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Azawakh – Dog Breed Information And Interesting Facts

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Elegant and tall, the Azawakh represents a West African dog breed who originates from Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

Excelling its breed heritage, this dog shines as a lure coursing expert, guardian, and a companion in the land of opportunities, the United States.

This dog is included in the Hound Dog Group since January 2019.

Azawakh Infographic

Azawakh Infographic

Azawakh Breed Characteristics Sheet

  • Origin: Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger
  • Size: Large
  • Dog Breed Group: Family dog/Companion dog/Large dog/ Watchdog/Guard dog/Hound dogs/ Scent dogs
  • Purebred: Yes
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Height: 33-44 pounds (female), 44-55 pounds (male)
  • Weight: 23.5-27.5 inches (female), 25-29 inches (male)
  • Coat Appearance: Fine, short coat
  • Coat Colors: Black and brown, blue,  parti-color, brindled, sand to fawn, and red
  •  Temperament: Reserved with strangers, distant, sharp, quick, affectionate, gentle. Can be aggressive or timid depending on the breed lines
  • Good With Children: Better with supervision
  • Intelligence Level: High
  • Good With Pets: Better with supervision
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Grooming: Low
  • Shedding: Moderate
  • Suitable For Apartments: Yes
  • Need For Exercise: High
  • Easy To Train: No
  • Good For First Time Owners: No
  • Health Issues: Eosinophilic myositis, skin allergies, demodectic mange, cold intolerance, bloat, cardiac problems, seizures, wobbler’s disease
  • Litter Size:  5-9 puppies
  • Average Price: $1000 – $ 2500 USD

Azawakh History

A unique West African sighthound coming from the “land of the north,” these dogs are originally from Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso.

This breed is also called Idi, Aidi n’Ailluli, Hanshee, Rawondu, and Tuareg Sloughi.

These dogs would safeguard cattle and other livestock from predators and strangers, as well work as a guard dog.

This dog is considered as a special dog by the Tuareg tribes.

Little else is actually known about its history. Azawakhs share ancestors with dogs like Sloughi and Saluki.

The breed first entered the shores of America in the 80s.

With the AKC recognizing this breed from 2019, they are sure to go places far and wide.

Azawakh Appearance And Coat Color


This African dog is rangy and lean that his bones are visible to the naked eye.  The sleek S-shaped outlines, aerodynamic type head, deep-rooted chest identify this dog as a sighthound.

These canine sprinters rely heavily on blazing speed and good vision to fix and chase their prey. The smooth coat appears in different patterns and colors.

Never be fooled by this dog’s fineness and elegance. They are reliable, a strong hunter who’s has been running behind gazelle across the hot sands of the Sahara for centuries together.

The body length is around 90 percent height. This length-height ratio can be a bit higher in females.

Coat  and Coat Color

They have a fine, short coat which can come in different color combinations including black and brown, blue, parti-color, brindled, sand to fawn, and red.

With a black mask, these dogs are also known to have white markings predominantly on the bib, legs, and at the tip of its tail.

The skin is tight, fine completely.  Fine, short hair is present all over the body except none on the stomach area.

Azawakh Size And Lifespan

  • Height – 33-44 pounds (female), 44-55 pounds (male)
  • Weight – 23.5-27.5 inches (female), 25-29 inches (male)

The average lifespan of this purebred dog is between 12-15 years. Their maximum speed is around 40 mph(maximum).

Azawakh Tempermanent

  • Reserved with strangers, distant, and sharp, these dogs are friendly and gentle with those he is keen to accept into his fold.
  • Some are reportedly aggressive, hysterical, or timid depending on the breed lines.
  • A well-socialized dog is extremely sincere, playful, tender, and affectionate to its owner.
  • These dogs can become overly obsessive with one member of the family. They are leery of strangers and can become overprotective.
  • This breed is independent as well as intelligent, making it an excellent companion to those persons who lead strong lives.
  • Looking calm indoors, they carry tremendous endurance and energy.
  • No matter what kind of socialization this dog will never be friends with everyone.
  • Their high tolerance for pain is unmatched.

Azawakh Care

This dog would love to live in a place with plenty of space to run. They are best in any tropical climate.

Brushing the teeth will reduce oral problems. Clean the ears on a weekly basis to avoid ear infections.



Azawakh Dog Names

Locating a dog like this in America could be difficult. Pay close attention to the names of African origin and pick a name that reflects your dog’s personality.

Male Dog NamesFemale Dog Names
Oringo – The one who loves huntingRamla - An Oracle
Zaim - White flowering speciesFeechi - The one who worships gods
Zane - Well-respectedZemora - Right way
Issa - God saves allAlika - Most exotic
Chimaka - God is wonderfulAsha - An active woman full of energy and life
Aren - In Nigerian, the names “Aren” means an eagleNailah - Being successful
Abayomi- The one who brings great joyOba - A river goddess
Jabari - Fearless and braveNeda - Sunday born dog
Naiser - Head of the clansJina - Swahilian Name
Tibor - The forgotten oneIsabis - A beautiful thing

Azawakh Grooming And Shedding

The Azawakh dog’s short, smooth needs minimal maintenance and it sheds moderately.

What’s the best way to groom an Azawakh dog?

A weekly brushing using a hound glove, a rubber grooming kit, or a bristle brush is all that takes to keep this dog’s coat in top condition.

These dogs generally do not carry a bad odor and frequent bathing is not needed.

If the dog plays in the mud puddle, wait for the mud to dry and then brush the coat lightly.

Like all other breeds, they also need regular trimming of nails, as long nails can cause discomfort and pain.

It can also impede a dog’s walk or movement.

Azawakh Training

Because this dog is aggressively independent and smart, training should start as early as possible.

Puppy training classes and early socialization with a trainer having a positive approach is the need of the hour.

This dog possesses an exciting range of respect and mostly does not respond well to punishment-based or harsh training.

With harsh training, the resulting hound could be unmanageable, aggressive, or broken in spirit.

Reward-based, positive training with gentle but assertive commands can produce a stellar hound who is loyal, affectionate, and obedient.


This is an alert dog breed, requiring daily exercise. It can help to keep this dog both physically and mentally fit.

Adult Azawakhs are known for their running temperament.

If you cannot provide that, a daily 30 minutes play session inside a well-fenced yard, park or field will keep the hound healthy and happy.

No dog will perform self-exercise.

These dogs are likely to burn some energy in the company of another dog or the owner.

Being sighthounds, these dogs are easily distracted by motion and are more eager to chase running children, people on skateboards or bicycles, or animals.

Azawakh Food

These dogs are better when provided with best quality dog-food, it could be home-prepared or commercially manufactured with your vet’s approval or supervision.

Bear in mind, any dog diet should remain corresponding to the dog’s ideal age.

Some dogs can get overweight, so kindly watch your dog’s weight level and calorie consumption. Giving treats are not objected but giving way too much leads to obesity.

Kindly contact your vet for any inquiries about your dog’s diet and weight. Clean, drinking water should be present at all times. This is an athletic, slim dog and you would prefer to keep him in good top-notch condition.

In their native habitat, they survived on low-protein foods, mainly goat milk and millet. These dogs adapted to this diet and conditions.

Compared to other dog breeds, these dogs need lower protein content and never feed him with excessive meat and protein kibble.

Try adding some vegetables and fruits to this dog’s diet including carrots and bananas. While training, feed him with cooked wild rice, pasta, or millet.

Azawakh Health Problems

They are robust, healthy dogs. Any reputable breeder will check the breeding stock. The possible list of health issues include –

These dogs are elegant, slender dogs whose body structure allows their muscle and bone structure to show through.

Every responsible dog owner should learn what a healthy dog of this breed will look like. Like most sighthounds, this dog is susceptible to anesthesia.

They are susceptible to bloat, a disorder in wherein the dog’s stomach enlarges because of air. The stomach can twist by itself, causing gastric torsion.

Some of the other health problems include

Breeders are sincerely advised to test this dog for a range of diseases so that they can take a well-researched decision when buying litter.

Common health tests include

  • Blood test for Eosinophilic myositis
  • X-rays for elbow/hip dysplasia
  • Eye exams
  • Cardiac screening
  • Blood work(autoimmune)
  • Blood chemistry profiles
  • Thyroid screens

Seizures are not easy to detect and dogs showing signs of seizures should be skipped. Disease tracking and pedigree research is a definite tool for breeders.

Interesting Facts

  • It’s called the Tuareg Sloughi. They have remained as a loyal companion for thousands of years.
  • This breed first gained recognition in America in the 80s.
  • They are approved to take part in Lure Events since January 2008.
  • These dogs are assigned the popular Hound Group designation.
  • They live, eat, and sleep in the same place along with their human companions and are accepted as family members.
  • The preferred prey in the Sahara is wild boar, antelope, and the hare.
  • Not easily susceptible to injuries, the broken and rough terrain is definitely no hiccup for these dogs.
  • Also called Wulo, Bareeru, Rawondu, Oska, Hanshee, Idi, Levrier Azawakh, Sahelian Greyhound, and Sahelian Sloughi.

Azawakh Price And Breeders

They are sold between USD $1000-USD $2500 based on the breeder and breeding involved.

It is easy to adopt or buy one on a neuter contract for a cheaper price, young returns and adult rescues are available.

Both the breeder and the buyer should have a healthy conversation. Potential buyers can visit the breeder’s facility and check out the living conditions of the puppies.

Question the breeder regarding the health tests and ask for the results.

Enquire about the buying contract. Go prepared with plenty of questions. Research thoroughly and then buy these puppies.

Popular Breeders in the United States

  • Kel Simoon
    Deb Kidwell
    Sweetwater, TN 37874
  • Aliya Taylor
    Philadelphia, PA 19151

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