learn about dog’s nutrition, and stop your cat’s scratching and itching.
  • Instant reply – There are plenty of answers already available in the database and users can search any query of their choice.
  • Easy access – A user can ask a vet and receive a suitable reply without any payment.
  • Reliable – Gather direct advice from Government certified experts, pet nutritionists, dog trainers, and vets.


  • Price – USD $ 50.4 (collar) and free for app
  • Operating System – Android and iOS

Are you looking for more activity?  In fact, PitPat is dubbed as the dog’s Fitbit. Moreover, a pet fitness device can reveal what an owner should do to help him slim down.

The pet owner should simply pair both the app and the PitPat collar and wear the collar on your pet’s neck. In this way, you can easily measure your pet’s activities and it can range from playing, resting, running, and walking.

Features of PitPat

  • Your dog’s current status can be immediately known by pressing a button. The PitPat app has the capacity to store a week’s data.
  • It also keeps a record of all information transferred to the app.
  • Using the latest technology to measure the gait motion, PitPat reveals the difference between running and walking by the exertion.
  • PitPat app watches all the activities over a time gap of 5 to 10 mins and then reclassify the action based on the most prominent one in that period.
  • This app takes into account whether the activity was goal-oriented or not.
  • A standalone app with zero subscription fee.

Dog Buddy

  • Price – Free
  • Operating System – iOS

Dog Buddy Free, a fine app that’s a must for dog owners which is available for all iOS operating system.  Using this app, you can write the dog’s diaries, document your dog’s milestones, and track your dogs’ overall growth.

With this app, you can add souvenir, track your dog’s allergies, vaccinations, medications, and all other details. In fact, Dog Buddy app allows you to share your friends and family.

Moreover, this app features dog first aid details too.

Features of Dog Buddy App

  • Supports export data via email
  • Dropbox backup and restore
  • Restore and WiFi Backup
  • Adds reminders
  • Dog first aid manual lists
  • Track your dogs’ health details including weight, medication details
  • Document your dog’s milestone
  • Write and store diaries for dog
  • Works in both iPad and iPhone

Overall, Dog Buddy app serves as a useful tool in protecting the health of your dog.

Prepet App

  • Price –  Free
  • Operating system – iOS and Android

This app simulates a feel-good real-life dog or cat and you are required to do everything you will do in real life. You will pat them, play, brush, and also feed them.

Moreover, you can easily set the difficulty level. Therefore, in every way, everyone agrees that the challenge to take care of the dog is really true and lively.

Features of the PrePet app

  • The 21-day challenge sets the mood for the kids to learn and behave responsibly.
  • You first create a virtual pet.
  • In addition, this app provides three levels of challenge. They are hard, medium, or easy.
  • The PrePet app also informs the user when their pet requires love or care.
  • By the time you finish the challenge, you will know whether you are qualified to bring home a pet or not.

Rover App - Dog Sitters And Walkers

  • Price – Free
  • Operating system – iOS and Android

To get trusted pet help in your neighborhood, Rover app does a fine job. Created by dog lovers for the benefit of dog owners, this app features a lot of options.

With this app, one can get adorable photo details, GPS tracking information, and a simple way to manage or message your business. Amazingly, with over 2,00,000 dog walkers and pet sitters in Canada and U.S., Rover makes it quite easy to handle pet care.

Features of Rover app – Dog Sitters and Walkers

Provides peace of mind

  • Around 95% of services always get a good 5-star rating
  • Rover accepts only selected potential sitters
  • Each and every service booked via Rover provides 24/7 customer support
  • Fast and Easy
  • Message sitters and receive messages.
  • Secure payments
  • Map of dog’s walk and other details will be sent to your account

For Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

  • Create Rover Cards and share information with all your clients
  • Start push notifications
  • Manage your business
  • Get Paid
  • Send messages, videos, and photos

Finally, Rover app uses location details in the background.

FitBark App

  • Price – Free
  • Operating System – Android and iOS

Are you sure whether your pet dog or cat gets enough exercise? In fact, FitBark app talks everything about your dog tracks their daily growth, and everything from top to tail.

With this app, you can use this app to understand your dog’s health and you can make informed and better decisions.

Features of FitBark App

  • Set a regular target based on other dog insights
  • Challenge and find new friends
  • Share pictures and reports with all your vets and friends
  • Option to sync with popular trackers and FITBIT
  • Easily identify whether your pet is sick or well

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