Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds That’ll Make Your Heart Skip A Beat

Australian Shepherd Mix
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The Australian Shepherd Mix breeds are a hybrid between an Australian Shepherd dog and other purebred dogs. The Aussie was produced and bred to manage livestock and this trait has not diminished through the ages.

Let’s discuss some of the craziest and most amazing Australian Shepherd mix breeds. These mixes are simply out of the world.

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Aussiedoodle (Australian Shepherd + Poodle)

  • Height – 14– 23 inches
  • Weight – 25-70 lbs
  • Lifespan – 10-12 years

The Aussiedoodle is an exciting cross between two superlative breeds, the Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

Aussiedoodles are kid-friendly dogs who are absolutely loyal to their respective families. This dog is very popular for it’s loving and social nature.

Ausky (Australian Shepherd + Siberian Husky)

  • Height – 18-23 inches
  • Weight – 50-65 lbs
  • Lifespan – 11-14 years

An enigmatic breed featuring a deep piercing stare, the Ausky(Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky) is a smart dog with an authoritarian attitude. This mix breed requires obedience training and without early socialization, you might find yourself in a catch 21 situation.

Australian Retriever (Australian Shepherd + Golden Retriever)

  • Height – 28–30 inches
  • Weight – 30-60 lbs
  • Lifespan – 13-15 years

Australian Retriever is a hybrid between a Golden Retriever and an Australian Shepherd. This mix breed makes an excellent companion dog. These dogs vary between medium to large sized and would make a smart, affectionate, and loving pet.

Augi (Australian Shepherd + Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

  • Height – 9 – 10 inches
  • Weight – 20-30 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

As both the Welsh Corgi and Australian Shepherd dogs come from the same ancestry of herding dogs, these Augi dogs enjoy activities. Augis have the ability to herd even small children and these dogs are good with kids under supervision.




This breed is stubborn, loving, smart, friendly, and they crave human interaction.

Baussie (Australian Shepherd + Boston Terrier)

  • Height – 17-23 inches
  • Weight – 20-30 lbs
  • Lifespan – 11-14 years

Baussie dogs require plenty of exercises and a dog like Baussie hates when left alone. An enchanting cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Boston Terrier, Baussies are a mix breed to reckon with.

If you plan to leave your Baussie friend at home for a long period of time, you should make provision for a lot of toys, or you will find your house in a bad state when you return.

Border-Aussie (Australian Shepherd + Border Collie)

  • Height – 19-23 inches
  • Weight – 40-55 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

This cute hybrid dog (Australian Shepherd and Border Collie) displays sweetness in character, with a loving and adorable nature. The Border -Aussie mix is a crowd pleaser and craves for attention every now and then.



Australian Eskimo (Australian Shepherd + American Eskimo Dog)

  • Height – 13-20 inches
  • Weight – 35-60 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

The Australian Eskimo mix breed is famous for being caring, affectionate, cheerful, and energetic. This mix dog breed is very good with pet animals and children under adult supervision.

Australian Boxherd (Australian Shepherd + Boxer)

  • Height – 23-25 inches
  • Weight – 60-75 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

The Australian Boxherd dog is a cross between a Boxer and an Australian Shepherd dog.  This dog is protective, courageous, friendly, and very loyal.

This mix breed dog moves well with children and for this feature alone, many families prefer this dog as their favorite pet.

Dalshep (Australian Shepherd + Dalmatian)

  • Height – 18-23 inches
  • Weight – 40-75 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

The Dalshep(Australian Shepherd and Dalmatian) represents a very active energy puppy with an excellent work culture. These dogs are highly family oriented dogs and need much attention and love from their respective owners.

Dalsheps are known to suffer from anxiety disorder if left unattended for a long period of time.

Dascherd (Australian Shepherd + Dachshund)

  • Height – 15-23 inches
  • Weight – 40-55 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

In this mix, there is some unique clash of personality. Dascherds(Australian Shepherd and Dachshund) require a very strong master who will look after him with extreme care and affection, resulting in a family-oriented and friendly dog.

Bull Aussie (Australian Shepherd + Bulldog)

  • Height – 19-25 inches
  • Weight – 50-65 lbs
  • Lifespan – 13-16 years

A hybrid between the Australian Shepherd and a Bulldog, the Bull Aussies are very protective, smart, affectionate, and a brave dog breed.

Cotralian (Australian Shepherd + Cocker Spaniel)

  • Height – 13-18 inches
  • Weight – 25-35 lbs
  • Lifespan – 11-14 years

The Aussiel(Australian Shepherd and Cocker Spaniel) is one of a kind dog who loves outside play and early socialization training is recommended for this breed at all cost. As long as you keep him close, you will realize that Aussiel is a joy to be with.

Aussiedor (Australian Shepherd + Labrador Retriever)

  • Height – 18-24.5 inches
  • Weight – 40-65 lbs
  • Lifespan – 10-15 years

Aussiedor is an interesting cross breed between a Labrador Retriever and an Australian Shepherd dog. These dogs are excellent working dogs that display very strong retrieving or herding traits. The mix can be a highly energetic and high shedding dog.

Chow Shepherd (Australian Shepherd + Chow Chow)

  • Height – 18-23 inches
  • Weight – 40-65 lbs
  • Lifespan – 12-15 years

The Chow Shepherd(Australian Shepherd and Chow Chow)is a medium-large dog and can be a concern if you are not familiar with larger dogs.

These dogs are determined, headstrong, and challenging enough to cause havoc if you do not allocate enough space and time to exercise.

Auberman or Doberman Shepherd (Australian Shepherd + Doberman Pinscher)

  • Height – 20-26 inches
  • Weight – 90-110 lbs
  • Lifespan – 10-14 years

The Doberman Shepherd is a large-size dog produced by breeding an Australian Shepherd and a Doberman Pinscher dog. Aubermans are known to shine well in military, herding, racing, and sighting activities.

This dog mostly features a coat quite similar to its Doberman parent.

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