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Fox Terrier – 10 Must Know Dog Breed Information And Traits

Fox Terrier
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Fox terriers are very feisty, naughty, and energetic dogs. It is an attractive buoyant dog species.

Fox Terriers or Foxies as they are famously nicknamed is a beautiful breed of dog which has a stylish appearance with its raised spunk that it walks with an attitude “whoever may care”.

It is one of the happiest breeds in the complete canine world and the joy is evident in its eyes.

Although it has a very good temperament, it is not a great pet for first-time pet-owning families or houses with small children because of its fiery nature.

If you already own a Foxie or planning to own one then it is a wonderful decision. Here we bring you all possible facts and information about fox terrier that will help you in upbringing a healthy Foxie and everlasting companionship.

Fox Terrier Breed Characteristics Sheet

Origin – England

Size – Small

Lifespan – 13-14 years

Group – Terrier

Height – 16-20 inches

Weight – 6-9 Kgs

Dog Breed Group – Terrier Dogs

Shedding – Negligible

Monthly Maintenance Cost – Standard: Rs 1928/- Premium Rs 2790/-

Efforts – Regular Exercise

Getting A Pup Home – Expensive

Availability – Rare

Grooming Requirement – Low

Drooling – No

Bath – Rare

Heat Tolerance – Risk of getting Heatstroke

Exercise Requirement – Needs lots of exercise session

Under Coat – No

Coat Color – TriColor/White/Black&White

Coat Type – Short

Hair Length – Short

Hair Density – Sparse

Visits To Vet – Rare

Obesity Prone – No

Litter Size – 4-6 puppies

Breeding Complication – No

Tail Type – Flag Pole

Ear Type – Button

Eyes Shape & Type – Small And Circular

Temperament With Kids – Prefers Adults

Guarding Potential – Moderate

Therapy Dog – Snappy

Guide Dog – No

Temperament With Other Pets – Gets along Moderately

Activity Requirement – Energy Bundle

Trainability – Obedient

Price Range – $700-1000

Fox Terrier History

The ancestry of the Fox terrier is quite rich. There were days when fox hunting was very famous in England. At those times hunters used to breed fox terriers to bring out the foxes which were hiding in their dens.

Smooth Fox Terrier

The breeders weren’t able to keep a track of the breeds; however, the black/tan terrier is the smooth fox terrier, Dachshund, English hound, Beagle, and a foxhound.

For a long time, the smooth fox terrier was utilized by the farmers in the farms to safeguard the farm from foxes, rats, and other tiny vermin that might harm the crops.

Smooth Fox terriers have the capacity to detect the animals in the ground and dig until they capture the animal. They growl and bark as they get closer to the animal and till the animal is out of its den.

Once the animals walk out of the hiding den the hunters kill them on the spot. In 1885 the American Kennel Club had recognized Fox terrier.

However, in the year 1985, only the two separate breeds of a fox terrier, Smooth and Wire fox terrier were recognized. The initial standard for smooth fox terrier was introduced in the year 1876.

Fox Terrier Infographic

Fox Terrier

Fox Terrier Appearance

A fox terrier is a medium-sized breed. The skull of this breed is flat with a little narrowness near the eyes with a slight stop. The muzzle tapers a little bit, making it appear as a black nose.

The teeth of the dog end in a scissor bite shape. It has dark and tiny eyes.  The shape of the ears is “V” and it falls over the cheeks.

The breed poses an athletic body with a short back and muscular legs that are straight which supports them with the required speed and reflexes.

The tail of the fox terrier is very unique compared to the other canines. It quivers with its short yet strong and straight tail.

Usually, a fox terrier appears in white color with tan/black markings all over its head and ears.

A completely grown fox terrier of the male category has a height of about 36cm –41cms and weighs around 7-9kgs. However, a fully-grown female fox terrier weighs 6-8kgs with a height of 33-38cms.

Fox Terrier Training

Being one of the intelligent breeds, Fox terriers performs well in a strict and consistent training session.

Those who are owning the Fox terrier first must get advice from the dog behaviorist or dog trainer about the comprehensive training session which is tailor-made for the fox terriers.

Fox terrier tend to respond really well to positive reinforcements and activities which leads to independent thinking.

They are lots trained for various shows. It is necessary to spend adequate time with the fox terriers so try playing a lot with your pooch.

The training regime should begin at an early stage to start a training regime as soon as the pup arrives at your house.

Fox Terrier Shedding And Grooming

The fox terrier’s coat is quite smooth and dense, which is why its grooming requirements are less. Fox terriers usually shed two times in year especially when there is a weather change.

The fox terrier is a breed which does not require baths regularly and you can give bath only when it is very dirty. Though the coat is dense it is easy to be groomed and dries off quite fast.

If the dog is participating in any shows extra care, grooming is required. Dental grooming is a must for this breed.

Brushing the teeth every day helps the dog in keeping away tartar and plaque being built up in the mouth.

Refreshing the mouth every day keeps the dog’s mouth clean and helps in keeping away any periodontal issues.

The nails in the paws need regular trimming and it is advised to keep the nails short as they might cause hurt while the dog runs or plays.

The ears need to clean up as it may lead to wax being developed in the ear lobes. Do keep a check for rashes or redness in the skin of the dog while you groom.

A proper grooming regime begins from the tender age itself.  Introducing the dog to good dental, grooming, and the bathing session will help the pup in getting accustomed to the regimes and feel comfortable.

Fox Terrier Temperament

They are feisty kinds of dogs and they showcase their fiery nature by being excited about everything and it appears very clear on their little dark eyes.

They are very loyal to their owners and therefore they tend to be very keen on safeguarding them.

If you happen to own another pet or have a little baby at home, make sure to socialize them with the fox terrier right from the beginning. The fox terrier awaits fun by standing on their toes.

If you do not have much time for your pet then a fox terrier is not the right choice of pet for you.

The fox terrier needs enough activity and if the breed is not given enough exercising lessons, they tend to chew away the furniture or dig deep in the yard.

Just like other breeds if they socialize with the kids in the house right from the start, they tend to have a completely developed and gentle temperament.

Fox terriers are an intelligent, smart, and confident breed that loves to explore things around. If you live with a house that has a backyard and garden, do construct a fence that is high and make sure they are on a leash.

Fox Terrier Care

The fox terrier’s coat is easy to take care and they generally shed a little more hair. The dogs in these breeds have a white shade coat with black and brown fur spots.

Fox Terrier Feeding

The recommended Daily meal: 1.5 to 2 cups of good quality dog food which is fed in two separate meals.

The amount of food the dog requires is based on the size, age, metabolism, and activity performance of the dog. Just like we humans, all dogs don’t eat the same amount of food.

As it goes without saying a very active dog requires more amount of food than a couch potato dog. The quality of the dog food is very important. When the food is of high quality it helps in nourishing the pup well.

Grow your fox terrier in good shape by feeding in measuring cups and try to split the meal twice a day without leaving the dog without food for a long day.

If you feel your dog is overweight try to test it with an eye test or hands-on test. First, try to make him look down, the dog should be able to see its waist.

Then next keep your palm on his back and thumbs over his spine with the fingers facing down. You must be able to feel the dog’s ribs and not see them. If you can’t feel its ribs then the dog needs more exercise and less food.



Fox Terrier Health Problems

Fox terriers are usually a healthy breed. But there are chances of being affected by health issues that pass over due to hereditary.

Check all the hereditary problems in parent dogs before purchasing a pup so as to make sure there are no genetic disorders in the pup.

Deafness: As per research Foxies are known to be largely affected by deafness. If a dog seems to be deaf and you find it out while training them to make sure not to breed them further.

Cataracts: Cataracts cover the retina of the eye and complicate the seeing ability. When a dog suffers from a cataract the dog generally has a cloudy vision. A cataract needs to removed surgically so as to improve the eyesight of the dog.

Hip Dysplasia: Hip Dysplasia is a hereditary problem that affects the hip bone of the dog.

It doesn’t connect properly with the hip joint which leads to pain in the dog’s hips and also leads to lameness in any one of the rear legs. It could result in a severe issue such as arthritis.

Prior to buying a pup make sure to check the parent’s health documents to rule out any chance of hip dysplasia affecting the pup.

Legg Perthes Disease: Legg Perthes disorder is a problem where there is a deformity in the hip joint’s ball and it is not be mingled with hip dysplasia.

If a dog is affected by Legg-Perthes there are chances of wearing and the beginning of arthritis. The issue can be corrected surgically and it can be followed by rehabilitation therapy.

Lens luxation: Lens Luxation is the issue where the lens of the eye is relocated due to damage or deterioration in the ligament present in the eye.

Fox Terrier Interesting Facts

The most interesting fact about the fox terrier is its tail. Unlike the other breeds the fox terrier’s tail does not wag but quivers. The tail of the foxie is straight and strengthened which makes it easy to pull them from any trouble.

Another unique feature of the Foxie is that it has amazing energy levels and inquisitiveness. A fox terrier is very alert and reacts instantly to any noise, which makes them an excellent guard.

Fox Terrier Puppies Names































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Fox Terrier Price And Breeders

Welcoming a Foxie to your home is a long-term commitment. If you are all set to carry the plunge, find out few reputable Fox terrier breeders.

Remember to choose a reputable breeder to buy a pup from us you are beginning a new relationship and you must feel good to give your Foxie the best start of your new life.

The price of the fox terrier varies due to various factors. The major factors relating to the price are location, the reputation of the breeder, and the lineage of the pup.

You can expect the price to range from $400-$600 for a small Fox terrier puppy.

However, the normal price of a Smooth Coat Foxie ranges between $700 – $1000, and a Foxie with Wire Coat costs $800-$1000.

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