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Brittany Spaniel – Must Know Dog Breed Information

Brittany Spaniel
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Brittany Spaniel, a class gun-dog or hunting dog mainly bred for hunting birds is every hunter’s best friend. Even though they share common traits with that of a setter or a pointer, the Brittany is not normally mentioned as a dog belonging to spaniel breed.

Although they were earlier known as Brittany Spaniels, the name “spaniel” was removed from this dog breed title in the year 1982.

The Brittany has become one of the most sought after hunting/companion dog which works very closely around the hunter than any other pointing dog breeds.

The Brittanys are highly energetic cute dog breed which has garnered more fan following in recent times worldwide.

Brittany Spaniel Video And Infographic

Brittany Spaniel Video

Brittany Spaniel Infographics

Brittany Spaniel Infographics

Brittany Spaniel Breed Characteristics Sheet

  • Origin: Brittany, France
  • Size: Medium
  • Dog Breed Group: Sporting group
  • Purebred: Yes
  • Lifespan: 12-14 years
  • Height: 17.5-20.5 inches
  • Weight: 30-40 lbs
  • Coat Appearance: Dense and fine
  • Coat Colors: White and orange or white and liver
  • Temperament: Upbeat, friendly, smart
  • Good With Children: Yes
  • Intelligence Level: High
  • Good With Pets: Yes
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Grooming: Moderate
  • Shedding: Low-moderate
  • Barking: Moderate (Occasional)
  • Suitable For Apartments: Moderate
  • Need For Exercise: High
  • Easy To Train: Yes (positive reinforcements needed)
  • Good For First Time Owners: High but early socialization
  • Health Issues: Hypothyroidism, epilepsy, ear infections
  • Litter: 1-11 puppies
  • Average Price: $500-$3800 (US)

Brittany Spaniel Facts


A dog of medium proportion, Brittany looks square-proportioned leggy dog. Brittanys consists of a neck in medium length, sloping yet muscular shoulders and a short strong back.

Muscular thighs along with graceful front legs provide this dog with an energetic smooth bait.

In fact, their rump is slightly shorter than their shoulders. They are also a quick and tough hunter. Brittanys have hazel to amber eyes covered by an alert and agile face.  Moreover, they have ears triangular in shape.

With scissor bite sharp teeth, these dogs have medium size muzzle tapers. Furthermore, arched toes and thick pads are another highlight feature of this dog.

When it comes to tail, Brittanys have docked or bobbed tail and not more than four inches in most cases.


They are either wavy or flat but dense and definitely not curly. The coat texture is neither smooth and silky or wiry. In like manner, little fringes peep out of their ears.

In addition, hind and front legs will most probably carry some feathering and are not too thick. Moreover, dogs having profuse furnishings are not welcomed by all breeders. Also, the skin appears fairly loose but fair.

Not to mention, loose skin features sticks and briars, thereby giving room to tearing or diminishing punctures.

Finally, skin pouches are not recommended.

Some of the widely known colors:

  • Tricolour
  • White Roan and Orange
  • White and Orange
  • Liver Tricolour
  • White and Liver
  • Black Tricolour
  • White Roan and Black
  • White

Brittany Spaniel Size

Males touch a height of 48 cms to 51 cms and females, 47cms – 50 cms.

Brittany Spaniel Lifespan

The average lifespan of a healthy Brittany dog is normally between 14 – 16 years.

Brittany Spaniel Weight

The male and female Brittany Spaniel’s weigh between 20 to 23 kg.

Brittany Spaniel Temperament

  • Mostly intelligent and astute, Brittanys are a family dog which always prefers company as such.
  • Not like pit bulls, these dogs are not fond of any harsh training or treatment, a mild approach is recommended.
  • Moreover, Brittany dog’s athleticism and intense energy levels project him as the best obedient dog when it comes to field trial.
  • With their quick thinking ability combined with their mind-blowing agility makes him the best dog in the hunting category.
  • Normally, Brittanys are alert and happy. Just like any other pointing dog variety, the Brittany is independent and curious in nature. They are always keen to please the people around them.
  • When Brittanys are hunting, their single-minded devotion definitely warrants some appreciation. They are totally focused on their preys.
  • While training a Brittany it is necessary to choose a consistent schedule combined with positive reinforcements in the name of appreciation and treats.
  • Since Brittanys are simply intelligent and overactive, they need tons and tons of mental stimulation and exercises on a day to day basis. Especially, shun all sorts of strict behavior.

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Brittany Spaniel Health Problems

The Brittany is normally a healthy dog breed but like other remaining dog breeds, they too are prone to various health issues.

In the case of Brittanys, it is crucial to check for these certifications or clearance before buying or adopting a Brittany puppy

  • Eye certificate from CERF- Canine Eye Registry Foundation
  • Thrombopathia certification from the University of Auburn
  • OFA, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals clearing these conditions-
  • Von Willebrand’s Illness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Disabled hind (back) legs

The common health issues include



The thyroid gland, in certain cases, produces or secretes hormone in a very low-rate, way below normal healthy rate, and this condition is usually referred to as hypothyroidism.

Some of the common symptoms of hypothyroidism are

  • Untimely heat cycles
  • Low levels of energy
  • Eyelids drooping on a frequent basis
  • Mentally dull
  • Obesity
  • Fur becoming brittle and coarse and the skin growing dark and tough.


Dogs prone to epilepsy suffer from severe or mild seizures. Seizures can also pass via genes, and other known causes are heavy head injuries, exposure to harmful chemicals like poison, and any sort of infectious disease that affects the tumors or brain and another type of metabolic disorders.

◊ Watch out for unfamiliar behavior like hiding, staggering, and running frantically without any reason and this could be the indication of this disorder.
◊ Idiopathic epilepsy is those type of seizure whose root cause remains unknown.
◊ There are no complete cures for this disorder but most of the dogs are known to live long with continuous treatment.
◊ A regular checkup with the vet is the only option to save the dog from any major future health dilemma.

Hip Dysplasia 

A hip deformity; causes are known to aggravate or trigger this condition can range from food to environmental factors. A vet evaluation can reveal more details and can ensure better treatment if diagnosed early.

Tick Bites

Brittany’s can get affected by ticks from roaming near bushes and trees and ticks attach themselves well under the skin. In case, if you can spot a tick, use branded pet shop oil. Apply them on your dog’s coat, and use tweezers to completely remove the tick.


Brittany Spaniel Shedding

Brittany spaniel coat sheds moderately. Weekly brushing and monthly bathing are required to control shedding and to maintain its coat. If there is no regular brushing then you may find dog hairs on floor, furnishing, and clothing; hence, regular grooming is required.

Brittany Spaniel Food

In fact, Brittanys are happy and agile and they generally require around 1.5 – 2 cups- good dog food ideally consumed twice a day.

Some of the best quality Brittany dog foods:

  • Purina Sport
  • Victor Yukon
  • Nulo Adult
  • Merrick Grain

Foods You Can Feed To Your Brittany:

  • Oatmeal – Do not feed with preservatives or sugar.
  • Apples – Before you feed apples, remove seeds and core
  • Eggs – Selenium and riboflavin help prevents cancer and dullness respectively. Restrict the intake of egg yolks.
  • Pumpkin – Contains Vitamin A and fiber that helps to keep good health
  • Salmon – Makes the coat shiny, healthy and strong.
  • Carrots – Contain healthy nutrients.
  • Cooked chicken – Do not feed with onion, garlic, or other flavouring agents

Foods You Cannot Feed:

Brittany Spaniel Training

Brittany’s are smart and lively dogs that comprise willing and upbeat disposition. Additionally, their extraordinary working trait, versatility, and energy can definitely be utilized in dog sports.

No matter whatever game you name, this dog never disappoints. Flyball, agility, obedience, and field trials, Brittany’s are best at it. Just like other dog breeds, puppy training lessons and early socialization skills are highly advised.

Brittany Spaniel Interesting Facts

  • These lovely hunting dogs became the talk of the town in America immediately after the Second World War.
  • Brittany’s got their name from the place called Brittany located in France; Brittany dogs are highly astute and clever.
  • They are found in many different color variations ranging from White and Orange, White and Black, White and Liver, Tri-color, Roan, and Piebald.
  • This dog garnered a steady rise in popularity in America because of its advantage as a wonderful shooting dog. Furthermore, many Americans wish to breed “dual” trait Brittany which is first class in the ring as well as in the field.
  • They entered the United States only in the early 20th century but after that gained immense popularity.
  • If you find a pitch black Brittany in either America or Canada, you are nothing but lucky.
  • As on date, these dogs are slightly above the 30th rank among all the existing 155 AKC registered groups.

Brittany Spaniel Breeders / Adoption Centers

  • AKC Operations
    8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100
    Raleigh, NC 27617-3390
  • Carter Brittany Kennels
    Dr. Jim Carter and Mrs. Drew Carter
    13094 Bowens Mill Road
    Ambrose, Georgia 31512
  • American Brittany Rescue
    22 Wild Ginger Rd
    Sugar Grove, IL 60554

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