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Lazy Dog Breeds – Lovable And Low Maintenance Dogs

Lazy Dog Breeds
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Lazy dogs! These dogs love the couch more than you actually do. Their greatest ambition in life is to capture your heart and nothing else matters.

For every hunting and hound dog breed, there is an opposite lazy dog breed.

The least active of the breeds, these sleepy and passive dog breeds still require play and exercise, but not as much as working dog breeds.

These dogs are bred to be low-maintenance family dogs.

All lazy dogs are simply lovable and let’s learn more about these lazy dog breeds.

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An excellent companion dog, the Dachshund is a cute, couch buddy. A small dog breed, it is a perfect lap dog too! This breed needs a moderate amount of exercise.

You should not allow it to jump or run too much as it may make the health issue worsen.

As these breeds have a stubborn nature, you have to provide the basic training to them. Also, long-haired Dachshunds require more grooming than the short haired or wire-haired variety of this breed.

Overall, Dachshunds are healthy dog breeds. But, they may be prone to skin issues, dental problems and spinal cord issues as well.


Won’t you be the happiest person in the world if you get a giant couch potato? Weighing around 120 to 220 pounds, it has low exercise needs and happily lives in an apartment. Mastiff is the perfect dog for busy people and to the lazy owner.

You and your guard mastiff can be stress-free from daily walks and activities. Taking the adult mastiff to a walk for 1 or 2 miles daily is more than enough for it. Obedience training and early socialization are essential for this breed.

You can easily train this breed as it is a quick learner and pleases its master. But, this dog will get bored with repeated instructions and will start snoring. Reward-based training works well for this breed as it is a vivid reader of your gestures and body language.

Mastiffs shed high once or twice in a year. But, you can easily groom them because of its short and dense coat. Frequent brushing is recommended during the shedding period.

This dog is a fairly healthy breed and can live up to 10 years. But, they are prone to allergies. Heart disease, eye anomalies, degenerative myelopathy, cancer, and epilepsy can occur in these giant breeds.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The gentle, affectionate and athletic Cavalier is a small dog that loves to snuggle. Although it was bred as a lapdog, it needs moderate exercise and enjoys outdoor activities.

Cavalier breeds are smart and have a pleasing nature and so they are easy to train. These dogs will excel in a number of sports such as rally, agility, and obedience. Early socialization and puppy training classes will help these breeds to behave well and feel comfortable.

This breed needs minimal grooming such as regular brushing and wiping the ears. So, you will be visiting the groomer only occasionally.

Overall, it is a healthy breed but may inherit other heart problems such as luxating patella, hip dysplasia, syringomyelia, mitral valve heart disease etc.


You may wonder how a racing dog suits well for a lazy owner. But, greyhounds have proven yes!

The cheetah of the dog world, it enjoys loafing and daily walking with their owners. It is able to chase a tennis ball if it gets a chance. This dog also needs a regular exercise schedule and opportunities to run safely.

Greyhounds love to do things with you. But, training this dog is quite a challenge for the owners due to its independent nature. Also, you have to keep the training sessions short and sweet as this dog may get easily bored. Early socialization training is also essential for this breed!


This breed needs little grooming as it is a moderate shedder. Although it is a very healthy breed, it is prone to gastric torsion and bloat. It may also get “Greyhound neuropathy,” a common condition seen in this breed.

Saint Bernard

Yet another large breed with minimal care is Saint Bernard. Calm and composed, it is a great nanny dog. Moderate amount of exercise is only needed for this dog despite being large.

You can either take him for a long walk once in a day or let it play half an hour.

A pleasing personality, it usually responds well to training. But, you have to provide early socialization and obedience training to avoid undesirable behaviors. Saint Bernard is a family companion and it will feel alone for a long period of time!

You have to brush its coat weekly once irrespective of the coat texture. Daily brushing is also essential for this breed during the shedding seasons.

As a large breed, it lives for up to 10 years and is a healthy breed too! But, it may develop bloat, hip disease, and hip dysplasia.

French Bulldog

If you wanna loafing companion, then go for French bulldog! It is a compact and cheerful breed! Although having a load of energy, it requires a moderate amount of exercise daily except swimming or water plays.

Due to its pleasing nature, you can easily train this breed. But, early socialization and puppy training classes are also recommended. This dog is a minimal shedder and so the minimal needs are!

Frenchies are prone to skin allergies, breathing problems and get health issues such as Cherry eye and juvenile cataracts.


Pleasing with their attractive eyes, the pug is the apt choice for busy people! Fond of eating and snuggling most of the day, your work and time is greatly reduced with the Pug.

This coaching companion needs a moderate amount of exercise such as walking or playing in the yard. But, pugs having short face are intolerant of the hot climate and so you shouldn’t let this dog play during such conditions.

Due to its pleasing nature, these dogs are generally easy to train. But, ensure that you are using positive and consistent training methods. Pugs usually excel in agility, obedience and rally training.


Early socialization and puppy training classes are also recommended for this dog.

Pug needs only minimal maintenance because of its short and smooth coat. Weekly brushing is only essential for this breed. Fairly healthy, it may get corneal ulcers, dry eye, and breathing problems as well.


This breed just loves to spend time with you! A small dog having a great personality, it is a happy and cheerful dog.

The exercise needs of this breed are only moderate such as long walk, playing in the yard and romping inside the home.

As Havanese is a smart and outgoing personality, you can easily train him. Intelligent and eager to please, it will become a wonderful companion dog with positive training methods.

But, it is essential to provide socialization training for this dog. So, this breed will be affectionate with people and suits well with other nonaggressive counterparts.

Havanese needs daily grooming in order to be free of mats and tangles. Brushing using a soft brush is recommended.

This breed is a healthy dog and has a long life. But, it is prone to patellar luxation, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, heart murmurs, eye disorders, and chondrodysplasia.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Big, beautiful and hardworking, Bernese mountain dog is a sweet and affectionate breed. Its size doesn’t matter for its exercise needs. This breed requires a moderate amount of exercise for half an hour to stay healthy and happy.

Bernese mountain dogs actually want to live indoors, but they enjoy long walks and hikes, too! They also excel in agility, obedience, herding and tracking trails.

As these dogs are intelligent and eager to please; you can train this dog with so much ease. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to use positive training methods. And, early socialization and obedience training are important for this large breed.

As it is a frequent shedder, you have to brush it 2 to 3 times a week to remove loose and dead hairs. Regarding health, it is a healthy breed. But, it may be prone to elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and blood disorders.


If you want to chill with a dog, Chihuahua is the best choice. The pocket-sized lapdog weighing around 6 pounds, it is a high-energetic dog and loves to run and play. But, it usually gets enough exercise in a too small space.

Alert and intelligent, it responds well to training due to its pleasing nature. But, you must be firm but gentle while you train it. These breeds do wonders in obedience training and other canine sports.

Chihuahua’s grooming needs differ according to its coat variety. If it has the smooth coat, an occasional brushing is enough, whereas, for the long-haired dog, regular brushing at least weekly once is required.

Although Chihuahuas are healthy dog breeds, they may inherit some health issues genetically. Also, they are prone to idiopathic epilepsy apart from potential heart problems, patellar luxation, and eye disease.

Other Lazy Dogs

A few dogs can still add to the list of lazy dog breeds.

Buy the right dog and be happy!

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